Uhhh question [about Dantalion and persuading someone to love you]


sooo i asked my dear to have a some one i love feel the same for me right if it was done how would it feel like sexual energy n thoughts about the person or wat so random but its just a random feeling im having


please elaborate


Are you asking how love spells make the victim feel specifically?

I suppose it depends on what and who you ask. I recently did a love spell where I transferred my obsessive feelings, I could feel the tightness in me leave after the ritual.


:point_up_2: Yes, I think her ‘dear’ is Dantalion. She asked Dantalion to work a love curse on a victim, and wants to know how to tell if it worked.

Not my area, moving to Love/Sex magic category.

@bunny4cam - Capital letters and periods would have helped a lot to get your question across. I think there’s three sentences in there but I could have read it wrong.


you are correct that is what im asking n its not a curse if there r feelings there…n sorry bout that


so i was watch an anime called beelzebub right and while i was on the 5 ep in the middle of it i started feeling a strong sexual energy n the guy i asked him to do this just randomly popped up on my mind it was weird n a very aggitating feeling…for personal reasons…idk how it looks ive stayed away like i asked n been atually controling emotions n my impulses i had to go over there to see him we went from not talking at all to playing video games together…that was thanks to master furfur who gave me a short storm hen it was done but since its my first time with lord dantalion i have no idea what to expect


I am also waiting for evidence of a love spell I’ve placed. Hmmm.


i think it is working i went by today n he was talking bout he dont want to b with the girl cause she has a guy or something n we actually were goofing off all day its a strange feeling n he told my dad he was falling in love with me but wasnt sure how or if he should tell me


Pls i need your help i want to get my ex girl back in my life. Pls show me the steps in getting back my ex. Am just a beginner idk anything on that


Dude, there is no need to jump into every possible thread, and start demanding that people help you with your ex. This is your third post about it. We understand you might be feeling desperate, and emotional, but harassing people for help is a sure fire way of getting banned from this forum.

Please take the time to use the search function (the little magnifying glass) in the upper right. There are dozens of threads about love spells and “get your ex back” spells and advice if you to look for them.

Edit to add: Share Your "Get My Ex Back" Spells That Actually Worked


I believe you should refer to dantalion by his name and not dear, i work with him a lot and he’s really keen on being referred to properly.
Dantalion is also not love specific, so you have to be very clear with what it is you’re asking for.
“make someone fall in love with me” is vague, what emotions comes with love??
“make person A feel passion, romantic feelings” etc is a better way to word it for him. He is often called on for love spells but everyone tends to forget he’s a worker of the mind. Not of the heart.


Also, don’t forget to make an offering to him. He really really likes tea.
So while evoking him have some hot tea and leave it out for about 24/48 hours and then you can flush it.
Developing a relationship with him will also help with your progress. Meditate on his sigil everyday for 15 minutes.


I call him my dear only on here when we speak its Lord Dantalion he likes that n he wanted a specific offering from me so I chose to write a book about him n read it to him once a chapter was done he actually enjoyed it n I’m happy about it I never disrespect them I love my lord Dantalion each one I work with are referred to Lord master Prince mistress n king as a group tho I call them my dears as they r dear to me thank for your info tho


I would refrain from calling him that on the forum or at all.
i understand the gesture but dantalion is very formal


Do as you wish i’ve worked with him for a couple months respectively.
I just feel he wouldn’t like to be referred that way but if you feel otherwise then go for it


He is my guardian demon master he been with me all my life i know he knows I call him my dear smh I have a good relationship with him u know he has been really wonderful to work with n I’m sure he is happy about the things I’ve done n the process we made together so far to


I personally wouldn’t call him that but that’s just how i feel.
Do as you wish your connection with him is between you and him. Like i said, do as you wish