Tutorial: Petition Spells


you should go distract yourself. Also time helps, you won’t be able to get it out of your head easily on the same day, as days pass you’ll think less about it.


@DarkestKnight has already given examples. Check the thread above. Duke Sallos would be perfect for your case.


@eric433 , still curious to know how things are so far? I will be glad to know if all is going well for you. Well for me I would say, already having result.


umm things are going well… not perfect but well. You got results fast, that’s great! what was your petition?


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Sorry, I forgot to reply to you. Yes, I have received results from petition spells. My petitions haven’t been for anything material though, only internal changes, and guidance and direction. I mainly petition my GodSelf and the results are still ongoing.

As for what could go wrong, most likely the same thing that happens when you open a spirit sigil but receive no result. Either there are obstacles that need to be overcome, the probability is too low, what you asked for is outside your sphere of influence, there is interference from other forces, no pathway for the result to manifest along, or the time frame was too narrow.


@eric433 , i am sure all will go well for you, just a matter of time. Oh yes i got results in just 4 days but it’s still improving. What i asked for was more of an internal change that i requested from the angel Poiel.




i read this and i remmeber a little bit of the cocnept of world of Plato of a dimension where there is the idea and this physic realm that is a image of the concept of the ideas realm, so a question about this Petition Spells if a invoking Dantalion for a Ex problem and do a Petition Spell to Sallios this will make an interference or i can continue doing this?


No, there shouldn’t be any interference because Dantalion works upon the mind and Sallos the emotions.


oh thanks man, I have another question but offtopic of this thrend, after beggining with the meditation and open the chakras( i´m working in this) what will be the next step ?


i just did mine and im trying to forget about it


I’m going to have to try that out, thanks for sharing.


May be a dumb question but can you write your petition on a computer with say something like the Notepad program and have it work also if you don’t have a pen/pencil and paper somewhere?


Try it.

In my opinion though, the whole idea of using a pen and paper is that it makes the petition personal, and infuses the words with your energy and intention. It is the same reason drawing out spirit seals by hand is preferred to merely printing them out. The act of writing itself has also been seen as traditionally magical.

You might be too young, but if you have ever received a hand written letter from someone, you would understand that it is far more intimate and personal than an email. The paper is something physical you can hold in your hand, and may even have the soft scent of the person who wrote it. People hold on to love letters for decades, just for this reason. They carry the energetic imprint of the writer, and merely holding it or smelling it can evoke the emotions that person engenders. A handwritten letter can be a powerful focal point for magick because of this.

Remember, a petition is a personal request to a god, or demon or the universe in general. It needs that personal connection to work, in the same way that people have always written or spoken the important things. Informing about the death of a loved one, a marriage proposal, or even a breakup, are things that should always be done personally, and a spiritual request is the same. If your request is important to you, then it should be important enough to write out, because that signals to the spirit or universe that it is not merely a passing desire.


Not sure how will you dispose that… Throw it in the Recycle bin? And how will you place it on the altar till it manifests? Place the notepad there?
I might be too old, but I seriously don’t know any house without pen/pencil and paper. I always carry pen and paper with me as well.


Do you think making petitions to Sallos and Haniel on same case will negatively affect the results?


:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: when the gods want you to find something you will really going to find it …thanks!!


how offen can you make one


No, I don’t think so, as each spirit would go about the task in a different way. The only way to know for sure though, would be to try it and see.

As often as you do any other type of spell. Traditionally, a single petition is made, and left until the results come in because you were petitioning the gods and it was considered bad form to be greedy or impatient. However, there is nothing saying you can’t try petitions to different spirits for different tasks. Experiment.