Things to know when you're considering buying a ritual for hire

(Not a solicitation, Eva. Rename as you see fit if necessary)

Greetings balgers, I’ve had several experiences doing ritual for hire lately that have lead to some interesting stories. Some of mine I’ve kept open as a personal experiment just to see how the situations develop. Hopefully this saves those who you may employ from headache as well as helping you get more out of your purchase.

First and foremost: Go into it knowing that targeted love rites are among the hardest goals to achieve for several reasons.

That’s coming from someone who practically specializes in them.

Romance, Money, or cursing some anus pastry you can’t stand. That’s why most of you hire. You might do a bigger working from Balg like the Rite of Deification but most likely it’s one of these.

Even more likely …it’s about someone who got away.

There is very rarely ever an “in the bag” love situation where a single rite will knock it out of the park and drive it home when you’re willing to pay for it. Think about this for a moment.

The machinery of lust for result shuts magick down until you’ve made peace with the possiblity of never having it right? Now introduce a desire so near and dear to your heart that you’re willing to pay hundreds of dollars to have a magician shape the situation for you. It’s sad to see this happen a lot of the time as it comes through in people’s messages even when they’re trying to keep from getting too emotional in consultation.

I always tell people how I’d approach it outside of magick before we ever agree to go into business together. Pragmatic advice from someone who understands human nature on a deep level is more useful than just a ritual as magick amplifies your efforts. They’re well aware that lust for result can shut magick down (even when someone else is doing the working. It’s still “your” result is it not?) yet sometimes the situation goes further sideways and it appears their new found hope is all for none now as well.

Shit happens, however some of the most brilliant results I’ve ever had took a damn long roundabout way of getting to me because of this same factor. Things had to move away so other machinery could shift into place and then years later things begin to resolve …miraculously so.

If your magician is worth their salt (and there are some truly powerful people on here who I’ve got a deep respect for) then the quality of the ritual will be the strongest link in your chain. The magick works just fine. How it’s allowed to work becomes the issue. I stand by my work, as I won’t offer it unless I’ve seen it work consistently in my life and for others before the service is on offer. Others here I’d reccomend as well.

The issue with situations not resolving well is very often down to your personal emotions and attention. You can have a Formula race team and the best car money can buy but ultimately you’re the driver who has to take it across the finish line and some very basic stuff like allowing is as basic as shifting and braking.

Now most people who have spent a few weeks reading on here pick up the basics. However a lot of people get on, day one make an account, read threads and then message people from interesting posts asking “Hey, can you help me with this thing? I’ll pay you.”

These people have a feeling it could work which is an awesome place to be when your first introduction to the occult gets you a ton of free soda or something. When it’s a massively huge desperate matter of the heart? Not very cool hearing “Well situations can develop in long ways when you want it too bad and…”

And damn good practitioners can sound like charlatans after a few weeks of emails if they don’t tell them how it is going into it. Dunning-Kruger effect is all over on here. If you sell, qualify your people and get a feel for them

Love workings are either swish or just plain weird if/when they do hit and there’s rarely any in between that I’ve seen. Even great ones take a path of sorts as it’s two people evolving on different frequencies

I’ve done some powerful workings and had all the preliminary side effects hit, readings give the thumbs up on the ultimate outcome and still get emails about how some situation got weird and it’s usually following dozens of messages about their concerns about things out of their control. One got up to over 300 exchanges. My fault letting it get there, as I didn’t protect my time but that’s how much attention to detail I pay and lust for result still sent things screwy for a while. What do you think their experience is going to be after a hard close and maybe 2 followup emails at best in that situation?

It applies to your magick as much as theirs: You have to let it work if it’s going to

Good magicians will add in support workings to curb lust for result, helping the situation unfold quicker and smoother, slight alchemical workings that are in line with a hot read from the consultations, and occasional mojo factors like getting a guy a new FWB so he’s not all in with his attention on one girl giving him the runaround (so long as it’s covered in the consultation that these would be cool in their perfect world. Always always find out what they want in context)

Sometimes their desire just takes the long way though… I’ve had enough stories in my life to know sometimes you need to wait a year or two for a very big situation/person to develop to the point of being ready to manifest. Nobody wants to wait 2 years for magick… shouldn’t you be able to use the ultra secret sigil of some hipster spirit that only the most stoned monks of Philadelphia knew about to get it way faster? To force it into place? It’s magick isn’t it?

It’s the damn catch-22 of you’re willing to shell out for that result for it so you must want it pretty damn bad. Wanting and desiring are quite different and that’s the difference isn’t it?

Another thing to keep in mind is a lot of the time I’ll ask what they’re wanting to see happen and they’ll drop a nice succinct phrase that could be easy to bring about. And then they start dropping TONS of submodifiers into the situation… Enough to warrant 2 - 3 Shemhamphorash workings (11 days each), and anywhere from 5 - 6 other workings with other spirits to bring it about.

With a budget to get 2 very good rituals in, tops…

Explaining this stuff is always interesting even when people are proficient

If you’re the guy who even begins to drop theory they’ll glaze over and go with the other person they PM’d who said “ayyy kk lit fam. ima hit up my boi Bime for this whole love thing! One working!”

Because that confidence must mean they’re like …waaaaaay better than that doubtful guy right? (This is the only thing you ever needed to know about dating, fellas)

They ask for stuff like “Well I want this one type of sex, and a ton of it, and only with me, and she has to fantasize about it when I’m not there, and to bring it up to me first so i know it’s working, and then to associate it with the deepest romance imaginable and…” and Beleth would kick serious ass doing quite a lot of that but there’s also the broadstroke result, a fidelity working (on someone you aren’t in a relationship with, while others are in the mix including the customer)

Not to mention the core pass:fail factor is very far away from where they’re starting out to begin with and has momentum facing away that must be slowed down and reversed.

This isn’t to discourage people, but it’s to show you a realistic timeline of what to not get discouraged about if it takes that long for all those data points to shift to where they get their dream. NASA could put you on Mars; in a few years. Step by step they could do it and get you there. You aren’t going in there with a blank government check and saying you want to be standing on the icecaps by next week. Or next month. Or next year (I mean, maybe next year …but it’s the govt)

Big situations require lots of big shifts, otherwise it would just be another one of those fantastical success threads where the world moved from a sigil.

Take into account that things will happen as fast as you allow them to develop, trust your magician, ask for readings about it, and follow their advice when they give you actionable things to help it along.

I’ve had some journey’s that are like going to Mars. It took a damn long time but I didn’t shut it down by writing it off when things began to look different. Don’t let that happen to you either. If you’ve done a big rite and felt with certainty “so it is done” afterwards, maintain that feeling because it’ll let it work in the background and things do show up when you let them

Certainty is a million times more important than whatever “correspondences” or whatever else you like to dress gnosis up with


This is a good post. I hired someone to do a ritual for me that I think I screwed up with my lust for results. I’m usually way calmer about the situation now, and I still hope the magic manifests even though I really got in the way at first.

I’ve definitely learned a lot this past year.


Whelp… and here I was thinking that hiring someone to do something should deal with the lust for results aspect.

…and that’s my own conclusion, on my own case, on the above mentioned topic.

Thanks a lot for this post.


This is an excellent post, some quality content right here :slight_smile:

I think this is something that is not discussed enough.

The mindset you have to be in in order to get the most out of your ritual is rarely the mindset people are in when they make the purchase. It’s like you have to get there first, to that point when you’re detached enough not to obsess over it every seconds and watch everything like a hawk. Doesn’t mean you don’t want it but as you perfectly said, wanting and desiring are two different thing.

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