Vampiric ascent

I currently decided to step back on the path of the ardetha brand vampirism and after completing an excersise I began to wonder is there like a sort of direct path working to like a superhuman vampiric mastery the type of mastery that provides that godlike Lich existence I have talked to one member about this but I’d like to hear other opinions most of the members I have seen that were onto this type of thing vanished maybe due to idk the path ?

Ps I know that cause I was spamming the search function and got upset when I couldn’t find anything anymore


I would to see a vampirism pathworking. I have been looking all over but no such luck. At this point, all I’ve been able to do is read the books available (some are well known, others not so much) and practice those skills. Also, being a fan of chaos magic, I’ve taken works of fiction such as Dracula, Carmilla, Varney the Vampire, etc, and looked for things in those classics that could be practical and put them to use (glamour, astral shape shifting, energy and blood vampirism, hypnosis, etc). Also, working with vampiric spirits can teach you as well. Bela Lugosi as Dracula is an interesting evocation :wink: (Again, chaos magic). I’m sure there is a ton more that I could be doing that I haven’t even considered yet, and that is where a full on vampirism pathworking would be awesome of have. You hear that @E.A ? Lol


I’m a newbie here but wouldn’t vampirism fall under a fusion of necromancy and some kind of blood Magick? I am curious however about this path. Perhaps talking with the spirits of those known to heavy vampirism like Queen Mary and Ivan the terrible? Idk any necromancers in history to say for that


I’m not sure if necromancy would need to be included at all. I suppose if you want to vamp some energy then use that energy in a necromancy ritual that would be all well and fine. As I mentioned in my previous reply, I’ve done evocations of Bela Lugosi’s Dracula character so certainly no harm in doing necromancy to call up figures that have been called vampires, such as Elizabeth Bathory or Vlad the Impaler. I’m not exactly sure what they could teach about vampirism but give it a shot and report back to us!

PS. And of course there is blood used. When you call up Dracula what else are you going to us? “I never drink…wine”


I guess that the best way to find out, is to work with gods and spirits associated with vampirism and death. There’s plenty of them out there and I don’t think that any book or forum post can substitute the teachings of the gods.

Anyway, I found this book on amazon, you might wanna check it out. I haven’t read it myself and I haven’t read any other book from that author, but it seems to be closely related with what you are asking for:


I tried to build my own system of vampiric pathworking with Nergal, Ereshkigal, and Lamashtu but it went sour. We’re on good terms still though.


REAPER omg give me a air high five bro I can’t take this I need a super vampiric pathworking that makes me a hard ass force to be reckoned with in the physical and a darkly divine vampiric lich god in the astral but the only books I’ve seen so far like that is codex Aristarchus from the drakon covenant , liber 333 and Ardeth the made vampire those are the only books I’ve seen so far that are like what I want a direct path working to greatness the drakon covenant and they do way to much and I don’t have the time or patience to do all they require to spark the change im working with ardeth right now but I want more something that feels right check this out though Descendant of Blood Ritual this is the exact abilities I want in the physical


Yeah I don’t know about the necromancy part but I can see how you made the connection thanks for the insight friend

I don’t know about somnus from what I’ve heard he is a fraud and the cabal is really cruel but i don’t know it could have been wrong however I do have one book from them and I stopped working on it due to what I heard thanks for your insight brother

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astral high five bro lol another book I liked that gave me some ideas was Liber Hirudo, the Book of the Leech. I don’t agree with all the authors ideas, but others are good. I think just about everyone has read Psychic Vampire Codex, has some good methods for feeding but you have to ignore the RHP bullshit ethics that are thrown in. Another one that’s easy to find is Psychic Vampire Bible by Josh Free. I have this one but haven’t gotten around to reading it yet so don’t know if it’s actually any good.

PS. Don’t know if they are related, but there is a book I found called The Black Art of Vampirism from Temple ov the Black Vampire. Doing a search on that name and it seems maybe connected with Temple ov Blood


I saw that black art of vampirism book and it is connected to the tempel of blood which is connected to the drakon covenant which goes back to the ona and the sinister tradition did you check out the other books i had brought up ? And liber hirudo in all honesty I really didn’t care for the book I opened it read alittle and it didn’t pull me in

And the psychic vampire codex I keep hearing about that book but it doesn’t sound like what I need are there any members who actively are what we seek to become on here ? Like some type of transcendent vampire guy on here ?

I have the book from drakon covenant and I have some of their training pdfs saved as well. Ardeth was ok, but found myself disagreeing with enough points that it made me only read it once. Liber 333 is one I have saved on my wishlist but haven’t gotten to yet. I know what you mean about the codex. It’s not a book that will lead anyone to becoming an undead god but it’s good for just starting out.

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Well keep me posted on anything good you find brother that could help us with this goal pm me if anything is found I pray I get a pm

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That would be me.

But you are mad powerful and you already gave me advice unless there’s more pertaining to how the hell I actually get to that level cause I like the idea of being an undead vampire demon lich god

So? Doesn’t mean I won’t help you further.

I always had my fascination with Vampyres since my childhood. I remember picking up every book containing Vampyrism as a subject in kindergarten/school, but alas all the books where fiction.

There’s a really good vampiric mediation that allows you to invoke the essence of the immortal night gods me and my mother messed about and did it, but she ended up shaking and ran a bath that was extremely hot and she was still freezing cold in the bath.

So it does take a physical effect quite quick.


Where may I find it?

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