Urgent HELP

Thank you :pray:t2::pray:t2:

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I did not have any string so I put my paper into plastic bowl I wrote my intentions and I also used Archangel Sandolphons sigils along with it. Do you think it is still appropriate? It is in the freezer.

If he was a true partner and or a decent man, he would respect your decision.


Not a problem, more then happy to try to help.

He was treating me in a bad way . He was hot tempered so I did what I had to do . Now I am in trouble. Hope that spells works :woman_facepalming:

Yes that’s fine wait till it gets frozen and it should work. I’ve done this plenty of times with people and they somehow just lose in touch with me somehow. Best of luck

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You are amazing :pray:t2::pray:t2::pray:t2::pray:t2:

Yes. You don’t need string.

Thank you :pray:t2:

You can also take the legal route and file a police report. Save all the messages as proof. He’s harassing, blackmailing and using extortion to get you to stay…those are all federal offenses. Word to the wise, be careful what you reply should you need to take that route. Your messages will also be taken into account so tell him to stop or you’ll go to the police and use his messages as evidence.


What he does is harassment. I Hope what I did this morning works.

I believe in magic.

@Nozferatu is right.
Take a screenshot of his messages and tell him that you will alert the police if he doesn’t stop. Tell him you have evidence and that what he does is harrassment.

I hope the police in your area is competent, otherwise… he might release the pictures just to show you that he does not care about consequences. Where I live, saying that the police is incompetent is an understatement.
Choose the best approach.


Thank you so much

Have you considered going to his place, And, while he thinks you’re there to fool around, simply smashing his phone?

I would recommend that. It may not be the most elegant or magically efficient way of handling the situation, but, if all else fails, there’s always Brute Force.

That said, I think that you and Samael should have a talk, sounds like this guy needs to meet the inside of a pine box. Fuck halfway measures, have the dudes life collapse around him and sip a Cosmopolitan.


:rage: what a horrible peace of trash he is…

I hope you can stop him through magick but as someone mentioned above you could involved the law if you want to


Seconded. Orias won’t manipulate or touch his mind in any way, he would give him an external reason to not want to share your pics. I don’t know what time may he need, but he can pull it off.

You don’t need to know him for him to work with you. I can’t claim I know him, but I do have results with him.

He does has a backup, so then OP would be dealing with the blackmail AND destroying property. So, no, OP, don’t do this.


I DID say “if all else fails”.

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In such a case , you should stop at nothing to eliminate him as a threat , The Archangel Michael probably has done enough , try the help of Berith for making a contract about that .

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As a man I apologize for his behavior.
But I really think that he only tries to scare you.
He knows that he won’t get anything from showing the pictures to your family so he probably won’t do that. Would your family care at all if he actually showed them the pictures?
Don’t let him bully you. Try to ignore him.


Uptade it seems like magic has worked.