Understanding Power

The demons say that power is all there is. They say attain power. What is power? Absolutely everything can be deconstructed down to the most fundamental basic: power. I’m going to explain how power is superior to morality, love and happiness through comparison. Power is all there is.

Firstly let’s define power. Power is simply a quantity, an amount . Power is the degree or extent of something. Physics shows us that when two objects collide the one with the most power will be the least affected. In such a collision power exists as the mass of the objects (the amount of matter inside them) and also the speed of the objects (the amount of kinetic energy carried by them). All things that exist are limited by their dimensions. We have three dimensions. Length, height and depth are measured by an amount . The degree of an angle is a comparative amount. The length of a ruler may be of a greater amount than the length of a pencil, and so the ruler has a more powerful length. Rocks with a greater density have a more powerful mass to size ratio. Spectrums, such as the spectrum of light is differentiated by the amount of length of light-waves. So even colours can be compared to each other in terms of an amount . Power at its most basic definition is the much-ness of a thing. It is the concept of much-ness itself.

Everything that exists has an amount of: height, length, depth, mass, energy, etc. Everything is measurable. Everything is measured by its amount/power in all the categories that make up its existence. Therefore power is all there is.

Religions and other ideologies try to subvert our focus through false ideas, like with morality. For all of us on Earth it’s completely evident that powerful people succeed more than righteous people do. Ideas such as karma claim that the universe rewards righteousness instead of power, but that is conveniently something we can’t see. Supposedly we can’t see the evidence of this because we are being tested on our righteousness. This is an unproven opinion, whereas the prevalence of power over righteousness is seen in every possible instance on Earth. Even if a righteous person overpowers an evil one because of spiritual assistance, this was still accomplished by the power of that spiritual assistance. You can’t claim that righteousness is more powerful than power, that is contradictory. Christians believe that Jesus is the ultimate power, but even if that were so it is the power of Jesus and not Jesus himself that is powerful.

Another important comparison for power is love. Many spiritual paths claim that: love is all there is, everything is made of love . As we’ve already discussed, everything is made of an amount of something. Everything is made of power and not love. Likewise if you claim that love is the greatest power, you are still ultimately speaking of the power of love. Acting with love often entails embodying a softness or a weakness, acting without power makes you weaker and conveniently easier to control. When you strip away all the niceties and absolutely everything you are left with this core, unchanging truth: amount, quantity, power . Power is all there is.

Many people argue that the reason of life is to be happy. Many people say that happiness is the ultimate motivation. And yet no eternal state of happiness can be achieved on Earth. Everything fluctuates and has phases. Like the moon, and also our sleep cycles and bio-rhythms. In the basic truth of power is infinite freedom. Acting righteously suggests you are limiting yourself by rules instead of being infinitely free. Karma is not proven to be true nearly as much as the prevalence of power and free will is. Free will exists because we are in a free universe. Meaningful happiness is achieved through power: your amount of money, your amount of spiritual development.

The demons say that power is all there is. They say attain power. When you deconstruct everything you are left with only measurements and various aspects that can be measured. Measurements are comparative, they are compared based on an amount . Based on power. Morality is most likely a lie, love is nothing more than a thing that exists, and meaningful happiness is achieved with safety and victories. Your ability to enact your will on reality is a measurement of your power.


@Yberion Does this check out with you?

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I’d like to butt in; how do you attain power?

Some people say we have infinite power, that at our core we are nothing but power, a fractal of a whole of infinite power.

We speak in such lofty concepts we don’t even understand this progression into power. Being one with the source doesn’t give us telekinesis or turning water into gold. Yet, power is still such a loose concept in our workings.

What is power, even?

If we are infinite, as a source, then do we have infinite amount and therefore infinite power?

You go become one with the source for a bit and try to fling a pillow around your room without touching it, go on and try.

It’s development, but of what? I think it’s developed with exploration and realization, but there’s obviously more to it.

This doesn’t make me understand power, it just makes me know of it, which is very incomplete.

Solid post.


Jeshua exorcised people with the aid of Bel ZEBUL.
Jesus, was working with the same powers we work with, and that crap was 2 millenia ago.

Love is the core of all emotions. Emotion is the motion of energy, and out perception of it. The missing of love can lead to bitterness, sadness, frustration, depression, loneliness, etc.

Hate, Is absence of love.

Animals hunt to eat.

Humans, kill for fun.

  • sounds like an receipt for big batteries. :rofl:

Power and Knowledge are different. There are different kinds of knowledges because there’s different kinds of phenomena/things that exist in the simple infinite field, but power as varience exists in everything.

You can’t have infinite power otherwise you’d have ALL the power and then nobody else would have any power.

I don’t believe in being one with a source to attain the most power. Learning how to make a pillow fly around your room is an individual skill that isn’t related to understanding how everything at its most basic level is power.

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I also want to propose that everything is power.


