Vampiric ascent

I’ll PM you it a vampiric entity gave it to me

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Would you be so kind as to share it with me too?

Could you send it to me?

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I’m not sure about Liber Hirudo to be honest with you. At some point, I was interested in the vampiric path and it’s one of the books I’ve read on the subject. I started being suspicious about it when I saw the “invocation of Dracula” ritual. Of course, I’m not talking about Vlad Tepes, the actual historical figure that Count Dracula is based on, I’m talking about Bram Stoker’s character. I know that some people are into evoking/invoking fictional characters, but I don’t know man, I just can’t see the value of it, besides having some fun with it. There are other questionable entities in the book as well, like the “Queen of Winter” or something. Anyway, perhaps that’s just me and my inability to see the value of invoking a character from a novel.

In the end of the book, the author suggests that there two ways to achieve the state of undeath. If I remember well, the first one is to have other sorcerers revive your dead body (!?) and second one is to commit suicide after having done some very special rituals in preperation and shortly after you will come back from the dead. The author clearly states that he hasn’t done any of that, he just somehow channeled this knowledge from somewhere. So, in conclusion he tells his readers to trust his words and actually kill themselves, while at the same time he hasn’t done it himself. I don’t know about you, but this smells bullshit to me. If you wanna work through that book, by all means go ahead, this is just my opinion. I would only suggest to tread carefully.


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YESS I WANT what does it doo

Like the physical stuff what does it do ?

That book turned me off it’s like when a ugly tries to flirt with you I didn’t reciprocate


@thodoris1008 - I completely agree about the ritual suicide part of the book. He does say to just trust him and that it will work and he also says everything in the book is something he has personally done with success. So either he hasn’t done everything in the book or hes claiming he’s done the ritual suicide and was reborn, either way call me skeptical. One other point about the book, I emailed the author awhile back about the images in the book. The physical book is missing the images so I contacted him to see if he had them on his computer. He got back to me within a few days with the images he had left. He claimed other images were confiscated by high level government intelligence ops. Let me tell you, after seeing the really bad, hand drawn images, I have a hard time believing him lol But on another note, I have no problem with invocation/evocation of the character Dracula (see my previous comments). This is an idea I had a few years before reading Hirudo. When a character is so well known, it takes on a life of its own and becomes as real as any spirit (which we could argue many “spirits” became “real” the same way.) But to each their own Brother :blush:

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@C.Kendall I would love to read the meditation as well.

Vampiric Mediation.

Enter a meditative state, while performing a rhythmic breathing methods, be in total darkness and relax yourself. Visualise three moons above you a black moon, a blood moon and a normal moon.

As you inhale visualise the three moon’s energy create a spiral of red, black and white energy.
Inhale and Intake the energy say the mantras.

" KALI " and " LILITH ". Kali is considered the mother of vampires and Lilith the vampire queen.

As you repeat the mantra’s, visualise the moons dissapear, and a two black femine shadows appear beside you.

These shadows represent Kali and Lilith.

Visualise then touch each shoulder Kali on the right and Lilith on your left, then say this incantation.

" Red blood, Pale skin, moonlight draw me in
Quench my thirst, through coursing veins,
Let my body feel no pain ".

Repeat this ten times, while visualising the shadows feeding you their darkness.

Then Visualise Kali’s shadow give blood and breast milk into a chalice, then Lilith giving period blood and sexual juices into the chalice.

See this energetic Elixir, and say

" I accept the drink of my mother,
And my queen for I am the child of the night ".

Visualise the liquid enter your mouth.

And visualise the Elixir flow through your whole being.


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So what does it do ? To you physically again ?

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Did you do it yet ?

I’m on the road when I get home I’ll pm you I actually just did about something different

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I decided to evoke the essence of Lestat( from Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles, for those who don’t know) one night in my car, just for fun.

A powerful and dark foreboding presence started to come upon me. The hair on the back of my neck stood up, and there was an essence of fear there, like I was doing something I wasn’t supposed to be doing.

I stayed within it for a bit and then banished it. Haven’t called it again, but might under different circumstances in the future \m/

Anne Rice and her characters have a pretty wide audience, and they have appeared to have made a powerful egregore!


That’s awesome! I need to try that

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