Unsuccessful Evocations

I’ve been practicing for a while in my life (getting to 4 years) without a successful evocation :triumph::triumph::broken_heart:… though I’ve been benefiting from evocation and some rituals for a while but it does not always work… I recently ( today) tried evoking Angel Ariel but still no sign of presence even after commanding the angel with Tetragrammaton :triumph:… Any help, suggestions or readings for me??.. I’m wondering :broken_heart::man_facepalming:

Well, not succeeding with evocation and not being able to percieve it is 2 different things.
I have had many occasions where I could not detect the entity, but later being successfull in that situation.

Also, from experience, usually when I evoke an angel, I can hardly detect or percive it the first time I evoke. Usually on the 5th 6th or 7th time evoking is where I get shivers, feel a definate presense, see the sigil shinig and opening…

What is the situation you are trying to solve using Ariel?

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I want to evoke Ariel for wisdom pertaining to wealth of me and some few of my loyal friends and my advisor also

Right, but to @Half_Empty’s point, do you normally perceive entities fine and it’s just Ariel you can’t feel? And are you getting results or not?

Actually, not only Ariel. I have only one experience from evoking Angel Ophaal where the candle flame became long. For invocation on too it work at times but not all time

In that case I would chalk this up to a case of not having your psychic senses developed yet. They are probably showing up, and they could be jumping p and down saying “I’m here” but if you do not have the eyes to see, they you won’t know.

It’s probably a bit too soon to call them unsuccessful just yet… Maybe try taking a wander through some of our free astral sense development tutorials to start building the ability to sense the subtle.

Ok… thanks for your opinion