Tutorial: Petition Spells


@DarkestKnight This thread has grown into monstrous proportions since it was posted and you have probably heard it countless times already, but I want to express my gratitude to you. Before, no spell has ever worked for me and I sort of lost confidence in the effectiveness of magick. But since some other member of this forum recommended it to me I’ve tried it twice petitioning Archangel Michael for help and he has delivered on both counts. Therefore, I want to use this post both to thank Archangel Michael for his assistance and you for this immensely helpful thread.


I have a question about the petition spells, is the manner in which I dispose of the petition itself in any way related to the outcome? I mean, if I petition Archangel Michael whose element is fire and I burn it instead of let’s say flushing it in the toilet can it positively impact the outcome?

No. The disposal method can be related to the elemental attribution of the spirits being petitioned (for example, petitions to underworld spirits are usually buried rather than burned) but they don’t generally have anything to do with the outcome. Traditionally, the elements were seen as gateways to the spirit realms, so that is why petitions were usually buried, burned, or cast into water.

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@DarkestKnight Thank you.

Hello, I wrote two petitions tonight and forgot to thank Marquis Orias in my first one, I did write “I thank you”, as soon as I noticed. Is that okay? and would it be alright if I gave him offerings when I am able? :blush:

Yes, that’s fine.

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Do you have to present offerings with the petitions?

No, offerings are not required.

@DarkestKnight this pronunciation video link doesnt work ? Do you have an alternate link?

Unfortunately, we do not. When YouTube removed the BALG channel, not all of the older content had been backed up and so was lost. There are some older videos on EA’s new Odysee channel, but the video with the four incantations does not seem to be among them.

thank you. I will try my best pronunciation then !

Just pronounce them as they are written, except for “Itz,” which is actually pronounced as “Eetz.”

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Nice! You found it. I looked but didn’t see it.

It’s a channel of a person with lot of odl videos…

You have made mention of this conjuration of all magickal powers frequently.it seems to be effective.

Please can I employ it to contact angelic beings? I ask because EA works with demons,perhaps he may have recommended it for working with demons only.

Also,please where can I find the conjuration? I have all of EAs book(or most),which of his book is it contained?
I will also use the search function of the forum.

Warm regards

Yes, you can use it in angelic magick. It is for the empowerment of the magician, so it is neutral as far as the entities are concerned.

It was originally published as the Flame Chant in the OAA Discourses, but EA released it publicly on the forum and in a newsletter as well. Just search for the “Four Incantations to Conjure Limitless Power.”

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I have never worked with demons and I have used this spell to petition archangel Raphael numerous times. Each and every single time I tried this spell my petition was answered. While performing the spell I didn’t pay any heed to planetary/lunar cycles and petitioned him both during the daytime and at night. In my case, it worked better and faster when I promised him something in return, like giving to charity. I am writing this both to answer your question and praise archangel Raphael for his help, which is fulfilment of my promise to him.

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