Third Eye/Chakra Openening with Furcas

Hey everyone. I would like to share my latest experience involving Furcas, here on the forum. This will be a long read. I’ll try to keep it short.

I’ll give you a quick rundown on my background.

So, I began practicing magick in Decemer 2019/January 2020. I’ve worked with a few different methods, having success with “Demons Of Magick”, “Lucifer and the Hidden Demons”, and “Goetia Pathworking”. Also, I have successfully evoked Bune once, using EA’s sigil gazing method.

As a beginner is magick, I haven’t quite fully developed my senses. I have been using @DarkestKnight 's tutorial on trancework, to get into the “zone” and do my workings, as well as low moderate micro-doses of magic mushrooms once in a while, and often, marijuana.

Now for my experience.
A few weeks ago I had made a request to Furcas, following the process of “Goetia Pathworking”. I had requested his aid to open my senses, and improve my magick skills.

I had forgot all about the working up until last weekend. On a sober Friday night, I had planned on practicing some trancework. I was too tired and decided to just go to sleep. As I was laying in bed, all of a sudden, I began to hear ringing in my ears/head, like how I do when I get into a light trance. Only this time it was much - much stronger. I heard a crack noise in my head. My eyes were closed, but I seen a blue light in the middle of my forehead, between my eyes, flash for a quick second, like a straight line, as I heard the crack. I roll over, laying flat on my back now.

With my eyes still closed, I see a red pentagram from distance, flashing as it got closer. As it closed in and surrounded me, my body went through a quick, cold, flutter. This part was quite strange - 1 year ago, long before I had gotten into magick, I had experimented with DMT. Twice. Both times, at the end of my trip, I had seen a pentagram flashing and cover my body, with a weird cold fluttery feeling. Anyways…

I began to feel a warming sesation in between my eyes/forehead, like never before. I felt my third eye opening. As a looked around my room, I could feel the fuckin third eye blinking along with my 2 eyes. I felt a heavy pressure at the very top of my head. The two muscles at the back of neck were in pain, like a brutal migraine. With my eyes open, I could see weird things in my room moving around, like lights, and swirly smoke. With my eyes closed I saw faces. Human looking faces, but not human. I found myself about to fall asleep a few times, about to slip into what I believe may have been a lucid dream or astral projection. I snapped out of it as quickly as it started. I heard a voice in my head say “2 days”. Shortly after, I heard another voice say something I couldn’t make out, followed by the word “Arch Angels”. I was a little scared in all honesty. I stepped outside to get some air, have a cigarette, at 3AM. As I was outside, I was still experiencing pressure in my head. I felt like I was coming down off of a magic mushroom trip, although I was 100% sober. Went back to lay in bed, and had more cracking in my head, with seeing a blue light flash in my head, while my eyes were closed. I began to Google chakras and third eye info, worried about what the fuck I was experiencing. My legs began to throb, but not in pain. Eventually I fell asleep. The next morning (Saturday), and all day, I felt completely disconnected from reality, and from my body. I had opened up my Kindle App, and the first thing that popped up was “Daemonolotry Goetia” by S. Connolly. The book went back to the most recent page I was on. Info on Furcas. I don’t ever remember opening the book and reading up on Furcas though. I took that as a sign. The same events happend later that night as I tried to go to sleep, just not as heavy. Sunday night, I did not have that experience. As the voice in my head said, “2 days” - Friday, and Saturday.

I do feel my intuition has improved. These past few days I have been having words or phrases pop into my head, before I actually see or hear someone say it. I have yet to do any new workings though.

So that’s it! As a beginner in magick and working with demons, the whole experience was quite overwhelming, but also quite amazing. I feel that I am surely on my way to “Become a living God”

I would like to give a public thanks to Furcas, as I strongly feel that this was him opening up my senses, fulfilling my request.

I would like to hear all of your thoughts & feedback, etc… Also wondering if anyone else has ever had such an experience, or worked with Furcas with a similar request?

Thanks for reading!


Sounds awesome! Congrats on the success :+1:


Good job dude, I envy this experience :wink:


Thank you!

Thanks man!


Thanks for this detailed post. After much research I’ve decided to make my first attempt at goetic magick to be a petition to Furcas, for this exact same purpose. Your result gives me optimism.

Has your psychic perception continued to increase since then?

Yes. It has increased. Too much. Uncontrollable, actually. I have obtained clairaudient abilities that I never had. Deities visited me every night. The middle of my forehead/third eye would pulsate uncomfortable, non-stop, and in unstoppable pain some days. There is much more things that had happened to me since I posted this. I have stopped magick since.

Be sure that this is truly what you want, because I don’t want it anymore. It is unbearable. I am in the process of reviewing my request with Furcas. I highly recommend that you work on your psychic abilities in other ways, through meditation and so on, as I’m sure Furcas would even recommend. Be prepared. Because if you are not, you are in for a very scary, uncontrollable ride man.


Woah! I hope you are able to bring that back down to a comfortable level.

That being said, I remain foolishly undeterred.


Good luck bro.

¿do you solved it?

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No bro

Where are you at so far? Have you contacted Furcas? Have you had any experiences?

Overall would you say this is a bad experience?
What other senses have you open up?
Too would like to do this

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Too bad! bro i hope you can find the solution soon

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I did petition Furcas to open my third eye, using the book demons of magick. So far I have definitely noticed an increase in intuition, and an ability to ‘feel’ energy. Nothing that has scared me away from doing magick. When I meditate now it’s easier to visualize and I sometimes get fleeting snippets of visions. No entities are straight up appearing to me like what you described.



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Your first question is a tough one to answer…
My recent posts have made it seem like I had a bad experience, and yes, somewhat bad. Overwhelming, but overall, absolutely amazing. I have experienced or made contact with Angels, Demons, Lucifer, Arch Angel Michael, what I believe was a message from God given to me by my man Arch Angel Michael, and even a parasite or 2. Now what made it all a bad experience, is that this all happened within a few weeks to a short couple of months, as a beginnner.

These experiences have answered my questions about the “universe” / “world” that we live in.

No other senses have opened up other than all chakras, especially my 3rd eye, being able to see spirits, being highly intuitive, and hearing spirits speak.


Thanks! I am doing well as of lately. I petitioned Furcas, asking for him help to reverse the gift he gave me. I have been grounding through meditation every morning as I wake, and before sleep. No more issues. I seem to have everything under control. Perhaps time to practice magcik again? Lol


hi, mate!
nice to hear that you are doing alot better now!
and let me underline that it is important to recognize when to give a break in our practices for the sake of our health

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I think that the expreriences vary from person to person and may also depends on which stage are you already… and note that HM said that weeks had passed before the “surgery”, that he even forgot what he´d asked for, so… :grinning:

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