Things Not (likely) Put in a Grimoire

Unless the apples was cores and pitted I’d say it makes sense to me cuz a rotten apple with the seeds still in it is a new life in the making (not sure best way to say that). Apple decays seed falls out into softened by rotten apple fertile ground sleeps til spring grows and voila new apple tree. So you were potentially restoring life to this dirt ball. That’s probably why the thanks.


That DOES make sense. The seeds were not corrupted. Just the top 1/3 of the apple. Damn, that makes sense, but I don’t know if it will grow in the sandy soil here. The concept is rock solid, from my opinion and when I put it to that spirit (he comes around a lot), he agreed. Thank you, Kish. I appreciate that lesson.



If there’s enough moisture to support the apples growth and a subsoil for it to root in it might survive there.

Even if there isn’t a good subsoil it could live if it gets enough moisture. If it doesn’t have good subsoil the worst that can happen besides it dying of thirst if it doesn’t get enough moisture is when it grows up it gets blown over in a windstorm.

So what’s the harm in trying? I don’t see any.

Besides I don’t think a land spirit would encourage you to plant the seeds if they were going to die, they usually care about the things of the land like trees and flowers right? So give it a try, if you don’t you’ll never know (if apples can survive there).

Btw: seed grown apples usually grow about 40 foot tall with a spread varying from 20 to 40 foot wide in their maturity and the live about 200-250 years if planted where they can establish themselves.


Blast from my past.

No, not in a bad mood at all.

It’s raining outside similarly to when I first heard it.

Edit - this encapsulated me at that time. Im good.


I was asked to work in the cancer patient again.

Prognosis isn’t good. Fine.

There were a few things I knew from the beginning. One was that this would be both a pain and blood offering. The other was that more spirits would come.

But non-lethal blood cuts can take a while.

I’d cleaned the area and tools prior to doing this.

I’d already staged the longer term healing candle (white), the natural healing candle (green), and the incense prior to the cut.

Marbas was here to help, but I felt I should call on others more, such as Helios and Hi’iaka. The wound was bleeding after a few seconds.

As I contemplated doing another cit Moloch came and said he would help take their pain away, as an offering of sorts, since I am exerting my will (and she has asked for general spiritual help). Thank you, Lord Moloch.

I let the wound bleed a bit more before blooding the candles and incense.

As I cleaned the site, I burnt the paper as an offering

Finally, I charged the candle to the healing entities I had called. This was primarily Helios. Hecate came and offered to help. Of course.

I also blooded a green candle, knowing it was for more Nature-oriented entities. The primary here was Hi’iaka and I took it on “faith” that a second candle was needed. Ended up that the local Far were interested. I’ve been negotiating with the local Queen and some of them wanted to help.

Quite the showing.

I wiped the rest of the blood onto a sheet of paper to be offered to all involved. I charged the candles and let the entities add their part.

I lit a second incense disk due to time and lit everything else.

Whatever doesn’t burn before I get to bed will be relit tomorrow, as was the plan.

Do what we can with the time that we have.


Amazing Work!

:candle: :pray:


Yes this is a great post, awesome technique and great illustrations. Thank you for sharing this. :+1:


I just did another a few minutes ago. Helios came to me hours ago and said I should do another. This was practical and ends result driven. I stopped making dinner to do it. Simple reinforcement of the goal, adding some energy, and calling it good.

BUT a few minutes ago, he called me again, as dinner was done (haven’t eaten). I grabbed another candle, called him, pulled him into me, and sent it into the candle. Sounds simple, except there was no evocation involved.

Once someone has attuned to or has an agreement with an entity to do so, there is a two way street of sorts. It isn’t complete, nor permanent, despite what the lesser-experienced think. It can be, but the entire relationship depends on the skill (and current) usefulness of the magician is.

But tonight, I had already done a candle the situation when Helios asked me to demonstrate another. Not for me.

I grabbed the yellow candle (could’ve been any color) and pulled Helios (my healing agent) into myself and then into the candle. I had connected to the healing source, so the next step was pulling that through myself and into a candle. As I did this, my intent did not waiver. As I pulled that energy, given/offered with that intent by Helios, I let it flow until it stopped.

This is the energy they are expending up-front. I’ve talked about my “hybrid” workings and Helios wanted one of those methods demonstrated.

I have done so.


And here are the candles


Sorry, I forget to explain things. My normal petitions still involve calling the spirit to make aure it’s accepted or to negotiate.

This hybrid My energy-Theirs is a cornerstone of my petitions. If they agree, they will contribite energy, whether it’s a candle, a working, an idol…

Call them first and get the agreement.

Add your energy to the candle, portal, or whatever. IF they really buy into it, they will also contribute.

If they don’t and the energy isn’t “enough”, then they can fuck off. Literally tell them that. YOU’re the one with the body. Call them out. Dismiss those that don’t contribute.

Continue the ritual to the end.


I haven’t fully finished dinner yet and get the call.

Inanna wanted another candle. Very well. No idea.


I actually just tried this technique of adding my energy to the working with a Goetic spirit and the results were dramatic and immediate.

I had charged Focalor to break a curse and I inscribed my intentions on a black taper candle and annointed it with blood and charged it with my energy. Then I burned the candle during the evocation and charge to the spirit.

Really worked well man. :+1:


Wanted to do a little more for the cancer patient above, hit it from a few other angles. I also happened to have a friend having severe medical issues. There will be baneful work later (here), so I prioritized these first.

I called up Helios and when I got ready to charge the candle, Hi’iaka came into my space. “For renewal”. Perfect. Nature and Solar energies coming into play.

