Unsure of Poppet Deployment - help!

Short story long, made a poppet for a person I’m not too fond of, had hair, photo and a few other personal items. Worked it for the past 4 weeks of so, binding, cursing, telling it what I wanted it to think and decided to dispose of it in a graveyard this morning, however now I’m not feeling so sure it was the right choice.

As I was leaving I had this overwhelming sense that I needed to go back and dig it up, release the spirit of the person and get rid of the remains in a water source.

Is there any particular reason I’m feeling like this? I’ve done plenty of baneful magic before and this is the first time I’ve been left with any sort of regret or unsure type feeling afterwards.

Should I go back and retrieve it, or just leave it be and ignore my gut?

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I’d say trust your gut. Might be a good idea to take some coins for the cemetary’s guardian, since you’re taking back something you gave to them.

Can you do a reading on the choice?


I left a coin and sweet treat at the grave site that I chose.
I’ve just never felt quite this way about a working, its so unusual.

But you’re right I’ll sit down with my tarot and pendulum tonight.
I think I’ll head back in the morning and take some more coins and gifts as parting if that’s what the reading suggests.

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The weirdest thing is, I watched VK Jehannums latest video at this morning where he did a reading by picking a number. Recieved the World Card.
Few hours later did my own single card pull this morning for the day, again, got the World (from a 72 card deck).

All signs pointed to success, and yet I feel so conflicted!


Maybe there’s more going on than you know, and doing this will somehow be important later on?

Last year I received what seemed like weird advice not to go full baneful in a working, I was completely confused by that; but this year I believe I can see the reason why, and it wasn’t something I could have detected in a reading because even if the cards had magickally shown me the imagery, I would never have believed it, or even thought of the chain of events that happened, in order to ask about them. :thinking:


@Lady_Eva I think you’re very right on that :heart:

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Do a banishing ritual . LBRP would be good .

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Why do you suggest that?

It would leave you with a sense of positivity and it would also protect you against any potential negatives .

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Thank you, I’ll have a look at that :slight_smile:

Np , you can also try prayers to positive entities .

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I second Lady_Eva on that.
This has happened to me where a week after I buried a poppet I felt it was the wrong thing to do. In my case, there was an underlying energy I’d set at the spiritual level I needed to see play out rather than just mess it up.

I dug it up, did a working to freeze it and wrapped it in foil so I had time to think about it and do the divinations and investigate. I did end up releasing that poppet, though I did actually repeat the working couple of months later when the time was right.


Did you end up getting the result you wanted/needed in the end?

Yes, I’m quite satisfied with the results :smiley: :triumph:

It wasn’t the only working I did on the subject, but it was a complex issue and I broke it down into parts and attacked it over several months. This was one piece, but they all came together in the end.


Great to know.

As an update: I retrieved the poppet this morning, thankfully the rain stopped just long enough for me to do so, and work lined up at the perfect time to head out to grab it. Another good sign I think. I will begin a new working on this particular individual this week, and this I’ll approach from a different angle now.

Slight derail, but has anyone used a poppet of another person, to help bring a new love influence into their life while eliminating an existing one? I’ve also got a skull candle on the way as well for this person, if anyone has tips or tricks with that!

You can have multiple poppets on the go at once, for sure.
I have three in my freezer right now :smile_cat:

Haha great!
Might get started on the new one tomorrow, or possibly wait until their skull candle arrives :smiley: