Using magick to Overcome drug addiction

SoFor the past 8 years I’ve been addicted to opioids. It was the greatest thing In The world for years but now it’s jus a living nightmare. I’ve practiced black magick for a couple years now and have realized either the drugs are gonna have to go or the magick.

Don’t get me wrong I’ve been able to make it work but now I wanna step it up and work with Lucifer,Azazel and the other gate keepers and I already know being a dope head ain’t gonna be a good idea. I’ve used JD Temple for a binding rite to have a succubi binded to me while talking with him he said he did a ritual to Mercury and it worked perfectly,so a ritual to mercury is what I’ve decided to do,with my own twist own it to make it my own ritual,I like to make my own spells,jus always felt it was a lil more powerful.

Studying up on it mercury is of the element of air so I’m gonna evoke the essence of Paralda to help me threw the ritual considering he can strengthen my psychic abilities and of coarse he’s also related to the element of air and I’ve already been working with him some. I’ve picked tonight because Wednesday is the day associated with mercury and it’s also my birthday so it will kinda be a rebirth aspect, it just seemed fitting.

I’m curious as to if any of you have dealt with this or have any kind of advice that will be beneficial?


I was prescribed opioid pain medication for back problems around 8 years ago. I continue to use it to this day. I’ve reached a point where I no longer need it for the pain but rather take it as the norm. I feel completely disconnected from my spiritual path. I’m preparing for a series of workings to resume my journey.

I don’t have any advice but just wanted it to be known that I signed up here today to read and immerse myself in spiritual discussions only to be find this as the first post. Very interesting. I wish you the best.


I’d recommend using Orias as well. He is a manipulator of the mind, he could help you force your own subconscious to obey what you want.

Here’s a post with a layered spell that has some good details on him.


Hey my brother my name is Rory and I think we could potentially help one and other.
To be brief I am in the very same situation, although i am in my first year of dedicated practise of black magick.
That being said I have ascended quite a bit in a very short amount of time I have been told… i also am currently working with many masks of Lucifer and Lord Azazel. Without any impeeding actions from that side of myself I currently need to Improve on ( remove etc).
My most major factor that motivates change for me in this area is that I am extremely productive / incentive filled , Non-LATHARGIC , NON-procrastinating , when I have my fix, which is rare for me to use except for the purpose of motivation/focus I get when I’m high, I like to work on my MASTERY courses for E.A.
So I basically ride the waves of my addiction upon the surfboard of my spirituality and magickal exercises.
That being said, I want to changed to a balanced routine where I remove drugs and balance daily routine…is very difficult. …which I turn leads me back to using b/c I want to practise seriously daily, but can’t attain th a balance.

P.M . ME if you like bro, apparently LUCIFUGE ROFOCALE successfully banished ALL of a magicians addictions, candy included.:wink::smiling_imp:


I’m in the same shape as you. I don’t feel like I can truly call myself a Black magickian until I overcome my addiction,in my opinion a Black magickian should not have anything like drug addiction controlling them. I wonder all the time how much more ascended I could be without being a addict. I wish you the best as well.

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Same for me. If I’m high and got the time I’ll practice all day long,but at the end of the day I feel like it wasn’t me,it wasn’t my energy I was putting out into the universe…I feel like I’m cheating almost. I’ve met Lucifer briefly,I got to feel his energy and it was better than any drug I’ve ever done…if I could walk around all day,go about my day feeling his energy,that energy that made me feel 10 feet tall and invincible…fuck drugs!


I will definitely look into it thank you!!

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Hey @LuckyD,

I work mainly with Lucifer and I’ve noticed that I didn’t have any results anymore. I didn’t have the energy to ascend because of drug abuse. So I evoked Lucifer and I said, ‘stop all the workings’, I need to fix this and I maybe need your help’. I mainly try to solve it myself, but he pushes here and there.

Now Magick is a big part of my life again and I’m going in the right direction. Here is my thread, it has good tips:


And if you have any problems or questions. You can PM me.


Well…I did it last night,my ritual to Mercury and it worked. For the first time in I really have no clue I woke up without being fucked up from the night before or on the verge of being dope sick from not having any pills.
I woke up and felt what I assume would be normal…
It was a crazy night though I didn’t get hardly any sleep,several spirits came to me,I couldn’t see them in a humanoid form but instead as a ball of yellow or black energy and every time they’d touch me it felt like electricity from my feet to my head…it was pretty crazy. I’ve been awake now for 2 1/2 hours and I’m still tryin to make since of how the fuck I just took away a 8 year addiction…


Wow, didn’t know you also had this kind of struggle. Hope it hasn’t done any long lasting damage to ur body.

Chewing tobacco messed me up pretty bad. :disappointed_relieved:Drug is bad. Drug IS bad!


Now don’t lapse for next two months. Success for a day may not be any substantive gain. Believe me, withdrawal syndromes can be really powerful.


It was drug use once in a few weeks, but the last years once a week, so i became dependend. Still functional because nothing during the week.
I have some skin allergic reaction now. But minor issues at the moment. Things are going the right way, let’s keep it like this. No drugs at the moment.

My gosh didn’t knew that chewing tabacco cause so much problems.

Are you better now?

Can’t open my mouth with four finger’s width, its three finger. But daily exercise can loosen up muscles of the side of mouth and fix it.

So in ur case taking it one in a week was enough to cause addiction!!! You must have been taking hell of a drug!

Defiantly feel like my life willl get way better once I quit the drugs and the Gods I work with will be able to help me progress in my journey towards my goals. Maybe I should just go straight to Lucifer. (Gotta clean before doing that anyways) haha

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Yes, it’s the combination of partying with alcohol and after that…
And when you drink enough alcohol you get that urge. If you use in the weekend alcohol well…
Chain reaction. Man i never knew chewing tobacco could have those side effects.

He can heal, but he will test if you’re serious. I know from experience. Raphael, Azazel, Marbas are good options too.


Zagan might help with addiction… I used to have a huge major drug addiction before I dived into LHP.

The day I started it, was the day I stopped drugs. I woke up and stopped wanting it completely.

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