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Good luck with all of that. If your concerned about being connected with your ancestors without interference- a few members have pmd me that they called upon Luna first. Stormy should deliver you to whoever you request, even if you’re very specific but that won’t prevent you from attracting other things out there that have nothing to do with Stormy or the ancestors. She should chase away anything that tries to come through at the same time, but she doesn’t linger to ensure that you banish and cleanse afterwards or any of that, so I guess that’s why Luna’s been considered a good pairing option.

I found the crystals affecting your dreams part interesting. I’ve often thought we don’t here enough about practical applications of using crystals :slight_smile:


I’ll definitely look into using her as well, the extra protection certainly wouldn’t hurt, and I’m not looking to host any tag-along spirits so thank you for the advice it’s greatly appreciated!

I noticed that as well when I started working with them. I’ve been using them a lot lately, so whenever I learn or try something new I’ll be sure to share it with you all.

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I’ve been sleeping and meditating with Amethyst lately, and in comparison to Clear Quartz, the crystal itself is rather…complex? In nature.

I’ve read that it was known to cause stress when slept with unlike Clear Quartz, which relives, this isn’t true to a full extent— at least in my experience with it, the crystal itself seems to pinpoint areas of stress in your life and reflects them back at you, when slept with I found myself to have more vivid dreams circulating around work and financially stability, which are my biggest areas of concern at the moment.

I feel a shift on the rise, but I’m not wary, I welcome it despite not knowing the nature of the change it’ll bring.

Recently I’ve been more perceptive than usual, seeing energy more frequently wether it’s in the air around my home or in people/objects.

It’s made me feel more in tune with myself and my own slice of reality, meditating with it draws me into a deeper state and once again just heightens that sense of awareness, you really feel the life and energy around you.

It’s and intensive crystal, I don’t recommend sleeping with it as it’s left me rather restless in comparison to how I slept with Clear Quartz, but as stated my dreams are more vivid and controlled to a degree, so if you’re proficient in dream walking, lucid dreaming, AP and the like this may help you a lot.

One thing I’ve noted was a slight jump in precognitive dreams, small events in my life where they’ve lined up exactly as dreamed out — but that could be sheer coincidence.

Other than that it’s certainly a powerful crystal and very useful for psychic development, I’ll be aiming to hone my clairsentience as a practice exercise, I’m going to try pairing it with Clear Quartz to see if the effects are magnified or honed for a better sense of direction.

These are only minor notes I’ve made on Amethyst, I’ll continue working with it until I feel I’ve discovered all her secrets and uses.

Edit: It almost seems psychological in a way, I realized that after reading through the post, it seems to work on addressing the issues within in order to still your mind before adding on or augmenting anything. It works similarly — in my opinion, to demons/spirits, heightening what already exist and building upon it.

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My senses are really active today. It’s not so much overwhelming, but it is a lot to take in so suddenly, my energy feels like it’s on the rise or reacting to something – almost a magnetic pull of sorts.

I’ve also been thinking about King Belial all morning, with no prior build-up or intention, his name has just been ringing around my head nonstop. I decided to do a bit of introspection on why exactly I could be calling out to him or vice versa, and the only real answer I came up with was a desire for more, that same hunger I felt when working with Azazel. Financially I suppose I’m dissatisfied with my current flow of income but aren’t we all at some point?

I’ve been looking to move up or create my own independent stream – I’ve always despised working for other people like most do, and I want to tear myself from that bind as soon as possible.

It’s weird to write about because I just sound crazier than usual, but I just feel empty? Not like down or drained, but extremely hungry in a way, like a desire to tear into everything in my kitchen. I’m antsy, and literally cannot calm my body. It’s a terrifying feeling, but also oddly alluring? I feel like an animal.

I’m honestly not sure what brought this on, but I’ll act on it and see exactly what he wants from me, I’ve already begun preparing for an evocation and hopefully, I can get some satisfying answers.

First things first. An hour passed and I literally went to start my evocation after sending my post…so fun.

During the setup, I didn’t feel like I was in control like I was being pulled around and guided towards different crystals, laying them out in a specific order above his charged sigil.

I burned some Sandalwood for him, and almost immediately set myself into a trance-like state, swaying back and forth while all of that energy began burning off and flowing towards my amethyst cluster. I only took a few minutes before I called out to him, chanting his enn and beckoning him forth.

