Think I'm in a mirror box. How do I know for sure? Can I break out?

Just as the title says… I believe that I may have been put in a mirror box by a malevolent practitioner.

This individual has been using his abilities to abuse and harass me, and a number of women close to him.

I am thinking it’s a mirror box because some fairly reliable attempts to bind or banish this invasive mofo have resulted in nearly instant kickback or had no impact.

The other alternative is that they are using every kind of protection possible, but I find this unlikely as I used a variety of techniques that should have resulted in at least one direct hit.

Is it possible this is some sort of mirror thing?

Or has anyone had the same issue and came up with another theory / solution?



King Belial to break the mirror box and set you free. He’s an awesome liberator. You could try working with Azazel too.

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It sounds more like protection, or something to make everything you do towards them bounce back at you. As mentioned, Belial can be helpful.

You mentioned binding and banishing… What about unbinding or freeze spell? Something like that?


What happens if you try something on someone else, who you have done the divination that they have no reversal-style protections? If nothing, it’s probably not a mirror binding.

You could also do divination to look at the protections of your target, and on whether you have a binding on you.

Or maybe some and some. I like to work with Mehmi’on from the Book of Azazel on tough or complicated binding issues, he can tell you what’s going on, and make and break them.


Nice tip on the book of Azazel… I will look this up!

Yeah, I second the divination idea but I find it can be unreliable when I’m in a vexed kind of mood. But as soon as things feel a bit more calm, I shall give that a whirl too.

I did ask my guardian for help with this earlier so there may be some more help / answers coming my way.

Funny, I’ve been thinking of working with Belial. so maybe this is why…

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Sorry, do you mean unbinding the target? I’m not sure how that works exactly.

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If it were me I’d use a simple petition to belial to shatter this house of mirrors or binding you may be in.

King Belial is EXTREMELY powerful.


Did you make a shield? In my newbie days I once made a shield so compact that I trapped myself in it. So I got loads of kick back from my actions while the shield also drained me and felt like an attack.


So simple, yet I didn’t even think of trying that approach :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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Good theory, but my shield isn’t the factor here. That was one of the first things I checked when I started noticing this trend.

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Not to barge in and steer this conversation off topic, but I have never heard of this. I’m pretty new to shielding, and wanted to ask how one would avoid trapping themselves. I didn’t realize that was a thing.

I am not as expert in the area but in general, over-protecting oneself can make it more difficult for energies to get in or out. I’ve found this out from personal experience, myself.


Good to know, thanks homie

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