Are they? Really? Tell me, do you think the source in it’s infinite substance had anything but itself?
Knowledge and power are one, they aren’t seperate. Power is as much as an amount as there is force in the world, and as we both know; what we pull from the in finite (not finite/real) is endless.

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No, I doubt very much power and knowledge are separate. Even Hermes Trismagistus agrees in the Emerald Tablets. They hold the same weight while they go through separate channels


Maybe. I’m pretty sceptical of everything without hard truth. Love certainly moves us more than any other emotion, and it seems to be the most healthy emotion for us to carry as observed in our bodies. But I think it could still just be AN emotion for all we know.

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This dissociation, this seperation in our minds, is perhaps not very helpful.

The idea that you cannot have infinite power, I believe, is madness. I know for a fact that infinite can’t be quantified, there is no “all” of the power. When more power is needed, more will be. If we expand infinitely, infinite power will be for us.

No, no. This act wasn’t power, it was a use of power. I see now. We have infinite power, and we are learning how to use it. We are learning to use this power when there isn’t any limit on what we can draw.

Learning, growing. At what point does knowledge and power combine? Perhaps it is like light, merely refracted by the human mind, at it’s core being one.


I do not mean to bash you, I am very glad you made this post. This has been bothering me for so long, I needed to get it out. Keep discussing.-


Not meaning to bash either, but I was asked, and as such I answer.

Read this, Encore19.


Yberion, I will never find the right place to say this, so I’m going off topic. You look really freaking cute in the photos you posted of yourself on the forum. Just saying.

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I’m not sure I believe in a truly infinite source anymore. The only truly infinite thing I believe in for now, is the empty infinite field that contains all finite things.

I don’t agree that Power and Knowledge are one because power is what determines survival and victory, not knowledge. Knowledge can certainly help, but in every instance it is power that prevails and not knowledge. You can say that knowledge is everywhere in the sense that everything that exists is information/intelligence. But through my examinations at the moment I see this distinct difference between knowledge and power, even if that goes against what a lot of people believe. The act of overcoming anything is always about power, and not always about knowledge.

I agree with some of the stuff you’re saying, and I did use to believe a lot of the stuff you’re saying. But I’m being critical about old stuff I used to believe and seeing if it fits with what is observable.


Be critical, okay? You must however realize where you are. You may not see this, but you have fallen to such a state of disunderstanding that it’s hard to even portray my concepts.

You live as a being of consciousness, and this consciousness is eternal. How do I know this? Have you ever seen it change form once? You see things differently, smell, taste, hear and feel things differently as you grow, but you never exist differently in a sense of being. It’s a yes or no, and it’s always yes.

Where is this from? Your physical body is of the earth, your energetic body is comprised of the ether. What is your consciousness from? We live on these seperate layers of existence and each one is composed of the entire layer. What is this undying consciousness’ layer? Tell me.

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This is awareness changing, as you feel different states and varying levels of being awake or aware. Existance is always the same existance, I believe that.

Everything is energy and waves. They make up particles and more subtle constructs. Maybe by ether you’re referring to energy that is too subtle to be physical.

I do see that layers and frequencies are evident and observable in many places.

I know the textbook spiritual response is to say that everything is consciousness. I don’t believe it’s a layer. I reckon we can each separately attain similar states of consciousness, but as separate beings we don’t merge or are connected anymore. We are only connected by existing in the same reality, and our individual powers battle with each other.

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Nope. Your mental state changes, the awareness lives beyond this. I see it’s impossible for me to show you this.

Yes, but it exists on different layers that interact with each other directly. Different states of “solidity” and “reality”. Vibrating at a certain frequency to be “real”

I’m sorry, you’ll just have to see. You’ll get there eventually, but you must first understand yourself in your own way. Have fun with that.

And try to do it, try to understand what you are. Yes? You are. What are you? This is important
How can you use yourself without this? Goodbye.

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Oh dear.

You come across as very pompous and conceited, though you have some points worth considering. Good luck with your understanding too.

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I’m sorry, I do not mean this. Perhaps I am just bad at talking.

Listen, I am saying it is impossible because this is the kind of thing you realize. You don’t learn this kind of gnosis. If I tell you, even if you understand, you will only get it’s full effect from learning it yourself.

So sorry.


That’s okay. Gnosis can be tricky cause there’s so many different belief paradigms you can jump into. Since we seem to use our imagination as a way to access other places a lot of the time. Lately I’ve been examining the physical world and how it can relate to spiritual truths. The laws of physics don’t ever change, and even if we or a spirit manage to change them with say telekinesis they are still creating energy and exerting a force, as opposed to temporarily suspending these fixed laws of physics.

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perhaps. I think it’s best for you to try this

Ask for knowledge, it will come. IT always does. Simply ask what you want to know, to anyone. You will eventually recieve it in a way you understand. Try closing you eyes and daydreaming or listening with your mind. This is a good way to do this.

You can find so much “gnosis” or the gateway to gnosis to it.

Gateway because you can use this info to get firsthand experience, gnosis.

Go have fun getting it. Just try. It’s so entertaining.