To contact a spirit

To all reading this,a brother needs a help.
Am new here,and am interested in Occultism,Satanism and Spiritism.
Can anyone help me,on how to summon a spirit and instruments required for it.

Have you worked out a foundation first and foremost? As in working on your clairs before trying to contact entities you won’t be able to perceive without them?

I don’t know anything about spiritism
That’s my main reason of being here.
Can someone help in becoming occultic,spiritist and satanist.
Am really interested in these but do not have anyone to link me.
I will be happy,if anyone here can link me

Hey, man. Welcome to the forum.

Before you try to contact spirits, it would be wise to spend some time developing your astral senses first. These are dormant senses that allow you to see, hear, and feel spirits. I recommend training them first, as they pretty much form the foundation for spirit contact. Here is a link to a guide on training them:

As for the summoning of spirits, there are many guides on this forum that would help you out as well. Heres a link to a very basic evocation procedure:

The book ‘Summoning Spirits’ by Konstantinos is also a good read for beginners, and even has exercises to train your astral senses. Some Great entities for beginners would be Lucifer, King Paimon, Azazel, and many others. They’re very patient with beginners and will guide you further on this journey. Hope that helps. Cheers!