An Old Man's Advice on Third Eye Development

Been on the site for a while now, and been reading numerous questions related to developing the third eye/pineal gland. Note I say “developing” and not “opening” or “activating.” Truth is, it is open and working in all of us, though like muscles in the body, if you do not exercise them, they tend not to respond as quickly or as well as you would like.

I have what I consider to be a highly reliable method for it.

About this Method
So, it is said that one success is a data point, two successes is a coincidence, three successes means there is reason to believe, and four means it works. So, with four independent successes - three men and one woman - with this method, I figured I would share it. I make no guarantees, but I have never seen this fail.

If you want to develop your third eye, just follow below. Not to worry - it is not difficult. It just takes focus and dedication, though a bit of patronage and assistance from a Goetic or similar entity never hurts.

Past Results
Though you should do this every day for three weeks, none of the others that tried this method felt they needed to go more than 17 days (8, 8, 6 - a woman, 17) before they felt the pulse.

Here’s the caveat on the outlier: the one that went 17 days was a beef eater, as in burgers, steak, and whatnot on a regular basis, as well as actively consumes beer, hard alcohol, and recreational cannabis. The rest of us are either vegetarian, or simply abstain from beef, pork, booze and pot. Not certain that has any real impact, but it is a data point that might account for the disparity.

What to Expect
As for what to expect - it varies.

You will feel the pulsing and tingling above and between your eyes in a matter of days. It does get annoying, but you do learn to ignore that pulsing and adapt.

After the initial development, well… everyone is different. I personally see white wisps during meditation and rituals now, while two of the others that tried this “hear” spirits now though not distinctly, and the other two remaining ones that tried it claim “a new profound understanding” of the world and vastly improved intuition, calm, and patience.

None of these are negative.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Start by watching Nithyananda.
    Watch the video at at and sit through the entire video and follow his instructions to the letter.
    Yes, you will think that one section of the video is warped, but it is part of the original viewing, and it 100% works wonders fast for all of us who followed this method (5/5, if you include me). I swear by this man’s abilities. Two of my friends said that they felt something tingle in their third eye after only the second time viewing it.

  2. Repeat this once a day, every day, for a minimum of - like Nith says - 21 days.
    Each time you view it and follow it, you are developing your third eye. My own started to tingle after Day 3, and it honestly never stopped. It is pulsing even now. Even though you will start to feel the effects much sooner, and probably within the first 7-10 days, keep it up. 15 minutes a day is not much to sacrifice.

  3. Now that you feel the pulse or tingle, strengthen it.

    • If you already have a patron demon, angel, spirit, or deity, this will be easy: Simply ask them at every session to continue to develop your third eye so that you can more easily communicate with them. It will happen. My patron demon bolstered me. Note that some spirits are better than others at this. Aim and Vassago would be by preferred options, but most Hindu deities - especially Shiva - seem to excel at this as well.

    • If you do not have such an entity in your life, continue the Nithyananda meditations until you feel that they no longer do anything but keep what is already working flowing smoothly, and go back for a tune-up as needed. Meditate regularly. One of my Hindu friends does this with excellent results. He also has rigid self-discipline.

  4. Listen, and pay attention to your senses.
    That tingle or pulse lets you know that this really is working - you have accessed a deeper part of yourself and you can feel it.

All four of my friends reported an improvement of something within the first month after Nith and entity work, including both the ability to listen better, and to understand better what was being said, whether it was normal conversation, spirit conversation, evocations, invocations, messages from unknown sources of the universe, or even simply suddenly “knowing” on an intuitive level that her happy, healthy, playful dog was sick and took him to the vet only to find an intestinal problem that could have killed him.

You really will start to see things that you never have before: energies, spirits, ethereal and astral images. It will take time, but it will happen.

Now the Downside
There are some things that I find both annoying and amazing. I have experienced all of these. You might also:

  • As mentioned before, the pulsing and tingling are excellent indicators that something is working, but the tingle will reach annoyance levels, like having a bee or hummingbird always dancing above and between your eyes.

  • If and when you start to see wisps and energies, you are not seeing clear shapes, at least at the start. It is akin to looking into a mirror in a steamy bathroom or looking out a steamy car window: you can see vague shapes on the other side, and know something is there, but those shapes will not be distinct, and you might not be able to discern much about them. This improves over time.

  • You might hear unembodied whispers even when not meditating - but they will probably be unintelligible. You will likely need to focus and meditate to be able to hear anything distinctly.

Feel free to try this, and PM me with any questions you have.

Everything in this process is completely safe.


Wow that’s great to hear
Thanks for sharing
I will give it a try and pm you the results

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So just do the guided meditation in the video once a day every day for at least 21 days?

Thank you for this resource, I shall try it forthwith and hastily.


Update: two days in a row, got some good pressure going both times, but (interestingly) particularly during that part. Will keep it up.

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i will give this a try