I am looking for spirit who will bring torment to my target. Basicly I want its live to be falling in pieces , friends leaving , girlfriend cheating , work trouble etc. In short "log out of happiness and social status"
Any suggestions ?

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Haures / Flauros of the Goetia.

Very good spirit for this kind of thing, perhaps THE BEST - especially if you are dealing with an enemy who has treated you badly for no reason.

The first time I worked with Haures almost a decade ago, the target committed suicide a week after summoning him. That was beyond even my wildest expectations at the time.
The target’s brother then committed suicide ON MY BIRTHDAY a year later.
2 other people whom I had been enemies with went into severe depression.
1 was admitted to a psychiatry due to depression and bulemia (eating disorder). Before that his life was perfectly normal.
The second was admitted to a psychiatry for 8 months. Both of these people used to try to destroy me.

Another person, an ex boss of mine gained a job in television through his wife. He closed his shop up. He was then exposed to some seriously dangerous situations in the show, was fired a few weeks later after relocating FOR THE SHOW, and had to move back to his original place. He was very close to committing suicide and put on anti depressants. That is what Haures does, he burns people THE F*** OUT. Ocassionally he destroys them straight away, but if they have not directly attacked you it is usually a long term horrible burn out that leads to depression and suicide. Be very sure you require Haures before working with Him, he does not mess around.

But Haures stuck around. Another enemy of mine, this year, went into a severe depressive phase and had to quit his job. This after he had been spreading rumors about me.

Most recently yet another idiot who thought he should spread gossip about me for no reason other than his own amusement had a quadruple heart attack the day after I found out he was spreading non sense about me.
I did not even call the entity on the last 2, but I was working with Haures during this whole period.

Again, I recommend HAURES. Very evil, very powerful, very effective.

Ps: I have to totally disagree with JOS’s description of Haures. They describe him as a blonde female. He is a very serious, powerful Demon, and evil to the core, not some girly angelic looking thing. The latter seems to be a figment of JOS’ vivid but stagnant imagination.


I dont want causing death. Just pure suffer and powerlessness. I want to see him losing all what is important but losing health and dying would be act of mercy.


Then specify it to Haures. Over.


Thank you.

If requested of him not to kill but simply mentally torture and cause an enemy to know they are suffering because of what they did to me , can he do this?