Tomorrow is an important for breaking my lovelessness


A few years ago, I was a ruined person. I have no interest to girls and I think I haven’t a sign of charm and sociability. With meditation and energy work, I fixed these problems.

Today, I followed a girl from class for talk with her for as the beginning to love affairs.

I have enough confidence, but coming closer to girl was something like a crisis. I couldnt do it

How can I overcome this, any magickal advice ? I have not evocation skill yet, I am working on it.

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Maybe take smaller steps?

Instead of setting this big goal all at once, “followed a girl from class for talk with her for as the beginning to love affairs” … break it down to just “say Hi so she can start getting to know me”, and take the pressure off.

I’m more likely to get rejected if I approach it directly, but that’s what everyone probably wants at school. I don’t have close friends from girls.

@sanaRo I have not evocation skill. Thanks even so

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I don’t think anyone would be so rude as to not speak back when you smile and say hi. It happens, but take the step anyway. I agree with taking it step by step instead of one huge leap.

Start with smiling and nodding, smiling and greeting her, or smiling and asking her how she’s doing. I’m a pretty aloof & standoffish, but it’s because I have a social anxiety. Even when I’m feeling at my worse, if someone smiles and greets me, I instantly warm up and speak to them.

After greeting her take it a step further and get to know her. Ask her out and if you like her, take it from there.

Also, you don’t need to be able to perform a full evocation in order to work with spirits. Try petition spells.

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