Tonight - pomba gira

I called her tonight.
First of the 7 nights of prayer.
Incense burning - demons lust.
Offered red wine, dark chocolate, cigarette and rose syrup.
Played a song - YouTube pomba gira
Meditated and relaxed with red candle burning.
Asked her to hear me and that I called her for help and explained why.
At this point I felt goosebumps and my hairs stood on end. Then a moth appeared from no where and flew around the candle and then sat in front of it. The candle was on red paper with pomba gira sigils on it.
I then read the prayer.
Thanked her. Closed my eyes for a few minutes and then blew out the candle.

Hail pomba gira

Prayer used -
My Queen Pomba Gira Maria Padilha of the 7 crossroads, go wherever _________ is and don’t let him rest, don’t let him sleep, don’t let him talk, don’t let him be cheerful, don’t let him feel pleasure until he talks to me. IT IS.

For the powers of the earth for the presence of fire, for the inspiration of air, for the virtues of water, I invoke the 13 blessed souls for the powers of The Sacred Heart and the tears shed for love, so that they go wherever ________ is at this moment and bring his spirit to me, tie it definitely to mine. His spirit will soak in the essence of my love and he will return it back to me in double. _________ will never desire another woman and his eyes will always be on me.


Hail Pomba Gira Maria Padilha Queen of the 7 crossroads! I ask you: Go turn around, go please turn around in my favor bringing ________ back to me. Move air, transform fire, move air, water becomes earth. Earth heals, it turns. The wheels turn, it turns the wheels, turns it, it will bring ________ back to me as soon as possible, next to me.

_________ won’t desire another woman, he will be fine only by my side. He will miss me and will come to meet me and ask me to never let him go. _________ will want me and will not stop thinking about us being together. IT IS AND IT WILL BE.

Hail Pomba Gira Maria Padilha! Hail 7 skirts! Hail your sisters, Maria Mulumbo, Maria Rainha da Calunga Pequena, Maria Padilha Shivered, and all the others! Hail 7 skirts! My good friend and woman of the 7 exus, defender of the women! Hail 7 skirts! My kind and glorious princesses, I know your strength and your power, I ask the following: ________ will not sleep if he is not certain that we are together. His body will burn into desiring me. _______ desire for me will make him blind for all other women. The other women will NOT see him as a man. The other women will NOT make ________ desire them; they will NOT give him pleasure. I am the only one who will have this power.

________ will NOT love, kiss, hug any other woman anymore and will let only me be in his heart.

Tear other women apart from him. The other women will not want him anymore. ______ will look for me at all times today. Now wishing to be by my side, he misses me. _________ will always have my image in his thoughts at all times of his days and nights. Right now with whomever and wherever you are _________ you will stop. And your thoughts will be with me. When you lay down, when you wake up, you will dream about me. And for this you will love me more every day. If you are sleeping, wake up missing me! You will be glad to hear my voice. ___________ you will feel a desire for me that is above desire, like you have never felt for any other woman before and never will again.

Hail 7 skirts! My kind and glorious Princess of the 7 exus that follow your steps.

I plea and I beg, tie __________ to the 7 knots of your skirt and to the 7 bells of your clothes for me.

I thank you Pomba Gira for your work for me. I will make public your name in exchange of this wish. Bring ________ today and let him be with me always. Let him be mine. Let him be always with me today and he will think of me and he will call me and he will beg to come back to me, because he can not stand being far away from me, because he will be afraid of losing me.

He will come saying that he wants me always with him, and he will want me to be his wife and mother of his children.


I trust Pomba Gira of the 7 crossroads, every time this prayer is read it will be stronger and stronger. That is why I send it to the corners of the world, asking oh mother make this wish come true. I want to be with _________.

I know the groups of Pomba Gira are already blowing my name into __________ ears day and night. He will not eat, sleep, or do anything unless he is with me. I trust the power of the 7 crossroads and will continue spreading this powerful prayer.




Hi can i see how her sigil look pls

How did it go :slight_smile:

This thread is from August 2020 so you might not get a reply.

Give a try yourself and see how it goes :wink:

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I definetly will, thank you :slight_smile:

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I dnt mean to be rude, but may I ask do you have any experience in lover return spells, or divination. I have worked on some stuff, as well as I am a tarot reader but I am looking for guidance and someone to talk to. if however it is to much to ask I am terribly sorry. :slight_smile: <3

I do actually, I posted about it here:

You might also find the ritual in the original post of the thread helpful, it is very detailed. :slight_smile:


thank you so very very mcuh this is extremely helpful <3 <3

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good luck dear :slight_smile:

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Good luck, I’ve been doing some reading and divination on them.
I’m trying to turn my situation around to where I feel it should be. So far, I’ve been still down in the dumps.

I have to change myself, and it’s been hard.
Tonight, Pomba Gira Maria Padilla called to me. I learned through divination and reading that i have to thank and call on her male counterpart part first. Eshu i believe.
I initially called Amon, so I’m not sure if that’s okay.

I also want to set my second altar up for get tonight with a red candle.

It depends how you look at it.
Did I get my ex back… No.
Did it make me realise that what I thought I wanted, I actually didn’t, yes.
Am I better for it, yes.
Realised that what I wanted was never going to happen as that person wasn’t the same and I saw their true colours.

So for me, it worked. Maybe not as original intention of it.

Hail Pomba GIra


Pomba Gira Maria Padilha Sigil

Light her a candle first before making demands, make sure you can handle her energies