This mirror feels weird to me, anyone else feel it?

I’ve always felt energies around me. And the more I’ve been looking into everything the more becomes known to me.
One of the things that keeps pulling my attention is this mirror.

I find myself being pulled to it. And when I end up sitting infront of it I end up sitting there for a while and being really hypnotized almost by it.
I was wondering if anyone could take a look at the mirror and tell me your thoughts/ feelings.

It just looks like a regular mirror to me, but I’m not a massive believer in scanning or photo scanning - a photo is often useful for making link, but doesn’t always capture any energy.

We have a scanning thread for this sort of thing actually - @Lady_Eva if you agree this could be merged there? That way people that look for scanning practice will see this long after it would ordinarily have scrolled off the first page of forum posts.

Have you tried doing a divination on it?


I sense nothing as well.But I am horribly new at this.

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Yea maybe that is a better place for this post. I wasn’t sure where to place it.

Idk it’s a regular mirror but there’s something off about it and I can’t put my finger on it.
Especially moving it.
Idk maybe It’s just me.
But Thank you for your opinions.
I haven’t tried doing anything with it as it has a weird vibe to me that I don’t wanna mess with.

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Is it on an outside wall? I heard an old wives tale that mirrors on outside walls can act like portals into the house. The mirror seems normal but if it in an outside wall you might be proving the take true and that’s what you are sensing.


My entire room is basically outside. I live in a walk in basement. And the mirror is leaning on my wood burning fireplace that is on a wall leading outdoors.
I’ve had people have weird vibes on the mirror and on that area of the room of the fireplace.
For me the fireplace feels off and maybe that’s what it is and the mirror is just amplifying it.

Honestly it very much could be a portal and that’s what I’m feeling. Seems like everyone always senses lots of energy/entities in my room, so it very much could be from that tbh.
There’s always a space in my room I get weird vibes from in every room I’ve made my own. And for this room it’s the fireplace/mirror/ altar side. Has a different energy to it for me.

It’s most likely to have absorbed alot of lunar energy so it kinda acts like a gateway. Maybe try using it like a portal during meditational rituals on full moon and dark moon.


I sense nothing

Do you still get vibes when it’s on a lighter colored wall? A mirror on a wall like that could seem a bit foreboding, as it’s reflecting light (seeming lighter) against the dark background. It may seem less so on a lighter colored wall, since the darker part would only be the mirror frame.

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I see s couple spirits upward: some of them has a long nose,some long ears,you are definitely not alone :slightly_smiling_face:


I’ve moved the mirror before to a different wall but still weird feeling. Like to me when I move it to a different wall it feels wrong like it shouldn’t be there. Like once I moved it off the fireplace like here:

But Still gave me weird vibes idk. Maybe it’s just me. But something feels off looking into it.

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Definitely am never alone that’s for sure… they come and go.
Lilith has been spotted among others.
Nice to have confirmation I’m not crazy tho haha :rofl:
So thank you! :pray:


Thanks for following up. Mirrors have always been a little creepy to me, so I can’t be a judge of that.

Have you cleansed the mirror? Maybe passing it through some smoke for smoke purification?

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than is clear!

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Mirrors are usually off to me as if I’m not the only one looking. But my other mirrors in my room feel fine. Especially the one on my make up table.
This one just feels more off than the rest. That’s why I wanted to double check if anyone else felt it.

I have smoke cleansed it before. But it’s possible that I’m sensing a portal.
There’s no bad vibes just a weird pulling energy so maybe it’s that.
Thank you for you input!

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Was feeling disconnected past little while and your comment helped me feel a little less alone. I’m happy to know they’re still around me.
Thank you :pray:

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When I gaze into it, its feels watery …like when I touch it …the glass makes ripples like water.
It feels like touching the ocean and knowing there is something deep on the other side.

Its a portal…
You go between worlds with it. And its right beside a fireplace which can also be a portal.
So you have some massive stuff going on right there.

Just be careful and keep everything cleansed portals can go both ways and you dont want unwanted spirits showing up.

But try meditating infront of the mirror and see where it takes you. Mirrors can be very useful for sharping your skills. :sparkling_heart:


Yes yes yes!! Exactly what I’ve been feeling but In a proper description! Thank you!!

There’s definitely some heavy energy with it as the entities I’ve met are ones that I would have never expected to come forward.

I probably do not cleanse it enough. Def will try and do a cleanse and meditation soon on it.

I have a hard time sometimes meditating and I guess “scanning” as when I close my eyes I have no images in my minds eye so it can be more difficult getting in tune and seeing things through it. But I definitely will give it a try!
Thank you for your insight!!

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Your very welcome :sparkling_heart:

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