Third Eye/Chakra Openening with Furcas

I think that the expreriences vary from person to person and may also depends on which stage are you already… and note that HM said that weeks had passed before the “surgery”, that he even forgot what he´d asked for, so… :grinning:

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That’s good news bro! i am glad for you, time to back on fire :muscle:

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That’s very nice. Congratulations.

I don’ remember seeing light shining out of my fore head but everything else you wrote seems somewhat familiar.

Right now i’m with some annoying pain in my neck and top of my head btw lol
My brain feels like it’s being restructured inside my head.

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Thanks man! I absolutely agree

Thanks! Definitely!


Neck pain and pain on top of the head? Perhaps Throat and Crown Chakras? I have had extreme pressure on the top of my head/crown recently. Turns out I just needed to sort of “de-activate” or “turn off” the crown chakra, along with grounding all chakras, especially grounding myself.