Another random journal of workings

This is going to be a little compendium of stuff I’m doing :slight_smile:

As previously posted on the poppet situation:

Retrieved said poppet 48 hours ago, but have not yet released it, that’s today’s job I think. Heading into the bush for some meditation and quiet time.

Situation; poppet person is making my life rather difficult with their meddling so I’m working to remove them.

Last night I did some candle workings and a new petition - this petition was a combination of things and requests.
King Asmodeus to create discord in this person’s relationships, make them unhappy.
Duke Dantalion to change the feelings & thoughts towards others in their life & become negative.
Duke Sallos to bring this person a new love interest (to fill their time so they cannot possibly have time to be involved in my life)
King Lucifer for personal protection for myself during the working.

This was done around 2200 last night. I had an offering of port, jewelry and other bits as always on my altar, plus some sexual energy afterwards. I read my petition out loud and proceeded to burn it. I’ve discovered tissue paper is an excellent medium for this as it burns well without too much smoke! While doing so, little bits of ash went flying up towards the ceiling and my purple candle split it’s sidewall and released its wax. Lots of energy being sent out!

Went to bed and I was woken up by a very loud noise at 0054 - had the rhythm of a heart beat (ba-dum) 3 times, but sounded like the world’s largest sledge hammer hitting a solid chunk of concrete. I was laying flat on my back at the time (unusual for me) and couldn’t move. The bedroom was heavy, and I could definitely feel a presence with me. I read this as my petition being accepted as in previous workings Ive often requested a knock or similar to signify Ive been heard. And although I didn’t in this case, it didn’t dissapoint!

This noise woke another member in my household too and this morning we’ve been and checked everything on the house, and block and can’t find a cause.

Will keep updating this with progress as it comes :smiley:
Looking forward to getting a skull candle and starting on that soon!


So I lost my temper a bit yesterday, and decided to twist the Intraquil Spirit idea into a curse.
Basically took the candle, scribed the persons name into the candle, dressed it with my own Intranquil Oil, and modified the prayer slightly. Sat it on the intention paper & a photo, and really let rip. Was shaking with rage at the time, so I know its been delivered to absolute maximum. Will be working that for seven days, so we will see what happens! Still waiting on my skull candle to complete those works.

On another note;
A few weeks ago I was reaching out to Asmodeus, and fell asleep with his sigil in my pillowcase, but I had the most vivid dream of standing on a road, and instead it was Lucifer that I was making contact with. Up until that point, I had never considered working with him, so I figured it must be his way of reaching out. Slowing beginning to work on that path also.

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Azazel has the underrated ability of ruining relationships, but he does it by creating terrible events. He can seriously destroy love between people, yet if the couple is bound by sex and not for love and they are really nasty people, they may still meet each other sometimes, but they will be like the Debauch card from the Thoth deck or like the Indolence card, not really a good life and totally away from their Holy Guardian Angels

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I’ll look into this thank you :blush:

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Couple of very odd dreams the last few days. Early morning on the 7th I woke up to such a heavy sensation. The only way I could describe it, is its as if I my astral body was being pushed back into my physical body, however not it a fearful way. It was very calming. I’d done a big meditation prior to going to sleep and its the first time I’ve ever had such an experience.

Last night, I burnt some candles (as I normally do before bed) & made some affirmations, however my one black candle was flicker central! Grabbed my tarot deck to do a quick reading but was hit with a wall of tiredness and ended up extinguishing the candles & falling straight to sleep. I’m quite a clear dreamer usually, however every time I woke last night, the same dream continued - in a local graveyard, talking to the spirits of my grandparents. This type of wake, & restart dream is extremely unusual for me, even more so dreaming about people I know.
Then, at one point through the night I woke up holding my tarot deck (still in its box) - was half asleep so didn’t think much of it at the time until I actually woke up properly this morning. Very odd!

So I’ve finished up the most recent baneful working for the time being, going to work on a prosperity bringing working for my mothers business, begin to research a path working / pact for self development and growth and see where that takes me :smiley:


Have been reading lots of books,watching lots of videos and just generally working on deepening my understandings and working on self development.

Predominately, I’ve been working with Corwin Hargroves book on Jinn Magik, as well as beginning to work with the great King Ba’al. I’ve been having the most wild, intense and vivid dreams since, and feel as though my shadow self has been pushing many messages I’ve been too blind to see until recently. I’m excited to see what future I can create. And have had a number of dreams come true lately, feeling very fulfilled!

Interestingly, I’m constantly seeing repeating numbers in time, and increasing “coincidences” (which I know are just signs that I am manifesting my own path) where I can have a person cross my mind, only for them to reach out within 48 hours.
This morning at work, I was inspired to duck home and perform a quick ritual (luckily my work allows me such flexibility) and so I did. I rarely get to be loud with my ritual work, and felt the power increase that comes from being able to speak my intent clearly without having to whisper. Its a few hours later now, and a flock of Willy Wagtails (Similar to a Swallow or Sparrow) have put on a wonderful show right outside my window for the past half hour. Commonly in Aboriginal folklore these can be seen as message bringers.

Finished my skull candle last night, 13th night of the burn; it split in two - so satisfying :smiley:


So many coincidences over the weekend, and they all pointed to Azazel & Abbadon, so last night, before bed, I asked that I receive a dream, to show me which one I should begin to work with first.

It was Azazel. A man in his 30s wearing a full suit, standing at a podium, long blonde hair and a megawatt smile. When I asked him why he chose this representation he chuckled, and said that he thought I would find that most pleasing, although he could change it if I wanted. I replied that I was quite happy with how he was. He laughed, and appeared to be eating something, smiled again and said that this is the sign I wanted, and that we will talk again soon. And from there I woke up.

My self development work with Baal has been quite the journey, the knockdown & rebuild so intense. Lets see what this brings!

23 Aug
Well it’s been some time!

I’ve been working with different books, different methods and generally working on myself.
I did a wealth bringing ritual from Hargroves book of Practical Jinn Magick and it worked so well! My goal was to save enough to be able to buy a new car outright and while that’s still going to be a process, my work has tripled, meaning mass commissions coming in over the next few months. So I’ve ordered my new Audi, and it will be here in a bit under 6 months! The Jinn certainly deliver, a great many thanks to them.

I’ve also been testing some rituals from Angels of Wrath and have found the ritual for creating insomnia quite effective also!

This morning I did a quick invocation of Dantalion before work, to give a final push to a big project I’m working with. Did a quick divination with my new tarot cards, and mid shuffle the 10 or cups & 3 of swords came flying out. Perfect! Couldn’t ask for a better result.
Today will be a good day :blush:

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18 Oct

I am currently dealing with an incredibly manipulative c**t of a woman who is proving a very tough enemy. I hadn’t planned on a major curse for this one, but she really has ticked me over too far. I may have to reach out to the LOA for this case I believe. More research and planning is needed.

On the upside, my financial workings have continued to be very successful, as have the previous ones working to ease my anxiety and panic. I’m definitely feeling more peaceful, clear-headed and calm overall.

I’m still waiting on my copy of the Asmodeus compendium. International post has been awful! It arrived in my country two weeks ago so hopefully won’t be too far away. I feel it will also be a big help dealing with the bitch too.