does anyone know what is the best day to petition vapula? I tried to search it on google but no avail thank you so much!:heart:

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It doesn’t really matter. Doing the work at all trumps not doing it. Dong it twice is better than waiting for the perfect time and doing it once. Don’t be afraid of putting in the work, it’s never wasted as long as you learned something.


Vapula looks really cool!

I have never invoked vapula seeing day, date and time… she still comes and work is done. Just go ahead with good mood and be confident. :smiley::+1:

Isn’t it wonderful when a spirit wants contact to you? Respond her call and let it flow :heart_eyes:

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Don’t get caught up in dates or times , these spirits are boundless and come through the veil at any given moment if they so please
So give the spirit a call if you already have that feeling to

It’s Wednesday.His planet is Mercury,Element:Earth. You can call him whenever you want but his energy is most strongly manifested depending on the planet and the element that rules.Some demons have stronger energy during the day like Astaroth, Agares…you should check this too for better evocation results.

I worked with Vapula for several weeks, months ago. Vapula manifested as a female, and spoke androgynously. My experience was that she “holds” information just under conscious awareness. Either it will rise into conscious, awake consciousness or information you learn will be “held” just under conscious awareness. I suspect the latter is correlated with medium and long term memory storage. When she showed up, I often got the impression (taste and smell) of stagnant water.

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Will she show up if i petition her? Am i correct Petitioning a demon can be done by staring at the sigil and writing down what you are asking for.?

Names: Vapula, Naphula
Gematria: 160; 166
Tarot: 7 of Cups; 4 of Pentacles/Disks
Legions: 36
Planet: Venus; Mercury
Rank: Duke
D/N: Nocturnal
Color: Dark Blue; Green
Zodiac: Capricorn 25-29; Scorpio 20-30
Date: Nov. 13-22; Jan. 16-19
Element: Air; Earth; Fire
Attributions: Allspice, Copper, Walnut, Sandalwood, Bistort, Mace, Mercury, Papyrus

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Omg thank you so much❤️ It helps alot take care!

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