This craziness MUST end. I need help (kind of long)

I won’t get into my past. But I now know it’s ok for me to want my family back and to curse those who have hurt me for no good reason. I don’t want anyone killed or seriously injured.

I was with my husband (I think it’s clear but my husband is not my son’s biological father) for about 2 years when my son’s longterm girlfriend came to live with us. Everything between me and my husband was fine. I have known him for almost a decade and never known him to be the kind of person he turned into (his best friends confirm this). I caught them in a situation they should have been in about 6 months later and immediately asked what was going on. He told me nothing. He swore to me and my son there was nothing. I know things, so I knew, but he promised.

Of course there was and it came out they got together a few months before after moving into a new apartment. My husband wanted to fix things. I then received a bad medical diagnosis. He promised to be by my side through it, but then instead of doing that and paying his share of rent, he moved in with her (her family, actually) and cut off communication with me.

Since then both of their lives have gone to hell (literally since they’ve been together). But she’s not too bright and I don’t think he gets that his present situation is due to what he did. To make things worse, she was cheating on him with my son but then she messed up and didn’t leave my husband and kick him out like she promised, so he’s done with her. My husband wants to come home but all of his friends sided with me (he didn’t seem to think they would) and cut him off. He has no real friends, has lost everything he’s worked for and has a dead end job he hates (that he just was passed over for a promotion at). She told my son (when they were still talking) that he’s basically mad all the time, barely spends time with her and she’s miserable. They are both languishing in a crappy situation because the thought of fixing all they’ve done wrong is too much (her family is no fun, either; we saved her from them only for her to go back once they got together - her mother played nice and went back to being evil).

I’m sick of being nice. I did do work to ruin her life (she crashed two cars, lost 2 jobs, is broke, etc.), but clearly it’s not enough. Nothing to him yet. She’s weak minded and not very intelligent. I don’t care what happens to her, (it’s too soon after their breakup for her to be killed or seriously injured) but I need her away from my son and husband. My son is handled for now, but the minute my husband leaves her she’ll go running back to my son.

So what do I want?

I want her to lose it on my husband. She’s been violent towards my son and he warned my husband about it. I want her to beat up on him and show her true self so he sees it from her and no one else. She’s not using any kind of magic or rootwork. She’s just a liar and uses sex. She lied that my son was abusing her (I know it’s not true and she admitted to me that she hit my son not the other way around). I want him to see her for the lying, manipulative snake that she is. Her Dad lives in another state; she can go there as well.

It’s her mother’s apartment so I want her to kick him out. Or the mother’s boyfriend who is a take no sh*t kind of guy. He can beat him up if necessary (gloves are off, not sorry).

I want my husband to feel CRUSHING guilt for what he did to me and my son. So bad that he can’t function. From what I know he already feels bad, but not bad enough to come get on his knees and beg for forgiveness.

I want my husband to see the real her and hate her. I recently read how someone put a spell on this woman’s boyfriend so bad that over the course of 3 days he went from loving her like crazy to hating her so much he couldn’t stand to be around her anymore and she didn’t hear from him since. Yeah, I want that.

I’ve known from the beginning that he wasn’t there because he wanted to be (and only shows her any affection when he’s about to get kicked out). Neither one can seem to get it done (leave or kick him out).

As I said in the beginning, I KNOW he is not this person. So I’d like him back the way he was: kind, honest, sweet, loving, hard working, loyal… By the way, I am sure he looks like a pedophile piece of sh*t. He’s not. Him and I have a large age gap. I am lucky to look like my son’s sister, not mother. He was friends with my son (no I’m not a pedophile either, he was more than of age when we got together and there was ZERO interest on my side before that). My son is fine with us being together; he just wants this other madness to end.

We are moving literally across the country so time could be of the essence.

Again sorry for the length. If I have forgotten anything, please let me know. Thanks in advance for any and all suggestions.

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So first, I’d like to say that I’m sorry this garbage woman is ruining your family.

