Things Not (likely) Put in a Grimoire

I came across this in my feed and have felt myself slipping towards the “ritual zone” with it. Thought I’d share
@Anassa - this was in my feed from one of the songs you posted the other day.

Here’s the album version, which is nearly the same


I gathered a small bunch of shells, coral, and rocks on my latest hike at Kaena Point. Here’s the haul.d2cd0f1c44c232dce9e7d1ff90fee02cacbcf4f1_2_375x500

I don’t like to take without giving back, but hadn’t brought anything with me. I didn’t expect to collect anything at all, as I haven’t on most of my hikes at this place. I felt I should this time, though, and knew I had been noticed by the land spirits. I noted it, promised to pay for them, and continued on my hike.

A little ways up the trail, I noticed a bobber that had washed up on shore. I shrugged it off, since I didn’t feel like climbing down the rough lava rock to get it when I hadn’t dropped it. But it wouldn’t let me go. I climbed down (it was short), stuffed it in my pack, and noticed several of the pieces that are in the picture above.

As we got to the albatross sanctuary, I noticed a recently dead mouse on the path. This is unusual. I stepped over it and started to go about my business when I got the feeling I should set the spirit free. So, I called the spirit, cut the connection to it’s body and set it free.

Less than fifty feet later, I felt approached by a land spirit I didn’t recognize. He indicated that I had paid for my haul for the day. I was just going to give some fruit or similar once I got home. I guess it gave me pause to think that sometimes we don’t think “simple” actions like that are enough to pay for something like a shell we may value more.