What are some
ways to get into trance to invoke a spirit or cast spells? ?

One way is the Theta-Gamma (Brainwave) State (TGS) that is mentioned on this forum so much. It is a simple form of meditation, similar to what is practiced in Zen Buddhism.

You really don’t need to light a candle or incense, but it helps. Take a deep breath. Stare at the sigil/logo of the spirit you want to contact. Continue breathing deeply as you gaze at the sigil. Keep your intent, request, or question in mind while doing this. Continue to stare until you see all or parts of the sigil seem to disappear or float above the paper.

You have reached the TGS trance. You may even feel a presence. This is normal. State your intent, request, or question. Then continue to meditate. When you feel you have sat with this spirit you may extinguish the candle and incense.

This is commonly called “Charging the Sigil”.

Watch this video that will explain all this in detail:



How long did it take you to get into trance your first time ever staring at a sigil??

How long did it take you while using this method of staring at a sigil, to get into trance for your first time?

I first did it with the sigils in the Simon Necronomicon. Surprisingly, it took only a couple minutes.

The more you do it, it will get easier and faster. Some can invoke a spirit as soon as they look at a sigil. I’m not quite there yet.

The whole ritual should last a total of five to ten minutes.

I’ve tried this before but couldn’t get the hang of it. Do you have any other ones? I have a spirit tormenting me and idk how to get rid of him. Do you think he blocked me from getting into trance? How do I get rid of this spirit? Do u have any advice?

You need to do a banishing ritual. Here is a topic about that:

Banishing: What’s the simplest and most effective method?

Banishing Help

Also, confidence and authority. Visualize your entire body surrounded with a bubble of white light. Imagine any negative, unwanted energy being absorbed and reflected back. Inside the bubble, there is nothing but calm and peace. Show no fear. Command this spirit to leave you alone and go back where it came! Stake your claim like you really mean it!

The best way to go into trance would be hypnosis or silva mind method, once you install a trigger to drop you right in trance it becomes easier and less time consuming, and are workable with eyes even open.


How do I do the silva mind method? Or can u give me the link to the directions? I tried looking it up and I couldn’t find anything

There are a tonne of youtube clips about it.
There are torrents out there available for it.
When i get some time i could write up a little something about it.

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