Universal Circle, Scam or Legit

Hi Good Morning Everyone. I read online that other people think that E A Koetting is scamming people, and that his Universal Circle’s do not work. Since he charges people to by them. What does everyone think?
I have a Universal Circle, which is still in the package. Don’t know if I will be using now.

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The only way you will truly know if something works or not is for you to try it yourself. There is a number of things thst works for others thst does not for me guided meditations being a big one, and vice versa. Doesn’t mean I am slapping a label on anyone who produces a guide meditation album as being a scammer.


Meditation does not work for you?

It works there are a lot of posts on here about it

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It works even if you paint the chant and summon the being yourself. Having the pre-enchanted item would work better I feel, but I wanted to experiment.

It won’t work if you don’t put in the work to use it though, and I don’t mean just not laying it out, I mean knowing how to open a circle in the first place.
My first question would be whether these ‘other people’ knew what they were doing and understood why you’d use that specific circle over others - it’s not there to do your work for you.

If you know how to open a circle and can already evoke, then any circle is also fine. If you don’t this will make life a bit easier, but it’s not an absolute requirement.

Caveat - and this is purely my experience and has no bearing on anyone else and doesn’t speak to the creators intentions, I found the command around the circle affected me directly as well as the entities I communicated with using it. It is the “summoning of all powers” and made a connection between me and what I think of now as EAs own current. When at some point I’d decided I has completed my work with that current, I actually decided I didn’t want the connection, and for this reason stopped using it and shut away the magickal, ah, I’ll call it “support” for want of a better term, that it had created around me.

I assume you’re interested in EAs work or you wouldn’t have bought it, and I recommend it for use with that work more than with other systems, but it works for all.

  1. Those two statements don’t flow together - selling a products doesn’t mean that THEREFORE it will not work

  2. In the early days of this forum before BALG offered the UC people used to make their own versions, always an option still, and pretty much begged for a proper one that was washable and made professionally.

Let people on the internet (who probably sell stuff themselves) con you into wasting a tool you bought?

And just in case you think “She would say that” I’m a volunteer mod, don’t work for BALG (nor want to) and don’t sell anything nor do paid services. :wink:

It comes down to, should people be able to trade their skills and expertise, in a free market, or not.


Of all the things he could be scamming, I know for certain its not the universal circle. I have one that I use for my morning rituals and it works fine for me.

Alot of what works and what doesn’t work has more to do with the magician than the tools anyway.

I do like the circle, you can take it with you anywhere. Its made great and easy to clean.
I dont use it for everything as I have my own circles that I have made. But I do like the universal circle and use it like I said for my morning rituals.


I use the UC. It works very well and the spirit bound to it makes evocation safer (no impostors or parasites) and more consistent.

I have used my own drawn circles, and have found the UC gives me better results.


A hammer can either build a house or tear one down. But at the end of the day its just a tool and the user decides how the tool works.


All things in Magic are simply just tools! :heartpulse::100:

I personally won’t use the UC, as it’s not my style. I use freaking flowers and more recently, live candles in my rituals. I just can’t imagine me sitting in the middle of a circle that is red on a black backdrop, having a conversation with Aset!

Plus, I choose not to afford it as I have my own way of casting my circle.

I’d feel weird critizing something I’ve never used! Personally, if you only listen to critics and never find something out for yourself, you lose so much.

And then when it’s made, people complain that it was made. The mad mobs: “How dare they, they are all conartists!” :joy::rofl:

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Um, Ive actually gotten inside another magicians universal circle. And nailed them with a psi ball to the third eye. It was kinda like in super Mario brothers going through the tube things , I just rose up from underneath nailed them and sank back down again. The spirit bound to the circle never tried to stop me or harm me. And I know for a fact my hit landed. I saw him change during that time and get really sick.

So idk. I know I’m not a parasite but I don’t think I was openly invited either. Because when I’m invited it feels like a current is pulling me to the circle and I’m just letting it carry me there instead of fighting against it.

But then again when it comes to circles it doesn’t matter what kind you use or make… I’m still there :smirk:

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This is interesting, because I never “felt” your presence when you did my circle reading. Nor did I feel any pressure in my third eye or “in the middle of my forehead”.

Either my ancestors were protecting me from feeling your presence in order not to drain me at the time, or I was completely out. Even when I’m sleeping, I am usually woken up due to being sensitive to things like this.

But then again, I’ve only tuned into my own sisters lately and I’ve ignored everyone else.

However, the dog thing was strange and for reasons I won’t go into publicly!

Invited as in a ritual was done to invite one there.

When I do a circle reading its someone asking for one and usually I find the circle right away and some are easy to get into with no resistance and some I push my way through. Most magicians don’t ever notice I was there.

Its kinda like when someone isnt home but either the back door is unlocked and you go in or you know how to pick the lock and if you don’t take anything or put things out of place the owners don’t ever know.

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Huh, interesting!

Makes sense!

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Well, sweet stuff, the UC is a summoning circle, not a protective circle. It’s purpose isn’t to keep anything out, but to facilitate bringing something in. It acts as a gateway, and is based on the Circle of Pacts from the Book of Azazel.

And the bound spirit, Malzaz Hyroth, is a mediator, not a guardian. He doesn’t act like a bouncer, but instead helps make sure the spirit that is called is the one that shows up, and confirms they are agreeable to the summoning.


It works. You should charge it with your own blood.

Well, I’m just saying he didnt block me from anything :laughing:

But these are your words. Its has to keep some sort of buffer if its not allowing imposters or parasites

I don’t think nailing someone in the third eye with a psi ball would be considered agreeable to the summoning :joy:

Unless he wanted me to hit him so he’d know I’m the real McCoy :thinking:

But that was just my first try at going into circles. Three that night like bam, bam, bam.

And after that I just started reading circles for the curiosity of it because I could see them so easily.

Circles are very interesting they are all different … Its like seeing fingerprints of the magicians.

I don’t have to use the universal to get inside. I usually just push through the magicians fire until I’m inside. Sometimes they are made of other things though.

I could spend forever reading circles and never find two exactly alike. And even the individuals circle can change from today to next month …

guided meditation does not. My mind tends to wander when it comes to trying to follow another’s instructions when i am in that state. Other forms of meditation work fine for me, just not that one.