Taking Possession of Others with Thought-Form Magic

In this thread we’ll be talking about how to take psychic possession of other people for the purposes of directing their thoughts and actions. This can be used to aid people in many ways, though it is frequently used to dominate and impose foreign behaviors and identities on others. You can use it to compel others to take or desist certain behaviors or overwrite their core identities. We’ll be talking about how to use it to their benefit.

This thread is the continuation of Training Your Astral Body for Work with Thought-forms and Tulpas. It builds off of and references techniques and concepts in that thread and those techniques should be considered the precursors to this work. As with that thread, there is a lot of ground to cover and it might take me a while to fill in everything I want to get to.

I am heavily indebted to Frank Rudolph Young’s The Secret of Spirit-Thought Magic. While I understood the theory behind why it was possible to overwrite another person’s behavior/identity, a practical technique evaded me. Young’s approach is different than mine and I recommend learning about his approach as well. It is in chapter 11, “How to Use Spirit-Thought Magic to Take Psychic Possession of Others.”

There’s no getting around the fact that this is advanced magic. Young’s method requires you to be adept at astral projection and mine requires you to be able to evoke a living person.

While these techniques are widely known to–and abused by–many occult lodges, up until Young, Crowley was the only one brave enough to teach them in material that was openly published, though he was careful to use a heavily guarded and ambiguous language that most of his students would not understand. These techniques are used by occult lodges to hybridize humans with spiritual beings or tulpas of their own design. I will not be describing those methods.

You can use psychic possession for all kinds of beneficial purposes. You can help someone overcome obstacles such as procrastination. You can help them make the right decision when doing so is difficult. You can help someone overcome the person they are to become who they want to be. Overcoming addiction and bad habits, depression and self-destructive behavior, developing discipline, and building psychic abilities are just some of the uses.

More experimental applications would involve the alteration of personality, tastes, drives, and preferences. Be careful not to be abusive here. Ideally, you should always be working for the target’s overall advancement and benefit.

This kind of magic works with extreme rapidity–you may see dramatic results within 24-72 hours. However, persistent practice is required for more permanent changes. Early results can be so startling or even frightening that there may be a strong impulse to abandon the work. Guilt and fear issues may raise their heads. We are deeply accustomed to thinking of other people as fixed beings “out there” that we have minimal influence over and violating that illusion can be very upsetting. If you do abandon the work early on, the target will gradually shift back to their previously normal state.

Doing this work will bring your energy intimately in contact with that of another person. This will cause you to sync with them energetically. For this reason, you should be selective about who you work with and avoid any work of harm or subjugation since harming someone you’re in sync with will effect you, so make sure you work to their advancement and benefit.


Will be eagerly waiting for the next post. Your previous thread about tulpas was fascinating.

One question, doing magick upon someone, mostly curse/hex, causes him/her to slowly show signs of madness as his/her highest self is constantly fighting the curse. Will there be same side effect in this kind of magick also, if yes then can it be avoided somehow.

Get in contact with their higher self first, explain what you want to do and how it will benefit them, and ask for permission/cooperation. As I already said, using this for baneful workings would probably be a really bad idea as you are very intimately connected to the target for a prolonged period of time.

Sir, eagerly waiting for further post and sure that many are also.