Descendant of Blood Ritual

So it has been a while, but i rather not teach people this one, because it turns people into Bloodthristy Reavers. But if you think you are up for it. Here it goes.

Mostly i consider doing this in a room, preferrable why you got a stone floor, you locked, it is brutal and you could have lovers, family or friends drawn into the crossfire.

Basicly make with charcoal a circle 2.7 meters in diameter, then a white triangle with a crayon around it facing South (when kneeling your feet will face South).

Create another circle around it Left half with Red powder and the Right with Yellow powder, Red stands for Blood and Yellow for the Sun.

Now place 5 candles Place 4 Large Black candles on each ends, one on each of these directions, North-East, North-West, South-East and South-West. When done that you leave one candle, it has to be Crimson Red to work or might end up killing yourself with blood poisoning.

Now get some filtered blood, from an animal, most popular is the cow, you can these out of raw hamburgers and sterilize these in a pan, make sure it is not overcooked. Or the blood might just become fatty sludge and therefore would useless.

Once it is cooked completed pour it in a glass and put it with a cover in your refirdgerator a 10 minutes, now we gonna prepare the Sun, this is easy, simple get two raw eggs and put them in a bowl, then add, black pepper and salt, while reciting this ritual,

By Darkness Bind of Pepper Deep (Add Black Pepper)
Through Wastes Bind Of The Salt Seas (Add Salt)

(While mixing)

Solus, imperta, Helios
Setenteca al initiate rema
Nocturna inca de novina

(Close chant with the next words)

Infactum del reacti

(Now the Blessing is done)

Time to get after 10 minutes the Blood out of the refridgerator, if done well it looks Dark Red, but become light when placed under a lamp, now mix it with the eggs and scramble it. Another chant is needed. Here it is:

Blood Oath Bound On The Summers Day
Light Invoke “I” To Be
Come Forth With The Essence Of Life Impaired
Call Forth A Pact To Show The Way
In Honour Of The Pact Decree
Of Warrior State Set It Free
May This Potion Either Give Me Strength
Or A Judging Death At My Own Hand

(When done doing this, re-heat the bowl, simple just put it in a microwave (if metal heat it up for a few seconds)

Now you see the mix boiling and giving a damp off, if you feel your sences tingling this means it is working.

(One last warning, this is a 7th Circle Ritual and if you want someone to help you with it, make sure they chain you down)

When Ready go sit on your knees in the circle with your feet facing South.

(If the bowl is still too hot for you you can wear mittens, accessories do not change ritual, since all is left drinking it)

Now put in the middle of the ritual circle the Crimson Red Candle and Light it.

(Stretch your arms out and hold the bowl up)

Now Recite this:

I Have Done The Ritual And I Want To Know If You Deem Me Worthy
I Will Make A Pact With The Blood God
As A Descendant Of Blood I Will Honor Your Judgement
Bless Me With This Gift And Praise My Bravery
In Thy Name I Hold Up This Bowl And Drink For It
And I Shall Reveal My Resolve

For The Blood! (Loudly say it.

(Then drink from the Bowl)

When drunk it all or a part, you should feel yourself sick, but also strange as something is rapidly coursing through your veins, awakening something really primal, your lust increases and your hunger dissipates overtime. After a while you do not feel sick anymore and might ask what happened. Well in a few days you really see some changes.

----What Changes To Expect

Charms Go Up Alot: You dress yourself for school, well then you goto school, empowered by the ritual (you luckily only have to do once since then it is binding), wear the clothes you like and so on like normally, when entering the school most people notice you because of a dark, but evil presence, they can see the Bloodlust in your eyes and knowing this might not wanna piss you off, this is called the Dominance Effect, your presence gives your the power to be revered or even feared, this is your choice.

Anti-Bully: With these powers you actually become a walking arsenal of primal energies, making it fun to use it on the best prey imaginable, Bullies. Find one if you have one or a colleague who likes to piss you off and try your games on them with a primal instinct, you will see while you are toying with them and enjoying yourself, they will try to find escape routes, meaning they are really scared of you. Do not worry. This works well when knowing what you are doing. But it also creates an understanding between you and others and in a few weeks it is for you second nature.

Like improved Strength, it takes you alot less time to get stronger even if you have small arms, the load they can carry has significally increased.

Better Stanima, now when there is a full mon you do not run out of breath that easily, during marathon it will supply you with unlimited energy. That does not mean your body cannot get tired.

And finally what everyone was waiting for, you will have unlocked your primal instincts, it it’s maximum, you can enlarge your pupils if you want to see in the dark (goodbye NightGoggles) or even track down the smell of a bleeding prey, be it next door or on the other side of the world. And even many more things, increase physic detection, giving your head a radar so you know where a opponent can be or even a ghost, yup now you can grab them by the throat aswell, so much transparent. And extremely good hearing. What you should train yourself in alot of the times.

The ritual gives both Vampires, Goths, Werewolves and even Magicians a major bonus and also helps stimulate the mind, giving you basicly the power of increased intelligence. Making evoking ritual work more faster and effective. A human can do, so much and has to live with the errors they made when a spell, curse or ritual fails, a reaver does not since they have around 92% chance that it has a success, 7% in a fail without a penalty and 1% in a total fail with a minor backfire of the spell, curse or ritual.

So basicly that is all the info i can give along with ritual, i did mine when i was at the age of 16, that’s been 14 years by now. And trust me it works, just follow the steps. And if you survived. Well done. Welcome to the pack of the future. Reavers.


can you pm me more details on this kind of sounds like something I have done before just not sure I like to be more informed if possible much appreciated

I also commented on another post of yours I’d like more info on this because I’m very interested if you could pm me or email me it would greatly be appreciated


Are vampire capacities stronger?


Could you please give me more information? If there is anything else I need to know? Do I need to do it on a particular Moon? What’s the difference between doing this ritual or the “Ode to the vampire mother” ? Sorry for bombarding you with questions, I just want to know so much :grin: thank you.

Is this topic still open?

you can always do a forum search on vampires and if you can’t find what you’re looking for, start your own topic…

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Thank you :grin::grin::grin:

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Terrockan last logged in April 28th 2016, so the topic is still open but the OP seems to have moved on, and may not be back to reply.

Remember that there are no guarantees with anything you find on here, especially the older material, so do some divination first before trying anything.

Could you please give me more information? If there is anything else I need to know? Do I need to do it on a particular Moon? What’s the difference between doing this ritual or the “Ode to the vampire mother” ? Is it filtered cow blood good for this ritual? Sorry for bombarding you with questions, I just want to know so much :grin: thank you.

There was absolutely no need to copy and past the entire previous thread. You could have simply linked it, by copying the URL, and adding your questions, like this:

I will tell you flat out right now that you will not “become a vampire” using a ritual or a spell. Vampires are a myth so forget all the Hollywood and fantasy novel nonsense about being young and living forever.

The traditional mythology of the vampire is that of a walking corpse, ugly and withered, that drags itself out of its grave to feed on blood. It stayed that way until Bram Stoker came along with his fictional Dracula, and now people think vampires are either pretty boys that sparkle or gentlemen in evening clothes that seduce young virgins.

What you can learn is the practice of psychic vampirism where you feed on the energy from other living beings. That is an actual bonafide spiritual practice.


Oh I think I am figuring it out on how to do it in a proper way, thank you so much😁 well then what’s about the Terrockan topic ? Are you saying that is a fake one? And there is no true in it?

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Yes, I’m saying it is fake. If you look at the purported effects of the ritual, they are nothing that you can’t get with simple hypnosis and subconscious programming.

Not related to the question at hand, but…are goths considered magical creatures or something now? :thinking:


I always thought they were a minor sub species lol


Well I guess that was dumm of me🤦‍♀️

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From what I can gather, it looks like there is some truth in this after reading the effects of various spells, rituals, and invocation of certain deities. But it also sounds like this was something based off a kernel of truth and then was told again, the addition of much exaggeration, kinda like the telephone game. And for people who believe in it wholeheartedly it seems to work because the manifestation and self confidence that is inspired by their faith that it worked is the actual cause of the so called “effects” also I’d bear in mind who some of these “spells” and “rituals” seem to be targeting as their audience. In this case people already treated like shit and, beat down. Also consider how “goth” is mentioned as if we are some Magik creature. The language just screams ignorance


@DarkestKnight who are you calling a sub species? XD


I still have a lot to learn , and I appreciate you guys opening my eyes.

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