Second, I have a couple of questions:

  1. How do you know that this woman isn’t abusing your husband already? I mean, you said she hit your son too. He may say he’s happy, but lots of victims of domestic abuse will be defensive of the abuser because they’re afraid of what will happen behind closed doors if they don’t. And then they get hurt anyway.

  2. How about instead of letting her let loose on your husband, you just ruin her in particular? Personally, I think having her beat him up is a bit excessive if you want him to come back and go back to being who he is.


Thank you. I know she’s not because he would leave the moment it happened.

I don’t know how much more her life can be ruined for her to get the point. He hasn’t cared about anything that has happened to her. He didn’t even chip in when she crashed her car helping him. She needs to pay for all she’s done, but that’s actually separate from him.

Personally I know it’s coming and someone we were keeping all this from found out they are together yesterday, so they are now not going to help him EVER. She doesn’t need to touch him, actually. I would love for her to be 1000% honest and tell him that she’s still in love with my son, has been, cheated on him with him behind his back and would be with him in a second, but I am not sure that alone would make him leave. Or that he would care since he’s basically just using her.

I say get rid of her AND him, they’re both liabilities, what’s done is done and can’t be undone. Put the spell on him to break them up if you want to help him, sure, but no good can come of hanging on to the past.

Try the Angels of Wrath book - there’s a Force Exile ritual you could use to get her out of the way.

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Thank you for the suggestion, but I’m not getting rid of my husband. If possible I will edit my original post. I forgot something rather important.

She changed my son, too. The entire time they were together she changed my sweet, kind, patient son into a nut. When she left him for my husband, it was as if a bug jumped from one to the other. It was a palpable change. My son always changes when she’s around or he has contact with her. It’s not my husband; it’s her. There’s no question about that.

Your husband cheated on you and completely disrespected your son. So no, it’s not just her and even if it was, fuck him.


It takes two to tango. He’s an adult, he knew what he was doing and he did it anyway.
Just because you’re still in love with him doesn’t mean he should be absolved of all responsibility for his own actions. He’s proved himself inherently untrustworthy.

Fool you once, shame on him… fool you twice, shame on you.


It always blows my mind when women get mad at the other woman. She owes you nothing. HE committed to you. He probably lied his ass off to her too and created a big elaborate story of how you’re the bad one.

Throw his ass in a jar and call it a day. There are better men out there believe me. You accept what you think you deserve.


what a disgusting human, fucking one’s own son’s love? Deserves some hard medicine.

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Wow. The rage. It was kinda…appealing.

Although I play a nice guy to the world, there’s a very dark side to me. In reading this, I’d pull out all the stops against both. As is oft-quoted in movies, “There are fates worse than death.” Prolonged suffering and utter destitution - now, that is true punishment. Especially if they know who’s behind it and there’s no mercy a-coming.

I get wanting to lash out against the woman but you shouldn’t spare your husband. Punish him or not, that’s up to you. But he should be cut off completely as well.

But, while indulging your (rightfully) vengeful side, I’d make sure you put up very strong barriers to make sure none of their negativity gets to you. It would be best if you became, for example, almost invisible.

And being away geographically won’t matter. Magick works across distance and, sometimes, time.

Just my thoughts. But please keep us updated!

I joined the community here because it appeared that this was a forum full of understanding, nonjudgmental people. I may have been very wrong about that based on these responses. I don’t need anyone claiming that I am “one of those women who blame the other woman and not her husband”. You seem to have forgotten that I am a MOTHER first and foremost and she hurt my son through her lies and deception. You better believe I am going to make her pay for that and YES she owes me something since she was my son’s girlfriend for several years before all of this. There is no fury like one of a mother. She’s lucky she is still breathing. She only is for two reasons: ONE, my son would truly mourn her and be devastated. TWO: Dead people don’t suffer.

I’m not going to defend anything else. I shouldn’t have to. Some of the people who replied didn’t bother to read what I wrote (my husband is NOT my son’s father). I wanted my husband to be beaten up and the first reply was hat was too harsh. I said gloves were off in respect to him, but some chose not to read those parts. The majority of the post was about how to make my husband suffer. Yet here we are.

