Types of Magic

Hey guy, I wanted to ask you something about magic. I wanted to know the types of magic that exist. I do know about ceremonial magic, candle magic, voodoo magic and evocation magic.

But to tell the truth, if you exclude evocation magic that I’m still practicing with, I’m not so much into the other types above. I also currently working on lucid dreaming so I will be able to evoke spirits much easier.

Anyway, I would love to find the type of magic that suits me best. So if you could tell me about other types and what they are, I would be really thankful.



This is like asking how many colors there are! Good lord you are gonna get swamped! :slight_smile:

I personally practice hoodoo, elemental magick, thaumaturgy and sympathetic magick, divination, simple psychic/communications magick, and soul travel. However, the degrees to which each of these melds into the others is pretty high, and it makes for a unique total flavor


Thanks for your reply! It’s true that my question is a little general :grin:. I have also heard of illusion magic, any idea of what this is and how it works?

sympathetic magick?

teach me senpai

Illusion magick as i understand it is the magick of lies and partial truths (not a bad thing). Often it takes the form of glamers, where you make someone believe you look diffrtent than you do. I really haven’t worked with it, just haven’t had a chance.

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Lol well, think of the statement “As above, so below” and how things like voodoo dolls and witch’s ladders work. You perform a small task to represent a larger task.

With sympathetic magick, its the same thing on a living scale. Syn- means “the same”, and -pathos means “to feel”, so your goal is to cause another creature to feel the same as you

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to what extent of entities does this work on?

As far as i understand, if the entity can feel, it’s capable of respondinv to sympathetic magick. However, be aware that it can be considered rude and manipulative

This really sounds interesting. That could actually help you a lot if uses correctly. As for the illusion magic thing, I think of the same thing, but on a larger scale. For example, creating illusions and manipulating someone with it. It’s like a genjutsu (if you know what I mean😉 ).

Well, this is really interestinflg though.

Please share other types of magic you know, it can be very helpful.

Here’s what I can think of:

  • Magic with tools (candle, herbal, divination, crystal, etc…)

  • Afro-American religious magic (Voodoo, Santería, Quimbanda, Hoodoo…)

  • Banishings can count as rituals as well

  • Thelema is probably one of the most influential systems of Western magic today

  • Elemental magic (common to Wicca and other earth-centered religions)

  • Chaos magic (my personal favorite system, which is entirely a theory that allows for extreme adaptations)

  • Tantra and Bon (Tibetian systems)

  • Demonolatry (specifically demons)

  • Enochian (system with angels)

  • Draconian

  • Energy vampirism

  • Shamanic magic and dreamworking

And so many others… I’d have to do more research to list them all. And even then I’d say it’s best for you just to dig around at your leisure. There’s almost always something new to learn, especially in magic.

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What an illusion is, is generally a created false perception. This is done by re arranging the energetic codes in ones perception. In other words, cast a spell to falsify or manipulate ones perspective or thoughts. (Now one could say I’m starting to tread into manipulative Magick but keep in mind thoughts are a form of perception and illusion is a form of manipulation.) For example, say I wanted one to perceive a situation differently, I’d just target their brain and cast a spell on it to get them to have a somewhat different idea. Illusion Magick, if applied correctly, can also have​ a physical affect, in other words, altering the targets reality into making them see something that actually isn’t there. You can also make someone see the same thing psychically, too. You can also use illusion Magick in magickal warfare, too.

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I literally made a post on this too.

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Thanks for your reply! This really helps a lot! Can you tell me what chaos magic, thelema and draconian magic is? Also even though I know what elemental magic is, can you tell me what can I do with it?

To be completely honest, I was thinking of specializing on warfare magic. However on warfare magic that gives instant results. For example, you are in the middle of the fight and you use magic to fight instead of fists, etc. That means that you should use spells that give you instant result in order to fight your enemy. Are there any types of magic that can do that? And also, can illusion magic do that?


Thelema is the system created by Aleister Crowley. It’s mostly based off Egyptian teachings and polytheism but it has elements of Kabbalah (Jewish magic system, I probably forgot to mention that one) and it highly syncretic. It’s both a religion and a magic system.

Draconian magic is magic based around dragons. You can find it in many systems of magic and it can be its own system. Asenath Mason is an author who focuses on this kind of magic.

Chaos magic is rather simple. Basically Chaos magic philosophy is “what works, works” and “belief is a tool.” It’s highly experimental and good for scientific-like minds or personalities.

Elemental magic is good for spiritual alchemy and summoning nature spirits. It’s also good if you want to devote to a deity of a certain element or nature (Fire-based candle magic, for example, is good to devote to gods like Sekhmet, Vulcan and Brighid, because they are associated with fire and traits of fire)


Thanks!!! I got a lot of info. This sure helps a lot

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Warfare Magick is curses, hexes, psychic attack, etc.

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Oh, I see