Training Your Astral Body for Work with Thought-forms and Tulpas

Who wants some secrets?! Over the next several weeks, I’ll be posting lessons in advanced magic dealing particularly with thought-forms and what I am calling Tulpas. Among other things, you will be learning–

-how to train your astral body to do anything
-how to use thought-forms to manipulate your physical and mental state
-how to create powerful servitors, familliars, god-vehicles and Tulpas of your own design
-how to create entities with powers you desire and then manifest those powers though yourself/install them in your own astral body
-how to manifest a tulpa through your own body, overwriting your own personality and characteristics with a character of your own construction
-I MIGHT teach you how to manifest a tulpa through another person. That’s one of the scariest operations you can perform, though. If nothing else, I will at least point you to a book that will give you the gist of how to do it if you do a little figuring on your own.

Basically, I’m going to be teaching you how to create conscious entities out of your own astral body and work with them for magical purposes. The techniques I will be teaching you are well-known but rarely openly taught. This techniques will enhance every kind of magic you do.

I’ll be starting out with the foundation techniques you need to learn before you can start building powerful thought-forms.

Let me know how you guys get on with these techniques and chime in with your experiences, questions, advice.

First the Warnings…

  1. These techniques work. Quickly and dramatically. A lot of people are more comfortable when the magic they do has an element of ambiguity. You might get scared.
  2. Physical manifestations are common with this work. You may see things, you may hear things. There might be poltergeist phenomena.
  3. Because the thought-forms you are creating will be intimately linked with your own energy body, it is highly inadvisable to use these techniques for baneful workings.

Teaching your Astral Body
While your willpower is the director, virtually all magic is performed by your astral body. It’s important to understand that you can teach your astral body how to do anything by simply learning to communicate with it. All you have to do is “show” it what you want it to do and then command/will it to do it. Everything we’re going to learn comes down to training your astral body to perform certain tasks. This comes down to imagining what you want it to do–visual imagination and also imagining the feeling of do it. Then you command/will it to do it. By practicing over and over, your astral body learns how to perform the task. This is the basic concept behind everything we’re going to learn, and this idea of “showing your astral body what to do and what it feels like” will come up again.

The Foundation Technique: Self-Possesssion

The goal of this exercise is to cause your physical body to be fully possessed by your astral body. After you achieve this, you saturate your astral body with as much energy as possible. I often call this technique Magic 101 - it’s a fundamental exercise that will boost literally every kind of magic you do. It helps to have done some kind of energy work before. If you haven’t, learn some basic energy breathing exercises.

I recommend you do this exercise 1-3 times a day until you can do it in a matter of seconds. After that, you should do it before basically any magical “thing” you decide to do - divination, evocation, spellwork, whatever. This exercise is adapted from a book called Psychastra by Frank Rudolph Young. It may be helpful to read his version and look at his illustrations if you have a difficult time imagining/understanding the exercise.

Lay on your back. Imagine your astral body floating above you. See it as a cloud of light that is floating above you. Imagine a tube that is coming down from your astral body into your naval chakra. Now become aware of a stopper or valve in your naval. This valve is currently closed. It opens inward and allows your astral body to enter into your physical body. Take a deep inward breath from your naval. Imagine the valve opening and WILL it to open. Imagine and will a feeling of suction - imagine and feel the cloud of light being forced down through the tube, through the valve and into your physical body. Keep breathing in and pulling your astral body more and more in through your naval. See the cloud of light being pulled into your body and filling it up completely. You will notice a feeling of strain and a feeling like your astral body wants to jump or rush back out of your body. You may feel it “fighting” you. This is normal. Keep breathing in and willing it to flow down into your physical body until you feel that you are completely saturated by it.

Once you feel that your physical body is saturated by this billowing cloud of light, imagine the cloud filling up your body so that it conforms to the contours and shape of your body. Imagine the outer layer of this cloud developing a skin that pulls it into the shape of your body and locks it down into your physical body. Your astral body may still be fighting you and you may have a feeling that it wants to jump back out, but will it to lock itself in and submit to you. When you feel it submit, feel and see your entire body glowing with this light and imagine that the full power and capacities of your astral body are now locked into your physical body and fully at the disposal of your conscious mind.

The more you repeat this exercise, the faster your astral body will learn what you want and how to do it. At first, you may take 15-30 minutes to to achieve this self-possession. After a week or two or regular repetition you will find your astral body complies in under five minutes or even in a matter of seconds.

Saturating your Astral Body with Raw Energy
Once you have the hang of possessing your physical body with your astral body, the next thing is to practice saturating your astral body with as much raw energy as you can get while you are possessed by it. Any basic energy raising technique will be good fcor this. Imagine your astral body being flooded with raw cosmic energy. Keep breathing that energy in until you feel that you are saturated like a sponge. Know that all this energy is at the disposal of your physical body and conscious mind.

