Too much attention from people - how can I keep them away?

Within the last 2 weeks many things happened to me, and I got much less time. But people around me (in the real life, and on the internet) are trying to contact me in every form you can imagine, and the sexual/serious relationship part of their interest towards me is too much, and they became offensive so fast.
It was always a part of my life, and I was able to handle this but now… this whole “thing” became worst , and by the leading of Gods finally I know what should I do in my future, and they’re pulls back me. I tried to ignore them but most of time it is nearly impossible when im out of the house.

Is there any ritual or Spirit who could help me in this, and force people to leave me alone, or should I find a way by myself to handle this situation in my everydays?

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LOL welcome to the life of the occult!


Wait… you meant this can became worst because this kind of beginning? ::thonk::

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I mean if you get into the Occult, you have to understand that you will be busy as hell. And balancing mundane activities alongside magickal practice leaves you wearisome. This is not the path for everyone. It takes a strong soul.


A sheilds against scry’s and energy readers might help. Scry numbers have been going up recently


Strong soul? I has always strong soul.

The main problem with me momentally that in mind I’m much more stronger than my “body” at the moment for working with Gods. I’ve got signs that I must respect my body’s limits and God’s energie’s effect to it before I start evolve it in the same time, which requires more power and stamina (physycally and mentally as well), and I want it both even when I’m ill.

Don’t be afraid of me. My ass get kickedoff by Abaddon for my stubborn perseverance very fast (at least I’m sure, lmao).
I just can’t stand people around me, and within the last 2 weeks there are more of them than before.

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i think maybe you can try invisibility spells or call king Bael he is great on that…
the invisibility shield also can help…
and i said invisibility is not that you will going to be invisible on the physical plane but mostly people will not notice you or paying attention to you…

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What did you do? I’m really curious.

As suggested, shielding. Very specific shielding. You can program shields that give absurdly false and rotating inconsistent readings. You can program shields that make people stay TF away from you in crowds. Shielding is a great tool. Imagination is the limit where programming is concerned.


You can program shields that make people stay TF away from you in crowds. Shielding is a great tool. Imagination is the limit where programming is concerned.

Maybe I’ll try it then, and in these days I ask about it my Patron as well, let me see could He help me somehow.

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Did you do some ritual


In order to help avoid unwanted attention, visualize a circle of mirrors surrounding you, reflective sides pointed outward.


About 2 weeks ago I felt something strange (I was a brand new member of the BALG forum at that time). This feeling filled my whole mind, and the name Abaddon as well. It was like a “Calling”, and it’s not gone. Somewhere inside I knew that I need a Patron, a Teacher, because up to now I was self-taught, and my progress stagnated.

So I answered to His call. This was my First Evocation of Abaddon (and He was the first God in this lifetime - as I know). The first discussion between Us has changed many things in me (and proved many of them). He opened my eyes. Finally I “got back” my stern, passionate, strict, tender Leader (He was before in my past lifes and far more).

So… after long years, I finally see the right way, and with Him on my side, I continue it but now… without any break. He won’t let me loss, I know, and He’ll keep me hard if I need to.

This is why these people are… “too much” to me from now.

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I thought @davethebarbarian’s question was if you did a ritual or something else to attract the unwanted attention in the first place, was I so wrong? :thinking:

Lmao, nope. Never did that before.

But some mins ago a guy who revealed himself as a 100% homosexual (months ago, and I don’t see him for a long time), told me that he felt in love with me. What the heck happens!?