Urgent HELP

I need urgent help , I broke up with my boyfriend yesterday and he is blackmailing me saying he is going to share my special pictures to my family members.

I envoked Archangel Michael to protect me but please someone help me to prevents his stupid actions.

Can someone do any magic for me…

He is completely pain in the ass.

Simply curse this mofo. I would suggest orias or Paimon to force him to not do shit. Currently in the office otherwise i’d do it myselve.

Damn exes are truly the worst.


He is a complete idiot. I feel so damn bad right now.

Unfortunately I never worked with that entites

You could do a petition spell or a small group manifestation.

How is that ?

I am crying my eyes out. Can you do that for me ?

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How awful of him. I would bind him, you can do a simple freezzing spell. Just write his name on paper and place it in a bowl of water and freeze it in the freezer. This will ‘freeze’ any gossip slander towards you and have him torment in his own personal problems as long as it’s freezing up. I sometimes add spices like pepper in the water or binding oil. You can invoke any entity of your choice to make this spells successful. Hope this helped blessed be


Thank you so much

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I did not wake any entity is it still works

Thank you

Omg why he wants to do that?? It seems that he wants to take revenge for something?!

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Agree with freezer spell idea.
By freezing it stops whatever you have written…You will need a plastic bottle and a piece of paper…​Write down the name of the person…The whole name …
What it is you want them to (like to stop his attempts at humiliation and exposure…)

Then take the paper and put it in the plastic bottle and put the paper inside and fill it with water…

( if you want them to be nicer to you, put a teaspoon of sugar in the water) then put it in the freezer…

This can work right away, or may take one full moon cycle… It all depends on how strong your intent is… So as long as you have it frozen it should work… If you’re done with the spell, thaw it out and bury the paper…


I remembered the Vovin freezer spell while reading your post! People reported great success with it



Putting his Picture in the freezer spell would help as well ( if you have a Picture

Also, any personal items of his that you may have, put in the freezer spell, as his vibrations, and energy are on his items

Depending on where you are from, I believe there are legal actions you can take. If I where you, I would look up the laws for your area as well as the other suggestions on this thread.

Also best of luck, a guy like that deserves to be kicked in his balls.(just my op)


He does not want us to break up

I did not have any string so I put my paper into plastic bowl I wrote my intentions and I also used Archangel Sandolphons sigils along with it. Do you think it is still appropriate? It is in the freezer.

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