To Have Sex or Not to Have Sex

True, now i know how to buy and wear condoms. And i also know how to attract chicks… i just need a girl from Christianity or atheist or something to be safe :joy:

Yeah i think i should let bygones be bygones… i kinda miss having sex with her… but its just to risky and not worth the hassle to fuck her anymore… off to a new mission for a new chick sir :sunglasses:

I am really just in shock that i somehow managed to pull off such a stunt like having sex. Just 2 years ago i was a sore loser. Right now i have good pics, look fitter, have a car, have money, have skills, have all kinda stuffs… damnn how fast life changes after living in hellhole for so long

It was kinda nice when i think about it. I love kissing her lips, her neck, french kissing. And i love sucking her boobs. But i was only half hard😂

When I masturbate my impulses are calmer, but it seems that for magic in general and with entities, it is a requirement to have abstinence and I don’t like that because afterwards I think a lot about sex. I can sustain a withdrawal streak, but it bothers me to have to go through it. The clarity after each masturbation is better for me, but hey, I want to do magic too.

On the other hand, I don’t like casual sex, because it doesn’t satisfy me and where I live I can’t even fulfill my personal fantasies and fetishes. I would have liked a serious relationship and “make love” but if heterosexual people already have it very difficult, imagine for homosexuals…

And I add something else that can bother, but it is my humble opinion: beyond feminism (something that I do not share) I do think that something never ending is repeated and that is men hurting other men :frowning: (I say this because of the fact that one has to prove something based on the opinion of their male peers, which seems anti-masculine to me if one needs to depend on the approval of another man.)

You could cast a love spell on her to fall in love with another guy that will matching with her so she completely forget you.

I second that. Orgasms are good for you biochemically, and when I was severely depressed I forced myself to have one at least once a day and that helped me a lot.

When you say “addicted”, I understand it in the medical sense not the “moral” sense. Does it interfere with daily activities? Have you ran into law trouble because of your actions? Etc, etc.

If you’re addicted to porn or fetishes or can’t get off without something like that, I think that may be more of a problem since by nature that kind of activity it closes you off from other humans. If you are addicted, the objectivity you gain from working with a therapist could be game changing.

But just from your posts, it doesn’t seem that your behavior is dangerously pathological.

I think it’s a good idea to learn to get off fantasizing by yourself (without other people, objects or videos). You can use it as a kind of magickal exercise to strengthen your imagination!

Anyway, good luck on your journey. I have a Babalon attunement I use when aroused that really enhances things. Sex magick is a whole thing so give that a try and maybe get away from telling yourself the story that you’re dysfunctional somehow.


Since November last year, I started to use dating apps more vigorously and had quite a number of matches. I had been quite successful with plenty of women, sexting, sex, getting money from them, stroking my ego etc. Never would I have thought that I too could pull women after being such a loser almost my entire life. Actually, whenever I start to stray away from this magical path, something big will happen in my life which affects me negatively, pulling me back to this path… it is like there is no escape, and I love it because now I can get concrete results.

I have become a player by all means. I play multiple women at one time. I’ve always had the desire to go out and have sex with beautiful women and that’s what I have been doing. I am also successful in siphoning money and gifts from women as one of my desires had always been wanting to have a sugarmummy. I don’t stick to morals or the concepts of guilt anymore. I see how crooked and evil the world truly is, to what extent people are willing to get to just to get what they want. The only reason I held back from using magick more frequently would be that I thought I had an unfair advantage over the average joe which is not the case. Plus, I was afraid of the results of the magick which kept me from it. Now, no longer. I will test, experiment, create and tread my path.


I did a few rituals with Sargatanas two years ago in which I had said that I wanted to have sex, which resulted in the creation of this topic. I also had in one of my intents to have a sugarmummy. It has manifested as in the form of a girlfriend who buys me things. I had written a poem for Sargatanas and told him that he can harvest the sexual energy produced when I have sex with my partner. I also have been doing my part recently in which I have been working out, dressing well, spraying good perfume which increases the chances.

I’ve also used Fernando’s prayer. I use it to get more matches in the dating apps by chanting it. Most importantly, I chant it 3 times before meeting my matches to increase the chances of getting laid, getting money or just getting an overall good experience. It works like a charm.

I also did this ritual recently, and have gotten even more matches than ever before. Make sure to check it out:

Magick takes time, but it does wonders. Now, I truly believe how powerful one can truly be if they are disciplined enough to go down this path. If I, a person who had been struggling to achieve results can eventually achieve massive success especially in terms of what I really wanted which is SEX, so can you. Remove the doubts and start practicing MAGICK


Nice and which books did those great spells and rituals come from?

Why did you not just go to Sitri?