I charged each candle individually, halting when the deity said they’d add the rest, like I usually do. When I went to charge the Nature candle for the cancer patient, the local fairy queen came forward and added to it. I was touched. While I’ve been cultivating relations with the land spirits, I don’t expect them to come forward.

I felt I should light incense for Tiamat and her candle. I also lot some for Pazuzu. Pazuzu came forward to offer help and Tiamat offered to reduce chaos in the cancer patient’s family. I was grateful.


(I really don’t like this software on this burner phone)

Tonight’s curse was complex and hard to follow. It was a series of different workings, with different entities, a third of which overlapped other areas.

This was the rough outline. I’d gotten interest and area before I typed it up. It continued to shift in a few areas. Time became a factor. Hi’iaka and Pele will have to wait for their workings until tomorrow, but they know that.

The theme song (on repeat) The Fire in my Veins

This was the typed up, original version. For the most part, things held to this.
He’s had multiple victims. Her spirit is hanging around and needs help. He needs to be brought to justice. The actual target will not be in that grimoire for legal reasons. But this is the type of person I go after.

Lots to do with this one.

  1. Call and ascertain guilt. (The victim’s spirit has come to me already. I do a lot of psychopomp stuff).
  • Ma’at
    • He is guilty and cannot be brought to justice because she mysteriously died.
  1. Call one or more psychopomps and the victim and show her she can move on. Let her know things are being handled by someone. This helps tremendously and one will help show her how to move back and forth.
  • Hel and Hecate in this case
  1. Ask for the signatures of all of his other victims, known and unknown. Treat the dead like
    the above victim. They deserve justice and help, too.
  • these will be attached to a candle so I can then just focus on that candle for the attachments
  1. Ask several deities I’m close to to help those spirits and their families with comfort and healing, both now and throughout the process for all of the victims involved (all of the girls, and all the families
  • Epione, Hi’iaka, Pele (for fiery strength), Marbas, Helios
  1. Create a triangle and forcefully make the perpetrator appear in it. The victims can do as they please at this point. They are surrounded by safety and his immobility. Up to them.
  2. Break the chains of these victims, living or otherwise, by helping those in the proper position to administer justice on the mundane. Others will be called to help enlighten those justice personnel and destroy the roadblocks in their way to obtaining what they need.
  • Belial, Helios, Paimon (I don’t know why Paimon wants in, but I’ll take the help)
  1. My curse on the target, which includes my pledge to the victims.
  • In this case, some of this will involve shadow people. Why? Because I have an agreement with several groups and this is my preferred agreement - Reduce pre-prison harm to any victims now or until prison. Helps reduce destructive urges while leveraging this type of parasite.
    I will include a sort of poisoning into the target for longer-term illness I’d like to see.

I largely held to it. I didnt, personally, curse the target. Instead, after I secured Legion’s agreement, I felt I should move the triangle to my palm, carry it outside to maintain control, and choose a stone.

Well, there are bindings to anchor an energy to an idol and there are bindings to anchor a POS. As I wondered, since he is living, I was shown how to get past that with him…

I’ve bound dead asshats, but this was supposed to carry over. Truth is, I won’t know for sure until he dies. Not yet. Not nearly yet.

But here are the photos from following that. Since I had worked the interest and intent out beforehand, it simplified things. @Mike_Bee heavy use of feeler and connections. I’d planned out and secured the help of the main deities, with some helpful twists along the way.

Hecate, Hel, and Bune said they would assist. In a twist, Bime said he would, whom I’ve never evoked. He was allowed to take from the “other” sheets.

Tiamat, to reduce the chaos and confusion for everyone - victims, families, and Police/Prosecutors.

I don’t have time for candles for Hi’iaka and Pele. Tomorrow. They already know.

Now, the parasite portions.

I didn’t plan the stone. Some background…

I made an agreement with some of the psychopomp entities whem I went to bind a serial killer. The issue is my extensive relationship with this entity. I agreed to do it for “restitution” reasons and it was fine. There must be a way for them to “earn” their freedom.

So, when I’d called three of them and then got the call to bind, well, it threw me for a loop. But, the trick is to not bond the physical person… So, the pic above this shows two things. The above is my feeding and binding crystal for Legion. His stone is underneath. Legion’s stone is covered by black ritual cloth, the same from the Shadownomicon.

The stone underneath is NOT. In fact, with Hel’s agreement, the poor lady (formerly 15), has been accepted into my space.

This is a good time to pause and say that when I saw this poor girl/woman, she wasn’t the only one to come. Hel shpwed me a pair of very young, teen legs up to the knee. Another was close, several others near that point. Stops come out, right?

That one table top torch is my only heat source. My shivering is part of the offering. I’ve been out here in a t-shirt for 2.5 hours with open windows and a slow.ceiling fan.

Here are the photos.

Pele and Hi’iaka will have candles tomorrow.

If you look, most of this ritual is about helping living victims.


Edit, don’t see Tiamat’s photos to reduce chaos where wanted.

“There is blood in the water, my dear.” Water with coarse sea salt and drops of blood shaken in it. Also a good offeeing and phrase for Kamohoali’i…


And here is my offering to Epione. I asked to add more water and some Chamomile, but this is all she asks of me. For comfort amd soothing. I let her taste it through me. She’s here. Time to pay her - which also brings me comfort.


Plan enough of your ritials and one Lancet can work.

Here’s a pattern I gave a friend that removes the need to hit the bone. Milk them like a cow, of course.