Tutorial: Petition Spells


Wow, these petitions almost seem too easy. Considering this method for a layered love spell I saw on this site.


Oh thank you, really helpful! I keep this in my favorites, I’ll need it soon. I ordered on Amazon DOM from Winterfield …


I did a petition to Lucifer a week ago. I asked for help in a couple of areas, and made a pact…simple stuff…promised to meditate, exercise and write every day, Which I’ve done.

Today, after months of searching, I got a job. Thats not exactly what I was after, but I see it’s the first step towards achieving my goals.

I wrote the letter, asked for signs within 2 weeks, drew his sigil, said the personal ‘mantra’ that I wrote for him, and burned the letter. It was simple, but I’ve felt a presence with me ever since.


Has anyone had any success with the petition spells.

I did my first evocation 2 nights ago. And since then have been meditating to sallos daily listening to his enn.

Question; can I do this petition to him on the side aswell. (Same request) but with some personal offerings ?


If you’ve already made a petition, then I’d say wait until you see results come to fruition, assuming they will. If not, you can evoke Him again and see if He has any input on the request you made. Personally I wouldn’t want to nag, so if a long while goes by without anything, then you can repeat the process.