It is when your astral body is saturated with energy that you direct it to perform tasks. For example, if you are learning divination you can imagine your astral body reaching out and finding the information you’re looking for, grabbing it, pulling it to your mind and translating it to something you can understand. You imagine what this looks and feels like, then engage in your divination. Again, the more you repeat these “demonstrations” the faster your astral body will learn and the better it will get at the task.

Next will be learning how to shoot your saturated astral body into a specific location, which is a big part of manufacturing talismans. Then we’ll move into elementary thought-form work.


How can a person elevate thoughtform creation and give them the power of gods?

Can you link them to larger sources of power or “imprint” them with pools of information?


I want to learn tulpa creation and making them powerful.

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I am trying to understand. So once I saturate my astral body with energy, how does it leave my body, does it just float out, what happens? This sounds like a great training exercise, and am really looking forward to learning more, thank you.

The exercise is a preparation for any kind of magical work. So once you’ve got it good and saturated, you direct it to DO something.


Later on, I’ll be teaching you how make a servitor that basically functions as a vehicle for a spirit or god, basically giving yourself your own personal copy of that entity that is fully under your command.



Wait, if I make a copy of Lucifer, will the entire Infernal Empire obey that copy like the real deal?

Yep. That’s exactly how “household gods” work. You make your own personal copy that gives you full access to the root power.


So “Lucifer” is really a personal copy of the core energy that allows us to work with that force?

Sometimes it’ll seem that way and other times it’ll seem like there’s only one enormous entity. Your experience will careen back and forth between these two extremes throughout your magical career. In my opinion, you’ll never be 100% sure whether you’re dealing with something you’ve created or an independent entity. Or if it’s something we’re all somehow collectively creating.


So you’re saying that sometimes it’ll seem we’re working with copies of the core entity and that other times it’ll seem like you’re really only calling on one huge entity?

Still though, do you know of a way to create a “huge” entity from scratch using our astral bodies? Like, creating a vehicle and plugging in the variables into the god-machine we want to spit out a hugely powerful, entirely unique, multi-faceted, knowledgable god catered to our needs?

You said before about combining energies using the sodiac, astrology, decans, etc. Just wanted to see if you know of something more in-depth.


You can build them up as big as you want them. I’m going to teach you how to make offerings and fuel the everloving fuck out of them if you want to.

I probably won’t get into using zodiacal and planetary energies, just because that is a massive education all unto itself. You have to get into tarot and Agrippa and books and books and initiations and on and on it goes. But you can adapt these techniques for those purposes. You can adapt them for just about anything you want to do.


Sounds good man.

Is this in any way similar to the way we structure a form for spirits during evocation or is this a completely different animal?

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You will be building a permanent etheric/astral body for them and strengthening it. So it’s an advanced version of the same idea. The form will be more permanent. That’s why I made all the warnings about 'shit may actually happen."


@anon31277086 FUCK YES
Cant wait for more.
I will be watching this thread!


Bring it on!


The Arrow and the Dot aka Ready, Aim Fire!
Once you’ve mastered possessing your physical body with your astral body and saturating it with energy, the next thing to learn is how to fire your charged-up astral body at or into a specific target.

Take a white, blank piece of paper and make a medium sized black round dot in the center of it. It should look something like this:

Sit at a table with your dot sheet in front of you. Possess your physical body with your astral body and flood it with energy. Now, the trick to this exercise is to imagine the FEELING. Imagine your energy-flooded astral body shrinking down inside you - pulling it into once compressed point in your chest. Feel all that power compressing and shrinking inside you - you will notice a sense of tautness or strain as this highly charged body gets more and more compact. Keep pulling and compressing until your astral body is down to the size of that dot - you will feel a sense of strain from having all that energy compacted into such a small space.

Now what you are going to do is shoot that highly compressed circle of energy out into the dot in the paper - like an arrow. You imagine it all happening at once in a single, quick motion. You can imagine that energy dot pulling taut like an arrow or slingshot and then shooting up from your chest, into your head and out your eyes through the optic nerves and zoom! Right into the dot. When the energy hits the target, it blows up. As soon as you feel your energy dot hit the target, feel it “explode” and blow back out to its full original size.

The reason you shoot the dot through your eyes is that your optic nerves transfer electricity two ways and actually emit photons. Your astral body can use this energy to bridge the gap between the physical and the astral. When you shoot your astral body through your eyes, imagine it grabbing on and riding the photonic waves coming out of your eyes. I once had my astral body grab and move an object that was all the way across the room using this tactic. It was my first time getting telekinesis.

This is the way you create talismans. For example, if you were making a solar talisman, you would flood your astral body with solar energy, compress it down, and shoot it into the object you were charging. Then you imagine that energy forming an outer skin and sealing itself into the object.


This thread is golden.


One question, saturate the astral body with raw energy is done before or after the self-possession?