Universal Circle, Scam or Legit

What are other Forms of meditation :woman_in_lotus_position: if you dont mind me asking my mind wanders when I do Guided meditation or just regular meditation in general

Well, for just meditating for the sake of meditating, I tend to prefer zen or active meditation (which is where you are in a meditative state while doing an activity such as walking). If I am meditating to fulfill a goal or to reflect, I will use visualization to see the keyword written in front of me and focus on it, allowing my mind to wander with ideas associated with that keyword. That way, the wandering actually accomplishes something.

The key aspect of magic or any sort of spiritual work begins with the mind and each of our minds operate differently. So, the big reason why guided meditation does not work for me is because the symbolism that holds power to the person who created it just does not hold the same for me, to the point where I have that “I am bored” thought throughout it even though I can meditate no problem with other forms. It is a bit of a trial and error scenario to find what works best for you.

I honestly been just letting my mind wander whenever i try to meditate i try not stop it because after a while I find myself in a trance I know it made not make sense but thats how it works for me i be like oh shit I’m in a deep meditate state usually I get beings telling me to get control of my thoughts over in over which is why I’m trying to find different methods the can help me clear my mind or stop it from wandering

I will be ordering one shortly. For myself, in an inner city flat, a washable, reusable circle is simply practical.