Vampirism beginner

Is vampirism possible with a long-distance target (300 miles)? My idea is to drain the energy and protection of a person and make it very weak. This will make the person an easy target for spell working and manipulation. The only problem is the distance and the fact that I am very new to vampirism. I am searching for good tutorials and techniques for distance draining.

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Try this…?


Get into Non-euclidean spaces, brings the ravens around but you could even bite him from a distance. And here’s a manipulation spell I picked up during my Monte Cristo Recursion simulation days (Which you might be meeting, its IBM’s simulation dimension for vampires) Fietum Kero. Means “Pleasure tell”


Only annoying thing about non euclidean bites, they’re basically like mosquito bites, and the person gets a weird sucking feeling. You ever noticed how mosquitos will disappear if you track em? like a mirage. Watch the original Nosferatu, based during the black plague time so its perfect timing.