Time Traveller from 6491, What do u guys think?

Is this possible?
What’s your opinion about this?


Probably possible.

His language appears to be entirely recognisable and he has a Birmingham accent with American twang? I don’t buy it (sadly), people from the forties in movies sound totally different to modern people, the further you go back the more language and pronunication changes.

This is from late 14th century, far less of a gap:

At least some of his vowels and consonants should be literally all over, and not like 2 accents merged.

I would want to hear him speak naturally for his era, and without anyone prompting him to let him know what that means.

His word use would be different as well, consider what was normal styling of written language in the 1880’s to now (even in formal writing, not text speak) - it’s a whole different culture really, with foreign-to-us values.


Yeah there was another guy I saw on that apex thing who claimed the same thing and passed the lie detector, but when he was talking he was obviously lying, there was mistakes in the story when he told it twice and such. Lie detectors like that can be lied to and still pass if you’re really calm about it and kinda, in the moment, almost believe your lie. So I don’t really believe it


If you can control your breathing and keep your heart rate low you can pass a lie detector test right?


Yes, actually that’s true. If you do those things you can pass the lie detector anyways ^


Maybe he’s here to replace Stephen Hawking? And They Call Magicians Charlatans.


Yeah I think so :slight_smile:

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The YouTube video you posted in that thread is deleted now…


Lie detectors are surprisingly unreliable. If a person genuinely believes something is true, even when it’s not, they can pass it with flying colors. It’s more likely that this person is a tad deluded.


It is easy to pass a lie detector if you truly believe what you are saying. Even if what you are saying is complete bullshit and easily disproved, if you really believe, then you will show as “non deceptive” on a polygraph. That is why they are inadmissible in a court of law.

And as I was typing, @Prophet beat me to it :stuck_out_tongue:


Lie detectors work by measuring physiological responses to stimuli, for example if your heart rate increases when asked a question.

It is heavily dependent on the idea that an honest person has nothing to hide, hence his physiological responses will be normal when asked questions, and a lying person’s physiological response will jump when lying.

Of course, this idea is flawed because tough questions can also elicit a response in your system.

Anyway, if you are able to control your physiological response, you won’t be pinned as lying.

This could either happen through really believing in what you are saying, or consciously, such as being aware of your responses.

Or you could be a crazy mofo, and jab your foot onto a nail whenever you are being asked a control question (they ask you a control question every so often in order to compare your responses and have a baseline).

Either this guy is completely fucking deluded (absolutely possible, there are a lot of them, lol) and believes it 100%, or he’s tricking the test.


It’s interesting none the less
What I like about this fellow is his name James Oliver… Jamie Oliver anyone :joy:

Okay let’s take the focus a bit away from him…

Do you guys think time travel is possible?


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I don’t like to say anything is impossible.

But I don’t think I would want to try it. Seems like it would take a lot of energy…🤷

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Time is a construct of consciousness, so I believe conscious can travel through time at will. Retroactive Magick proves this to be true. However, I do not believe physical time travel is possible because of the quantum, non-linear nature of time.


I agree with Alex.

I also think that time traveling can be potentially dangerous. One would have to be careful about how they go about it.


Nevertheless I want to say that I have a book of Arabic origin, where it is written about the way of moving, with the help of a ring. There is a ritual, but he has not yet been probyval. Sorry that intervened :blush:
There is still a stick, for travel. From the human spine

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I don’t like to think things are impossible, since continuously throughout history we keep proving ourselves wrong with limitations of possibilities. Our world now seemed impossible just 50 years ago, so who am I to say something such as time travel is impossible in the far future


Also squeezing your buns together lol

Im pretty sure scientists have already said time travel is theoretically possible and that we don’t have the technology yet. But that is changing because of CERN and other new technology. I dont know if you guys know anything about about CERN but normal people are not slowed there and they have a statue of Shiva above the underground facility. I strongly believe that whole place is tied to the occult from other things I’ve read but I have know clue. What do you guys think?