He came almost immediately, the air in the room was heavy as his powerful energy began radiating, but he refused to appear so easily, I continued to call before a voice called out.

“Why do you call me in such a state? Show me your true nature.” At the time I was still dazed, but those words made something in me just snap, I fell forward and started growling, it was low but eventually grew in intensity until I was full-on growling and baring my teeth at him – not the first time I’ve done this, but every time it happens someone references “True nature” I think it may reference my soul in a way, but I’m unsure, certainly worth looking into.

He smiled at that and almost immediately I returned to my trance, I was set in a dark throne room, lit faintly by what I assume were torches and Belial sat on his throne, appearing to me like a dark horned figure. We weren’t alone, I could feel eyes on us as I sat before him and he spoke asking me why I called and what for, to which I gave rather blunt and honest responses. – No point in lying to him, right?

It was weird; initially, I feared him because I’ve never had the best exchanges with masculine figures in my life, so both he and Azazel were big challenges for me, but surprisingly they were calm and really easy to talk to.

I told him what I wanted, but still, he asked me what I desired as if surface-level answers weren’t enough, and at that point I started to spill, telling him “Everything.” before going off on a long list of what I wanted, things I’ve never even focused on came forward and every single item made him smile, applauding me once I finished.

“And what are you willing to gain all of this?” That dangerous question, which I foolishly answered, “Anything.” but I didn’t regret it, it all felt genuine and like a true response not just from me, but my higher-self as well.

He then asked what I would give him in exchange and I told him Loyalty, this seemed to surprise him, yet please him at the same time as it wasn’t declined or ridiculed, I promised that when all went according to the plan that he’d have an eternal ally in me.

Side note: I very rarely offer anything of interpersonal value to spirits, but in this instance, it felt like the thing to do and looking back now I don’t have any regrets or bad feelings about such an offer. Now I’ll probably avoid any such offers in the future, but for this one what I now believe to be a pact between me and Belial, it feels fair and like a bond worth having.

“Very well.” Were his parting words, and when I came to it honestly only felt like half an hour, but when I saw that I’d been gone for over an hour it all seemed to sink in that really spoke with King Belial. I cleansed the space and myself – fool me once and went as always recommended to make a sandwich.

I don’t remember all of the conversation, but it was very vivid, small details return the more I think on it but I’ve decided to leave it all to rest and to allow him to work and guide me as he sees fit.

All of that excess energy dissipated after I called him, now I’m calm and back to feeling leveled out as I type this up.

His energy is strong, alluring, and certainly distinguished. He truly felt like a king, or a more dominant figure so whenever he spoke I was sure to listen intently, I’ll continue my work as usual and remain open to any and all opportunities sent my way.

I didn’t plan on working with anyone, as I have my own plans but I feel like ignoring his initial call would’ve only resulted in more frequent and intense ones, so it’s better to deal with it now than later with him forcefully removing any and all distractions so I can finally call him.

Now entering: The King Belial Arc. yaaaay, in all seriousness I’m looking forward to working with him. Wish me luck.

Stones used in my evocation:

Citrine: Encourages Growth, Abundance, and Transmutation of energy. It’s a soothing stone, always warm and full of energy especially if charged sufficiently – I typically use a few hours of sunlight, but not too much sense some crystals tend to fade if overexposed. I feel like it was grabbed to aid in my desire to manifest wealth and growth for myself.

Amethyst: Aids in Psychic skills and development, and more but the focal point of this was to serve as an anchor of sorts for me to push the energy into and it helped to place me into a deeper trance when calling King Belial, as well as hearing and seeing him.

Clear Quartz: A natural energizer and amplifier for the other crystals, Wards off, and shields from negativity, this one was definitely a support crystal for myself and the others to keep our line clear and uninterrupted while I worked.

Black Obsidian: Worked alongside the Clear Quartz to help ground me, and ward off negative energies that most Infernal entities are known to attract at times – especially during an evocation I wanted the connection clear and untouched by outside forces.

And lastly

Xiuyan Jade: Remained in my hands while I sat in a trance state, mainly utilized to increase manifestation and to draw me into a deeper meditative state. I want to work with this crystal in particular for sigil work and manifesting more in my life, maybe in tandem with Citrine, but that’s for another day.

