Vampirism : Novice Guide To Darker Forms Of No Touch Vampirism - Toxic Dark Method

Vampirism : Novice Guide To Darker Forms Of No Touch Vampirism - Toxic Dark Method

In this tutorial we will dive into vampirism, this is the darker method/technique of spiritual/energetic vampirism. Utilising the toxic black core of the vampire, which can be empowered and stimulated by external spiritual forces via invocation. Once the core is fortified one can relish in the poison which becomes nectar to us but poison to others.

You can use this blackness to eat away at your targets astral/spiritual defenses. We also dive into methods of energy receptivity and the importance of what every vampire will encounter “The Battle Of Wills”.

All of this and more in this beginners very basic guide to a darker form of energetic/spiritual vampirism.




I was just thinking about delving into vampirism last night and going through some of your older stuff.

You read my mind brother! :slight_smile:


I’m reading one of Michael Ford’s books at the moment. So I’ve just begun dabbling into vampirism. And this guide is very useful and timely indeed.

Thank you for the detailed explanation and time that you’ve put into making that video for us. I’m pretty sure I’ll be coming back to it a few more times.

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Diving into my own predatory/aggressive spiritual side more and more lately and boom! Many thanks brother! My past readings on this art were from Michael W Ford but you my brother just have a way of putting things. Infernal blessings!

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I literally saw your comment the second after I posted too haha, thought the Ford reference was so apt! Power to you!

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