Powerful Love Ritual

What should I watch? Is there a link? I cant see anything

I can’t believe some one took it without crediting :expressionless:

Thank you for this @C.Kendall! Would love to try this for my ex on a Friday AND the break up spell you posted, for him and his current partner on a Saturday. Any other tips? I promise to return here and give feedback once cast. Excited to try!


Thank you for posting the ritual!!

Will it work for people who live in distance?

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Bumping this thread to talk about my experience with this ritual since I know that’s what y’all are here for.

I performed this around the first week of October last year. It went well, I raised a lot of energy, and had strong visualisation throughout the ritual. The candles burned quickly and ignited the sigil underneath, everything burned to a fine white ash which I then scattered to the winds.

My target was an ex. We weren’t in contact at the time.

Late October my ex started texting me again.

In early November I had an interesting situation occur where other very specific rituals I had cast for my ex ended up coming to fruition, but with someone other than my ex. Like all the details would be exact, except the role of my ex was replaced by another (better) person. I started to forget about my ex.

Ex continued to contact me on and off from the end of November through January. His contact ramped up so that by mid-January, he was texting me constantly – every day.

In early January I was falling asleep one night when I spontaneously felt his presence very strongly, as though he was physically in the room with me. Two nights later I had a vivid, realistic dream of him laying in my bed, apologising for the way he treated me. Three days after that, he texted me asked me to come over. I declined. No longer interested in him.

The following week he asked me to come over twice more. I declined both times. I no longer want him.

Had a reading done on him recently. Apparently he’s put me on a pedestal and he thinks I’m amazing and perfect but also thinks I would never give a shit about a guy like him, and he’s heartbroken about it. I saw him in person recently. He’s lost a lot of weight, and despite having always looked great for his age previously, he’s practically overnight developed these deep wrinkles and worry lines across his forehead. He keeps texting me about how his depression is fucking with him deeply. I no longer care.

I’d count this spell a success, if you can be patient and wait for shit to work itself out.

Also I guess I should probably cut this guy loose now but tbh I kind of want him to suffer because of me specifically. I’m sure I’ll get around to it one day. :relieved:


I totally thought about using this as a baneful spell. This made me giggle because I see you letting him go like 15 years from now :see_no_evil:


Perfect success story to share on Valentine’s Day! :smile: Congratulations on your success, and moreso, for not wanting him anymore!


The Demoness in me laughed my mfao off! Screaming 'Yessss Goddess :wilted_flower::kiss::black_heart::clinking_glasses::paw_prints:…~Absolutely Love It! Nice​:fire::ok_hand:t4:Moy Caliente

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Hi just a question. If i do the spell. Can i use names date of birth burn the candle abit pinch it dead. Then burn all the remains. I cant keep it or let it be found. I will appreciate your advise. Thank you.

  • I posted this under The Infernal Obelisk live facebook page the other day --Figured i share here to–
    I want to talk about success I had with your Astarte love ritual On the BALG forum – And an omen I came across some weeks later after performing it—So after I did the ritual and Was just meditating on the rest of the candle _ I was playing Old school love songs and crying --One song I played was “Aint no mountain high enough” to show my love and dedication and send that energy into the spell–and just Yesterday (weeks later after this ritual) I went out in town and Within minutes of where i was shopping "AINT NO MOUTAIN HIGH ENOUGH " was PLAYING – Astarte showing me It was a success-- Listen to that song By the way If you haven’t its POWERFUL --wanted to share that ,life is WEIRD haha …Another thing i’d like to say is I’ve done TONS of other love workings --self love workings etc etc --which is why that love spell manifested in ITS time because i wasn’t lusting for results …at first i WAS… But i started focusing on other things and it worked way to good after I did that

Hey all, so I have some questions about this. Will this candle not work? I tried the ritual yesterday with the candle in the attached photo. It just lasts too long to let it burn out. It’s not even close to being finished. It might last 3-4 more days of straight burning. I blew it out before going to bed and burnt up the heartagram in my oven (I bonded with this partner over food so the oven seemed appropriate)

Secondly, does it ruin the ritual to have the photos on digital devices sitting at the points of the heartagram? I don’t have printed photos of us. So I had an ipad sitting on the left with photos of me and her. then an iphone on the right with 2 different cropped photos of the 2 of us.

Then once the ritual is over, you’re meant to let the candle burn down? do you want it to burn onto the paper? how do you do this safely?

Sorry for banal questions. I’m new to this. just want to make sure I didn’t screw something up and fail to execute the ritual properly. thanks!

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There’s a picture in the earlier comments where someone did it with success , the candle is on the stand then put on paper , not burning straight on top of paper . I would assume yours is right .

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I casted it last week. I will keep posting about the results

can this be perform for myself if i have a kick for a girl??

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I did this yesterday.

I felt sick after the working and fell asleep in a pile of blankets on the floor. I slept for roughly three hours.

The female subject is on the left of the screen, the male subject is on the right.

I feel weird and calm. I kind of feel like I did something slightly naughty, but still within my morals.

I feel good.

Look at all those stiff, upright objects on “his” side. He’ll be plowing her in no time, won’t he?


What if all I could get was the heartagram, a tea light and an old picture of both on my phone?

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Thanks @C.Kendall for sharing this

I just did this candle is burning now, I feel pretty confident about it, doing the “set it and forget it” method. I will keep you all posted on the results…wish me good luck :slight_smile:

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Hey everyone I can say it works, I met a guy that I really like but for some reason there was a pull back (i kinda know why too should have been more careful with another ritual and remembered veil’s advice). I’m typically a mirror in relationships so if you pull back so do I. Had not heard from him in 3 days. He just called with that “Hey why am I not hearing from you, is everything ok with us” line so yea this works. Thanks again @C.Kendall


hi @C.Kendall : but I did it fast and use a pink candle no meditation plus I was interrupted twice tore up the heartgram right after I also use name and birthdays instead of pictures my question to you is do you think is the ritual active thank you so much for your reply

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