Looking back this was all set up really nice, and had the proper energy, especially for such a sudden ritual. After all of that I definitely need a nap, sorry if this is such a drawn-out entry, I tried to keep it nice and short, but we see how that went.

I’ve nothing more to add, I’m still working on the aforementioned projects, and I’m still studying Amethyst for the moment so we’ll see how all of that goes in the future.

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I began researching my family as originally planned. I started locally, and I managed to uncover a good portion of my mother’s side with a bit of digging. Unfortunately, I never had the best relationship with my father, so his side remains a mystery to me – other than immediate family and my half-siblings.

Luckily I have family members that are more in contact with one another, so I managed to get some information out of them to build upon.

I uncovered a good deal of information today, mainly points of origin here in the states, which is always nice, but I suppose I’m looking for something a bit deeper than that which will require more research on my end.

I’ll still be working with Stormy and Luna on this endeavor, just to have another outlet for information and in a field where I can work without too much limitation.

Still, I’m glad to have learned so much today.

Update on Amethyst studies.

The effects of restlessness remain, I’m beginning to think it’s a result of the mind being stimulated and more active than passive due to the flow of energy from the crystal.

I have been becoming more aware of my dream states though, so it could be guiding me into Lucid Dreaming, which is something I’ve always struggled with. During meditation I found it easier to get into a trance state than before, falling into it almost effortlessly.

I charge the crystal every morning with the intent of aiding me in my spiritual/psychic development and I think it’s starting to really pay off, the only real price is that feeling of being restless after waking, I’ll try and counter-balance that with Clear Quartz or even Selenite to see if it can somewhat lessen the impact on my waking self.

It’s definitely a crystal worth checking out if you struggle with meditation or anything of spiritual nature, I also feel like for the stress aspects once you acknowledge them in the waking life they no longer recur in your dreams as all stress that was work-related on my end seemed to gradually fade the more I began looking for ways to solve the issue.

If you feel restless to the point where it is bothersome I’d recommend a break from Amethyst and to try sleeping with Clear Quartz, using that crystal has given me some of the best sleep of my life and had me more energized for the day.

Today was productive, I learned a lot and everything seems to be falling into place.

Also an update on my may-be-succubus, I was lying in bed last night when this sweet smell just kind of flowed on from the side of my bed, now to note, I did burn some Sandalwood earlier, but this scent was more distinct, flowery, and sweet not earthy and smooth. I didn’t feel any hostile energies or anything of negative nature, but it certainly surprised me.

I’m still debating on how to approach the situation, but as I said before if it isn’t harming anyone or causing a disturbance then it’s no cause for me to become aggressive myself.

I have protection up and banish more frequently now, but it always seems to remain.

Nothing major though, so I’ll keep it at arm’s length until I know the best course of action.

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I don’t celebrate small victories enough, some days I just feel like I’m going through the motions of living, despite all that I do/have done.

Around this time maybe a year or two ago now - I can’t remember when I’ll have to check my journals, but it was when I first began my work with Lilith, I still don’t understand why she came to me, but I’m glad she did. She was the first spirit I’ve ever really taken the time and initiative to bond with, I had my first glass of wine with her as thanks once I turned 21 like I’d promised months before.

She’s always been a motherly figure for me, and I’m grateful for her guiding me through such a dark time in my life.

Now look at me, working with Azazel - a demon I was initially very wary of, now I call him my teacher. Manifesting whatever it is I need or want with the skills I’ve learned, now plunging into work with King Belial to continue building a better future for myself.

And my meeting with King Paimon, a big motivator for getting me off my ass and making the necessary moves, he’s still a big influence on me even today.

I just feel good looking back on myself, and I get excited knowing that I’m not even done yet or at my peak of potential/power - easy there Cell, but in all seriousness, it feels good looking back and seeing the progress I’ve made even if I’m not at the level of some here that I admire, I’ll get there one day.

I was just feeling nostalgic and a bit lost today, and I don’t know what made me reflect but I’m glad I did, seeing how far I’ve come and how far I can go excites me, I think I’ll get back to the basics while I work just to refine and refresh myself.

Just thought I’d note this here in case I ever start doubting myself or feeling stagnant.

It’s otherwise just more rambling on my end, the usual.

Celebrate the small victories.