Fernando's Prayer

Fernando’s Prayer
(to the rhythm of the Christian Lord’s Prayer )

Praise Fernando, the greatest manwhore.
Hallowed be thy yoghurt.
Thy unkempt beard,
and manly chest,
take us to pleasure island.

give us a breath of your heavenly musk,
and bring us many women,
as we prowl the bars for pussy and crab legs.

And lead us not into the blueballs,
while protecting us from herpes.

For thine is the manwhore,
the yoghurt,
and the harpoon for ever and ever.


I was in a Discord server and we were talking about egregores. Then someone brought up Fernando. I wrote a prayer to Fernando.

It goes to the same rhythm/syllabic pattern as the Lord’s prayer that the Christians use.


I really can’t get the Abba song out of my head now…

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lol, took the words right out of my mouth, lmfao! Now I have to listen to that…

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This song?

That’s the song you should be reminded of.


Wot ze foq…? I dyin’ over here, lol!

The manwhore in the song is Fernando.

This prayer is literally a prayer to him.

It can also be used as and invocation.

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:rofl: what in the damned multiverse was that??? Lmao :rofl:

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Am I the only one who knew of Fernando and what this prayer was to?

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Possibly btw did anything bubnle up from the “show me da way” egregore?? :rofl:

No idea. I still gotta make the stapler egregore…

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It seems so.

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Russell Brand is back it seems

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My first mistake was clicking on this lol


Your second mistake was to not use this as an invocation to get chicks.