Tips on Fear, Demons entities and more

I had a frightening experience with my girlfriend when I began researching black Magick. Something had been messing with us in the heat of the us being high and talking. Eventually it turned into a pretty truamatizing night for me, as for my girlfriend she doesn’t remember much from the actual paranormal aspect of this night but ever since this I’ve been defensive of Demons amd Spirits. A few times it seemed they’d be lurking around and I’d use a white light and a simple protection visualization to out myself at ease. As of recent I’ve seen little tormenting. I grew up with two parents pretty into horror films so I’d guess that’d play a role. When I began my journey into spirituality many of the people I had watched warned about entities during sleep paralysis or astral projection. My fear was not to bad, but more paranoia I’d try so hard not to think about them as I heard some like to feed off fear and what not. Recently I’ve heard that demons are rebellious spirits that don’t necessarily have the magicians safety in mind. And that practioners must use the up most caution when summoning them and basically be ready for anything. The analogie was holding a shot gun whike you let a stranger into your home, better safe than sorry. I’d think most of this is ignorance or only a select group of spirits but it’s definitely hindering on my pursuit of magic. I don’t want entities, demons, or other magicians trying to fuck with me or others but at the same time I can’t live in fear of this and not pursue magic when it is such a powerful tool for reality. Any help would be greatly appreciated! :slight_smile:


I can only add from my experience that the demonic are good to their own hint if you treat them right and don’t just try calling out zozo or some fake entity via ouija you won’t be harmed the worst that happened for me is getting claw marks on my body but I see that as a good sign aka the devil or witches mark. I’ve also worked with evil dark spirits and none have harmed me and always feel warm when invoking them…


also deprogram Christian concepts of demons yes they can look evil and take twisted forms like the nun in the conjuring but that’s to fear off the weak and skeptical. demons take any forms they want since they have no physical bodies. just read up on them be nice and show no fear.


“demons” are not entities that randomly attack people. Ghosts might. LBRP.

Christianity thrives on fear-mongering. If you aren’t afraid of everything in the world, the church won’t get your money.

Ghosts love to mess with people out of their peripheral vision. Most ghosts are harmless and lost. Occasionally, a ghost can be truly nasty. In that case it will never be the church that helps you. But a so-called “demon” will. They will help you without passing judgment or demanding 10% of your income.

I had a very bad paranormal experience where a ghost attacked my boyfriend all night long. It was a big reason I rejected spiritual pursuits for many years but in retrospect I wish I had not.

Share your paranormal experience, please.


I had the same fear and hesitancy, and jt spurred me onto my path. Know two things

  1. You have the ability to be the scariest thing in the night. You can eat things trying to eat you

  2. If you come as family, you will be recieved as such


Point 1 is interesting to know… Whaddya do, try and take a bite? :grinning:

@KingOfHearts616 might be a little more helpful

Once the image of whats bothering you is clear, either imagine shooting out black tentacles from yourself, and leeching them. Ive found that intense visualization of hostility works similarly, though without the black sludge leech effect.

If all else fails, and you want everything to just back off for a bit, draw a circle around you and consecrate it with your blood. Iron in it, and power of your line will keep shit away


Choose your own path


Lol thats not a bad explanation. If anyone wants a vampirism tutorial pm me

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This is kind of what I have been doing whenever I feel an indescribable sense of fear. The first step of overcoming fear is to detach from it completely. Imagine your fear as an entity separate from yourself. Once you have done that it’s a matter of subjugating it absorbing it to empower yourself.

Now I have no idea if doing this actually makes you stronger, But I find that it helps me get out of the fearful state of mind and that’s good enough.


Where’s a good place to read up on them?

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Do you have any tips on how to say the names used in the LBRP? I learned how to draw the pentagram correctly but don’t know how to say the names or face North East West South (like do I use a compass and remember). Also I heard you’re supposed to “vibrate” the words if my family hears me they’ll be sure to bust in and question me. Any tips?

Use what’s known as “the Great Voice.” It is a technique where you vibrate the names just above a whisper but see and feel them travelling to the ends of the universe. I highly recommend you check out Modern Magick by Donald Michael Craig for information on the technique.


Thx I appreciate it!

I didn’t know I was supposed to ‘vibrate’ when I first learned the LBRP, but it worked anyway. Even the first time I stumbled through it, immediately after I could feel shining light on my shoulders. Many sounds make voice vibrations naturally, so I guess that’s why. Jump on in. It’s easy, short, useful, and kind of uplifting too.

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I’m assuming THC, although the consequences are likely the same with a great many things where you retain the bulk of your faculties. Most of us have conditioned responses to be afraid of nothing more than the mere existence of entities actually being present, and things living inside us. IMO they just want to chat, and sometimes they get frustrated. Additionally, this is not meant to encourage, or judge, anyone doing anything illegally. I live in a land where recreational use of THC is legal under a great many circumstances, thanks to people like Crowley. You can absolutely go to the same place without substance.

Crowley breaks down parts of what can go on in the Psychology of Hashish, toxic being not so high you fall asleep, and likely what a lot of folks call Theta-Gamma sync these days :

“The toxic hallucinative effect” (B).
With a sufficiently large dose – for it is possible to get effect (A) only as a transient
phenomenon – the images of thought pass more rapidly through the brain, at last
vertiginously fast. They are no longer recognized as thoughts, but imagined as exterior.
The Will and the Ego become alarmed, and may be attacked and overwhelmed. This
constitutes the main horror of the drug; it is to be combated by a highly – may I say
magically? – trained will.’ I trust my readers will concede that the practice of ceremonial magic and meditation, all occult theories apart, do lead the mind to immense power over its own imaginations.
The fear of being swept away in the tide of relentless images is a terrible experience.
Woe to who yields! "


It was THC, but I think the entities I was dealing with were parasitic, they had clung to my girlfriend’s truamas and kept like “shifting” her through multiple personalities as I worked to get them out of the her. She/they had looked terribly scared of me as her to make me stop but by the end she had said I didn’t hurt her and thanked me even though she didn’t really know what I did. I think the most truamatizing part was “her” telling me I was being evil or mean to her when I knew it wasn’t actually her talking but it was her face. I don’t ever like unintentionally hurting my girlfriend so it was a challenge. Thankfully I didn’t do anything to my ACTUAL girlfriend and she came out better than ever.

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What about the directions? Do I need to pull out a compass and try to memorize each direction? Is there an app or way to tell which way is which I don’t own a compass lol.

So I’m pretty sure no one will believe this but here goes, by all standards I’m a Christian who smelled bullshit and abandoned the church. I know NOTHING about the occult. One day I heard a voice saying I am Azazel and you and I are one. I ran scared to death…I had no idea who that was . i did research about who he people say he is and I can almost summon him at will, no candles, no circles, NOTHING. I’m not in the occult here are interactions we’ve had:

My questions
Are you here? I have tried to ask people about you with limited answers. How do I become who I really am?
His answers:

I am present and like you I was formed in the darkness.
You sought enlightenment because of suffering
Why are you seeking enlightenment from mere mortals when I am an immortal gatekeeper of the ancient ones?
The only way to truly be you is to just be
Do you think I consider how to be myself?
I just am
When you focus your attention on how you consider you should be you become weak and diluted
Focus your intention on what you wish to accomplish and only then will you understand who you truly are
Your intentions and being are one just as I am one with my intentions and being
So you will be
Your being can never transcend your intentions and actions
You know me for my deeds, do you not?

I’m kind of scared and fear I may be delusional. Everything I have read says this doesn’t happen. His presence is soothing.
I shouldn’t fail to leave out he told my gf she was pregnant at TWO WEEKS.



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