My husband will get his rightfully. Great thanks to @Mulberry who actually helped by giving me a specific source to assist me to mete out justice along with just a smidge of advice. I bought that book last night after reading your post and read it all. I practiced The Stillness, Working the Words, gazing and visual scans last night. I did some last night and I’ll do some tonight. Destroy With Wrath is perfect for my husband because he will know exactly why it’s happening to him. The next book (Magickal Attack: Silence, Bind and Crush Your Enemies With The Art of Occult Warfare) looks really helpful, too. I will buy it soon. Thank you.

@ExTenebrisVictoria I am the same way. My dark side has come out only once (over my son). It’s always been there, but I was brought up never to show anger, sadness or any other emotion. I am capable of great vengeance and fury. Thank you for being understanding as to why I went after her, too.

In no way am I saying this woman is innocent. I’m not even saying don’t throw a hex on her because God’s know I would have no problem doing so. You need to justify nothing.

But in the big picture HE is still a problem and as long as you are with him you’re going to have that problem. You’ll have to work at changing him for quite sometime possibly even indefinitely. Is that worth it to you? Maybe it is. Magick does work. But is he worth all you’ve been through and THEN all you’re going to have to do to correct HIS mistake? That’s what I’m saying.


She IS the problem because he wasn’t like this before. I’ve known him for the better part of a decade and he wasn’t like this ever. His friends agree. They are all completely shocked. She changed my son, too. I am not one to make excuses. I knew she was bad news when she showed up but tried to support my son. She can be who she is, but away from me and my family.

When I was younger, I was friends with this girl. Whenever I was with her I missed curfew and got in trouble. I never got in trouble or missed curfew when I hung out with my other friends. Only with her. I was the same person, but she was a bad influence. I stopped hanging out with her and lo and behold no more missed curfew or trouble. But it took a few times before I let her alone for good.

It’s been a rough time. Not going to say it hasn’t. If my husband cheated or behaved like this before I’d let him go. Six months of bad behavior out of 10 years isn’t reason for me to give up on him.

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Well as a spiritualist I do believe some people are just trash and not worth anything. If she’s brought nothing but chaos to your life I’m sure she did have influence over him. I can’t diagree with that.

Still, I wouldn’t let him off so easy if you’re staying with him. Six months is worth a pair of knee caps and that’s being generous.

Good luck :heart:


The girl is bad fucking news. I need her away from my son, too. So bye bye to her.

My husband was a loving, kind, generous, hard working, industrious man before her. He looked out for me and my well being more than men twice his age did that I’ve dated. I’ve always dated older men, never anyone younger. I look back at the conversations I would have with my friends about him and marvel at the man he used to be.

The book said to leave it up to the angels, so I am. I did the work; the rest is up to them. You’re very right; for every day of pain he’s caused me and my son he needs to pay. And he will.

Thank you for the well wishes.


I always made the offending male suffer too. :wink:
I’d suggest doing some Hoodoo–sympathetic works. If you’ve got any clothing, pictures…I’m partial to making effigy dolls.

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I have his hair and pictures. I’m used to doing hoodoo so I am good about getting hair from people. I’ve never used an effigy doll. Feel free to expound on how to use one, @SoliMar.

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make a doll, that’s what an effigy is. Let your spirit helpers guide you, that’s the best and works better than following someone else’s instructions.

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I’m going to leave things the way they are for now. I don’t want the angels to think I don’t trust or believe in them. I will leave an effigy (I know what they are but they’re usually burning in the way I read about them, lol) for later. Thanks again!

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I can’t edit this now, so I wanted to add that since I did the rituals, I have thought so much less about my husband and the situation. When I did, it was like the book said: I thought of him and it as I know the angels are working in my favor. So again, thank you BALG and specifically @Mulberry. I needed peace to get through this and I finally have it.