Understanding Power

Now you know how I feel. ^^

  • look, the Explenation above becomes a bit more clear when we shift the focus for a secound.

let’s say power is expression.
Therefore, Power is fire.

Fire, consumes wood, which is made from water, air, and earth.

Surely, this means fire is superior to those.

Surely, water and air and earth have to be obidient to the fire,
for the fire can consume and transmute them.

Fire is weak.
Fire is dependant.

Take the Air away, and the fire dies.

Without the Air, the fire is lost.

Add to much Water, or Earth,
and the fire is extinguished.

Because it’s so reliant on air.

Air, wouldn’t even exist if plants wouldn’t farm and transmute the earth,
using water and fire.

The mind is good at focusing, and seeing one perspective.

The god,
sees differently.

for the god in you,
these things are currently considered “irrelevant” as you progress and filter through this current enlightenment you gained.

And do NOT get me wrong here: it is, and stays enlightenment, to say “power is all there is”.

It’s one of the fundamental truth.

It’s just not blindly correct.

Because in order for power to exist in any form,
it’s still highly dependant on other susitnance,
which it can consume,
change, alter, manipulate.

Power, without an obstacle,
is lost.

it torkles, and trips, and falls.

just watch an evadet punch.

All the power of the attacker is still there.
But because the focus is gone,
the power becomes weakness,
and makes the attacker fall over his own feet.

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If power is a force, then doesnt everything exist as power? This seems so

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A force can be measured. When you break the force down it’s an amount of energy going in a calculable direction. So at its most basic fundamentals, like everything, it is power.

it is.

but it’s only one viewpoint,
of a kaleidoscope of aspects.

it is within everything.

Might, strength, power, divine/infernal, those all represent potencies,
potentials of states,
and state changing.


but Power is also electricity.
the absence of power,
is void. emptyness.
the electron.
the omega.

it is from the omega,
that the alpha is spawned.

from death,
birth is given.

feeds life.


It is said,
in physics,
all matter,
and all systems natrually seek to fall into entropy.

yet they don’t.

The lhp,
the black magick,
is more chaotic and destructive than any other path.

it also brings great liberation.

is a concept,
a form of interpreting patterns,
finding shapes in clouds.

it’s imposed upon reality by the mind.

And we have a whole lot more “emptyness”, entropy,
in our universe,
than “somethings”,
manifested matter.

And isn’t that what we magicians do?

Form The Unmanifested chaos,
into formed manfiested shapes?





But is not possible to love something so much that you hate anything that threatens it?


True power is pairing up with opposite sex, true power lies in living with something that you cannot ever be, learning from it, respecting others needs, goods and bads.

i would like to point you to metaphor, what humans call babthomet, there is black and white, good and bad, ligh and dark, in perfect union, and that is metaphor of working relationship between male and female, EVEN with black and white male, if we agree to conciousness, that you can only exist as male or female, black or white, in this existence… follow me ?

freemasons are strange people, but hey what to except if they follow teachings of “man” who had 12 apostoles, but not a mention of female companion or relationship… winkwink…

get yourself a partner, with who you share everything you do, in a symbiosis way, and you start understanding why you dont even “need” “power” its embarrasing dickwaving competion between beings that cannot seduce something that you are not…



if only so.^^

I certainly got no problem there.
better said, my problem most wouldn’t understand.^^



or the same sex :wink: cause power doesn’t care about heterosexuality

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I think he meant in terms of the masculine and muliebral.

I was mostly joking lol, but in case he wasn’t then there it goes xD