Tutorial: Petition Spells


Wow, these petitions almost seem too easy. Considering this method for a layered love spell I saw on this site.


Oh thank you, really helpful! I keep this in my favorites, I’ll need it soon. I ordered on Amazon DOM from Winterfield …


I did a petition to Lucifer a week ago. I asked for help in a couple of areas, and made a pact…simple stuff…promised to meditate, exercise and write every day, Which I’ve done.

Today, after months of searching, I got a job. Thats not exactly what I was after, but I see it’s the first step towards achieving my goals.

I wrote the letter, asked for signs within 2 weeks, drew his sigil, said the personal ‘mantra’ that I wrote for him, and burned the letter. It was simple, but I’ve felt a presence with me ever since.


Has anyone had any success with the petition spells.

I did my first evocation 2 nights ago. And since then have been meditating to sallos daily listening to his enn.

Question; can I do this petition to him on the side aswell. (Same request) but with some personal offerings ?


If you’ve already made a petition, then I’d say wait until you see results come to fruition, assuming they will. If not, you can evoke Him again and see if He has any input on the request you made. Personally I wouldn’t want to nag, so if a long while goes by without anything, then you can repeat the process.


A really interesting and simple ritual, thank you for writing this for newbies like me. I’ve wrote my petition to duke sallos and is still trying to forget about it and being confident that it will come. I just want to ask is 2 months too small of a time frame for sparking love to a girl? She’s my childhood friend since elementary school and we’ve been together until college and i want her to love me like i do love her.


No, two months should be plenty of time to see results.


Aah alright then, looks like i’ll be waiting for a while since she’s quite stubborn. Also what we shouldn’t do is remembering the ritual and being impatient and ask the spirits right? Is it okay for me to think about her since it seems i kept thinking about her more now a few days after i finish the ritual. Seems like my petition goes double-edged ahahah.


Thinking about your target is fine, but try not to think about the magick.

Consider it done. It’s like writing a letter to Santa. Once you put it in the mail, you know absolutely that Santa will get it so you cease to worry about it.

Yes, being impatient and asking the spirits over again would be a bad thing, because you are pulling the energy away from the result you want and into your doubt and uncertainty, which is what will manifest.


Right so last question…maybe. is it fine to think like “oh she’ll come when it’s time” or “leave it to the great duke, just live the moment for now” to remind myself about the ritual or when i’m doubting myself as a reassurance? Thanks for the help darkestknight!


Yes. You can tell yourself things like that to help with the doubt. The key is to trust whatever force you have petitioned. When you trust a friend to follow through with something, you don’t question it but expect them to do what they said they would, and that is the kind of attitude you want to have.

Leave it in the hands of your friend.


Hi sorry for asking again, is it okay to use any color for the candle or does it need to be connected with what we want? And is it okay to make another one but with a diffrent spirit? I did one a few weeks ago with sallos and i feel it’s working to my target and thinking to make another for marbas to heal some of my injury. As always thanks for the help darkestknight.


No, the candle doesn’t matter.

And yes, you can do another petition to a different spirit.


If you can’t get the proper colour candle, you can use white.
Different candle for each entity and different candle for each different petition


That is completely unnecessary.

In a petition spell, the candle simply serves as the method of giving the petition over to the universe/spirit/force invoked. You are not doing a candle spell so colour doesn’t matter.

The candle is always optional, as my initial post mentions.


I see, so if i ask marbas now for healing my injury and i got sick in the future i can just use the last used for healing by marbas right?


Well how about this for an idea … how about you get busy with preparing yourself for her arrival? Like, are you ready? Got places to go to and things to do with her? Have you got you and the place cleaned up? If not then sort that out. That will apply your mind towards the event in a practical way and help cure any doubts about what you want. Can you prepare some sort of a treat for her that you know she will like? Plus, imagine that smile on her face when she turns up. Surely that would add to the good energy.

Just my take on it.




You know my EX paster went on this rant about people using the law of attraction “Gods Power” to get what they want. Three months later he had us doing a petition spell and said the smoke will go up to the lord.


magick is still magick


This what me and friend used to try to unbind my friend astral cord along with offering of chocolate.