Unofficial Tutorials: Book Recommendations Collection

Books on Norse paganism, mythology and Odin

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I just got done reading Helios Unbound

While I don’t agree with everything that is said in it, I did feel the author did a nice job in trying to put a pagan face on Golden Dawn rituals, with some historical records to back some of it up. I can’t speak to the effectiveness of the methods yet, but some of those Deities I work with have suggested I go through the 7 month process.

I will say that although there are a significant number of references of both historical and Occult books, I, personally, don’t know how much of the work is the author’s gnosis or historical “record”. He does sometimes state when it is his, but only someone with knowledge of the other works would know which is which in a lot of cases.

I DO suggest reading it. For $20, you get ~400 pages of material. I plan on starting (my version of) it soon, with few modifications. It seems to usable for anyone that has experience with ritual work, but not necessarily any in Ceremonial Magick.


Books for working with the four 4 elemental kings


Books for getting started working with angels


Mike Bee’s reading list for “promoting solid magickal practice” (western occultism)


All about channeling in Spirit Relations by Bill Duvendack

“Amazing reads” from people’s libraries

Djinn books:


Foundational book as the first of it’s kind to bring together, compare and survey the different parts of western occult practices at the time.

There are two books out there called “The Book of Ceremonial Magick” that each have two of the four parts. This one has all four.

I have this one… Which doesn’t include the info about the grimoires in this one, for example.

I just discovered this by way of an occult literature video by styxhexenhammer on Bitchute.

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Thread on books for herbs / herbalists / herbalism and oils.


Books on Necromancy and working with the dead

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[The Sorcerer’s Secrets: Strategies in Practical Magick]
[Summoning spirits]
[Evoking eternity]
[Words of power]
[The Complete Book of Demonolatry]
[Planetary Magick: Invoking and Directing the Powers of the Planets (The Magical Philosophy, 4)]
[Practical qabalah magic]

(For a starter read here is some: I wrote the names of these books in the order you should read them - starting at the top). One more note: Some of these books are from different tradition and I gave you those so you can learn from them and then decided what works best for you


Books for learning the runes:

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Qigong aka Chi Kung books

My all time favourite is The Root of Chinese Qigong by Jwing Ming Yang. If you could only get one book this one has everything and is also a good reference work. It also has the Chinese characters in it for the terms for further research.

After that anything by Mantak Chia, who takes the opposite approach and has dozens of short books breaking the subject up into given tools and small areas, which is cool when you have the foundation and/or are looking for a specific technique.
Particularly these fundamentals which are also the Taoist approach to having good Spiritual Hygiene, there is no “shadow work” called out separately, it’s all you:
Awaken Healing Energy Through The Tao
Fusion of the Five Elements: Meditations for Transforming Negative Emotions
The Inner Smile: Increasing Chi through the Cultivation of Joy
The Six Healing Sounds: Taoist Techniques for Balancing Chi
Important for occultists, after getting cleansed and balanced, we want to increase our energy for magickal work beyond just being healthy, open our clairsenses more and become more sensitive, more empowered and more wise, start here:
The Taoist Soul Body: Harnessing the Power of Kan and Li
The Practice of Greater Kan and Li: Techniques for Creating the Immortal Self
Sealing of the Five Senses: Advanced Practices for Becoming a Taoist Immortal


Alternative lists of entities to work with other than the Goetia

Hindiu Mantra book recommendations:

Shameless plug for my boi Corwin cause he’s changed the game for me:

Goetia Pathworking: Magickal Results from the 72 Demons

Corwin Hargrove


  • Beginner friendly
  • Great introduction to pathworking practice
  • Can be used as a “72 Challenge” for pathworking the 72 Goetia
  • Not a lot of fluff, pretty much to the point


  • (Kindle Edition) (Personal preference) Physical copies are much better IMO
  • Talks a lot about what you can get from each entity, but doesn’t talk about history of the entity
  • Doesn’t offer any protection suggestions before pathworking (seems to suggest that Pathworking is fool-proof). Don’t be a fool, protect your tool (brain), kids!

Additional discussion threads for this book:


Books on the Gold Dawn’s methods of magickal working

Books on Egyptian Magick: