Things Not (likely) Put in a Grimoire

I came across this in my feed and have felt myself slipping towards the “ritual zone” with it. Thought I’d share
@Anassa - this was in my feed from one of the songs you posted the other day.

Here’s the album version, which is nearly the same


I gathered a small bunch of shells, coral, and rocks on my latest hike at Kaena Point. Here’s the haul.d2cd0f1c44c232dce9e7d1ff90fee02cacbcf4f1_2_375x500

I don’t like to take without giving back, but hadn’t brought anything with me. I didn’t expect to collect anything at all, as I haven’t on most of my hikes at this place. I felt I should this time, though, and knew I had been noticed by the land spirits. I noted it, promised to pay for them, and continued on my hike.

A little ways up the trail, I noticed a bobber that had washed up on shore. I shrugged it off, since I didn’t feel like climbing down the rough lava rock to get it when I hadn’t dropped it. But it wouldn’t let me go. I climbed down (it was short), stuffed it in my pack, and noticed several of the pieces that are in the picture above.

As we got to the albatross sanctuary, I noticed a recently dead mouse on the path. This is unusual. I stepped over it and started to go about my business when I got the feeling I should set the spirit free. So, I called the spirit, cut the connection to it’s body and set it free.

Less than fifty feet later, I felt approached by a land spirit I didn’t recognize. He indicated that I had paid for my haul for the day. I was just going to give some fruit or similar once I got home. I guess it gave me pause to think that sometimes we don’t think “simple” actions like that are enough to pay for something like a shell we may value more.


Tonight was a rough night.

I was notified this morning just before going into work of a pedo ring that was busted. As we all know, there are those they can make cases against and those they can’t. That isn’t a hindrance to me, though. I’ll let the God/desses decide who’s guilty. This group was well into the dozens range.

While I did write the notes in a grimoire, I felt the progression that this working went through was important to show.

My first intent was to call on Ma’at, ask for the signatures of those guilty, ask for them to be attached to my feeding crystal, and call Legion on all of the links that attached.

The issue at this point was this - I can’t summon enough negative emotions to “feed” Legion for the number of targets. Granted, I typically offer the target as a sacrifice as well in cases like this, but I felt there should be some reasonable offering when calling them.

The answer was to ask Ma’at to link the victims to the stone and then help her feed their trauma into it so not only was the stone getting fed, but the victims were also being drained of some of their trauma (only traumatic energy). This seemed like a total win for everyone that mattered.

As I was getting into the Zone, Leviathan came to me and said he wanted to “drown them all”. All right, he’ll act as primary punisher while the shadow people do their thing in a secondary role.

As I started preparing offerings, I kept being drawn to Pazuzu’s idol on my shelf. He wanted in to. I called on him and he agreed to act with Leviathan. Fine with me. If they want in badly enough that they come to me for it, I’m not going to turn them away.

I prepared all of the offering and by the time I was finished, the spirits were all drawing close to my ritual space. Ma’at made the connections to start the charging of the crystal. I called for Pazuzu and Leviathan and got their acceptance of their tasks. At this point, it was time to let the crystal charge enough to be a proper offering to Legion.

While I waited, it became clear that punishing those deemed guilty was only half of the needed work. Something should be done with those victims that may not have been living anymore. The more necessary task, actually.

Legion came into my space after a while and said the offering was ready. I called him, made my case, they accepted, and it was over.

I turned my attention back to Ma’at and asked her to call forth those that needed passed on. It was here that Hel’s gate/portal became really useful. The guardian spoke to the spirits and opened the gate with my approval. Some of those that passed through gave impressions and glimpses that they felt they needed to share. I will not repeat them here and did not write them in my grimoire. It did seem to be my “duty” to bear some sort of witness, though.

When they had moved on with either Hecate or Hel (both were present), I partially closed the gate again, thanked Ma’at, and closed the ritual.

Why share it? Because what looked to be (and could’ve been) a simple ritual of vengeance progressed and morphed at the direction of myself and those I work with, until it turned into something much more involved, but more worthwhile.


It’s no secret that I’m a MHP person using whatever means I can to Ascend with Balance and personal dignity while I crush my enemies and bring justice to those who can’t collect it on their own.

“Sometimes, those with ability have a responsibility” - self quote amongst family member that are NOT Occultists.


I was singing to an Angel as part of my morning offerings on my commute and she told me that I should pay attention to what’s right in front of my face. No details, not indications of what it meant. Nothing. Couple of offerings later and Belial comes around and tells me the same thing. Again, no context, just that smug chuckle he has when he knows it irritates the shit out of me when he won’t explain something.

And I don’t have a definitive answer. Because when I questioned about a couple of likely scenarios he was referring to, he then told me not to interfere with those and let them play out as they had asked me to do in the past.

So it’s basically a big WTF. I’m putting it here in case some newer practitioner stumbles across it and thinks the situation only happens to them…


I had an interesting experience today. May require a bit of background, so I’ll be brief.

I used to reach out and connect to the Tao (before I knew what that was) and do this from time to time. It’s simply a place where I surrender my “self” to become part of everything and make it a part of me, to keep it simple. I find it therapeutic.

Today when I was doing it, She came. I don’t know who she is. I have a name, sure, and there is a Goddess with that name, but I don’t know if that’s the same one. Why? Well, it’s awkward. I literally don’t know how to explain it well, so I may as well try and keep slapping bandaids on until it almost works.

She’s come to me before and I want to say she feel Divine more than anything else, but that doesn’t seem right. She’s the strongest being(?) I’ve come across. Except… I also got the impression that she’s not from…here. When I was trying to understand who and what she was, I realized her energetic trail(?) was not here. Not like what I feel Pele, Hecate, or Belial. I got a flash in my head that Earth was like a leaf on a branch and she was further up the branch. That’s all I’ve ever gotten from her, outside of something to call her by. My personal world view didn’t include this possibility before, but I couldn’t deny what I was experiencing. The times she came to me after that, I got the same impression.

Today was a little different. I could feel her calling when I was connected to the Tao. I expected her to come or “shine” a light on me, something, like she does from time to time. Instead, she told me to go to her. I was already sitting down, so I projected my consciousness to her.

There was nothing but light that I could see in the area, but I was pretty much only focused on her. I didn’t care about much of anything else and had no fear.

“Come into me” This threw me off. I knew I could refuse, but why? I felt it was simply to “experience” each other’s energy and I likely had something to gain from it. So, I entered her.

I felt like I was floating inside of her energy, with both of our mixing at different points and in different ways. I wasn’t conscious of why these parts were mixing or whether it had meaning that they were. It wasn’t something like our chakras were connected or similar. Those methods would’ve been too…coarse… to describe it. It was happening at a very fine level.

After a while (no idea how long), I could tell it was time for me to return. “You come into me”. I felt her acceptance. I returned to my body and then felt her come in. Not all of her, but enough that I felt really “full”. We continued to exchange energy, but she was also working on me. I was getting a headache that went away as she continued to both meld with me and work on me. She told me when it was time for her to go.

I was something similar to light-headed for a couple of hours afterwards. Not just my head, but my whole body. Physically, energetically…

This happened this morning and over 8 hours later, I’m still trying to process what happened.

I’ve had a lot of different types of experiences that I don’t have good explanations for. This is certainly one of them. I haven’t talked about her before for a lot of reasons. She usually comes to me (but I can reach out to her). I don’t have conversations with her, but get very clear impressions (she prefers this over conversation). And I’m still trying to decide if the whole Leaf and Twig thing even really matters (which could rewrite some of my points of view on things, if true. Significantly so).

I’m putting this one here because I think it’s important to show that we don’t always get or have the answers right away. That we can/should still be malleable with our practice and points of view. And to be honest when all of those things are brought up in “real-time”.


Internet’s been out all day and cell service has been spotty at best. I’ll be as brief and concise as I can, while trying to give enough detail to make sense. Unfortunately, a lot of it is REALLY private. I will do my beat to make this somewhat useful to others.

I started this path when Hecate, my dark Goddess, came to me and I didn’t know who she was. This led towards of trying to communicate and honor her, which I still do to this day. It’s been immensely rewarding and I still remember my hesitation when she said that I should next evoke Leviathan… I remember it fondly.

But I was dealt a harsh lesson over the past two years, specifically. That lesson (those lessons, really) boils down to trust but verify. And when you can’t verify, enforce.

I’ve done a lot of work over the past two+ years, almost since I touched ground in Hawaii. I’ve met the challenges, most significant to me, but some mundane. And my reward was the learning process and my growth. It’s been quite a good time for that, since they pointed and I took it up to learn. Unfortunately, that’s only half the equation.

There have been several points per year where I was approached by them or approached them, to aid in specific tasks. I would typically ask for insight or opportunities, while stating I would put my part of the work in. And I did.

But my record with this ended up being less than 50/50 in my favor. Yet, my work for them was almost 100%.

My life’s “in order”. It was before Hecate came calling. It was before the Goetics. Still is, but not due to them. So, I’m not talking about getting $100 to cover the rest of my rent for the month.

No, they offered to help with big problems. I put in big effort for my goals and then expended twice as much on the goals they came to me with for others. This is specific to them coming to me to help people and not me offering to help on my own.

So, over a year late on several things, I called them to task the other night. It didn’t go over well. Normally, if a spirit is behind their task, especially over a year behind, there’s a legitimate reason, I reasoned. I reasoned this along the way. I don’t have simplistic problems, except some of them were. Complicated problems should take longer to solve. Except they don’t have the same limitations we do in a lot of ways.

I was seriously considering whether my workings were actually working but the same techniques, with the same spirits, produced results when done for others. When I would ask about this, I would get nonsense answers about timing, said in a lot of different ways. About every way it can be said without saying they couldn’t pull it off and not being up front when directly asked about it.

So tonight, I decided things were going to change. I called all of those I’ve worked with. I thanked those that has helped (Leviathan, Abaddon, Lilith, and Marbas specifically,but not exclusively. No more “popular” names). The rest…understood why it was MY space. Big names.

I made the mistake of playing “nice” and accepting excuses for far longer than I should have. Especially when they came to me and not the other way around, which has been the case more frequently as I’ve grown.

So, my suggestion to those that read this is to know that I tried the “nicer” route for far too long and this seemed to result in me putting in A LOT more than I ever got from them. I can get general advice from a fortune cookie and memes.

When the balance of (your) “power” is shifting, simply pushing back and exerting yourself here and there is not enough. I’ve closed ritials in their faces before. I’ve called out nonsense to their faces before. But I didn’t fully exert that they were spirits and I have a body and this is part of the lesson. Whether they have had any in the past doesn’t matter. They don’t in your ritual space.

Finally, not all pantheons are like this. I didn’t get nonsense like this from the Polynesians I’ve worked with. Myself and my friends have benefited from this. Don’t be afraid to work with another grouping of spirits, just because they aren’t “popular” on this forum or social media. The Herd, in general, isn’t where the growth is. Face the wolves and get the good grass.

That’s it for now. This isn’t meant to be all inclusive or some sort of treatise. But I know the people reading this journal would be interested in my thoughts and experiences.

I’ll post an update when they get their acts together and especially if they don’t. The next “deadline” is just after my move in early September. Of course, it’s when things will “start”, not necessarily when things will be noticable. Fine. I suppose a few more months isn’t much longer for stuff that was supposed to happen in 2019 (this doesn’t include the more frequent or shorter term stuff ).

I do see that there were lessons to be learned that I deferred at their insistence (such as what happened tonight and will continue). That is on me, but agreements are agreements. Especially when they’ve been upheld on my end.

Since I mention it so frequently, this has nothing to do with the Goddesses and other female deities I sing to in the mornings. They continue to assist and guide me without the bullshit hinted at above.


Let’s just hypothetically say a 3yr old was killed at their own birthday party and the police don’t know who’s responsible… Let’s just say… Cue appropriate music

One of the benefits of working with magick is our ability to cast against unknown others that cause issues. Well, WE might not know who the perpetrators are. But there are entities that do care and will give you signatures, if asked…

In my Necromancy journal you may recall that I was introduced to a necromantic djinn that looked at my quite…distastefully. Well, her time has come. I blooded her obsidian stone the other day in my “thanks” ritual and sent a call out to her. She isn’t bound inside the stone anymore, but we agreed to use it as a means of communication.

When I called upon her tonight, I presented who I wanted her to go after and she was already getting ready to go before I finished speaking. “With my name, under my authority”, the task was accepted.

I don’t know who was responsible. It doesn’t matter. What I do know is that as I mobilized this djinn, I could feel multitudes of entities (not legions, but scores) moving towards the task.

That was the most rewarding thing I’ve done all day.


Found out a friend of mine’s landlord sold their place and they’re likely going to have to find a place to move to. I felt I should do something for her and, for some reason, felt I should post it here. Maybe she’ll see it some day, when she comes back to regular Internet usage.

For charging the candle, I called to and connected with the Universe, whatever you want to call it, and petitioned sympathetic spirits to aid her and her family. I’d pull it I to me and then sent it into the candle with my intent.

May she find comfort and aid.


So, if you’ve followed this far, you know there are some things I’m not down with. But someone should do something. Well, sometimes, I’m that guy.

Haven’t blooded a Joss stick before.

I did evoke Andras here. No point in bleeding for someone that won’t follow through. An agreement was met.


Three healing rituals tonight. Two deities stepped forward immediately - Hi’iaka and Pazuzu. Works for me. Two were from a family unit, the other was a.request from an atheist, asking if there was anything I could do for someone’s pet with spinal issues. It was late when I felt I should go into ritual. I’ve been wanting more sleep lately. Not tonight.

I did a round robin approach, where I did the prep, then blooded each, and charged it afterwards. I typically charge before, but that wasn’t how it went down tonight.

I called upon the two deities, who were already in my ritual space. Sometimes, a “formal” ask is required. They agreed to all three and to work together.

As I grabbed the first candle and began stating and solidifying the intent, Metatron showed up. I know this person has worked with Metatron on the past, but was surprised to see him come. Then, Raphael and Marbas showed up. Works for me.

We all channeled energy into the candle and I could feel when each dropped off of it (but can’t remember the exact order for each candle). The candle felt like they were absolutely glowing.

We repeated for the second one and they all dropped off at different times, depending on the need and their contribution to it.

For the third, which was a pet, Metatron didn’t participate, but the others did.

I didn’t put their names on the paper, but carved them into the candle and the blooded paper. I’ve turned them to protect their identities.


The three candles, melted onto the request

Request 1

Request 2

Request 3
I felt I should give a little more here, so I added a few more drops.

All the candles are now out. It is done.


Tonight’s entry started as a semi-serious jest. I even started the sound track song of the Light of the Seven for fun (and used it throughout the ritual). There was as the potential for a parasitic spread, based on people calling a certain jumbled, clearly chaotic set of symbols, and since this was spread via an app, this was likely to be successful as a chance for a shortcut. Since it made its way here, that makes it fair game.

Be warned, I invoked my inner asshat for this write-up, as it came out before the ritual started, when I started feeling out the entities involved. It may get a bit…spicy…

Ritual notes follow with regular notes.

Some of these instructions sounded almost legitimate, with certain spiritual levels requiring different levels of effort and whatnot. When I say effort, it was mostly the number of chants, rather than any real spiritual attainment. Most of the indicators of reaching this or that were emotionally based, which means nothing in this case.

So, here are my notes…
“keep chanting XXX until the entity appears.” Basically until the presence is felt. This could take between 100 (practiced) to 500 (lay person) times. Chant until “his presence” is felt. - All right, tracking.

OR you could gaze at this yardsale of symbols and they automagically appear when you’re ready for them. - All right, I’ll keep that in mind. These are supposed to be Gods, but when I peered into the mantra and the yardsale, I didn’t see any deals, but plenty of steals. I suppose I gave some of it away…

The “tests” from the text that “prove” that the “gods” are there are nonsense… They’re for complete beginners/novices that have no significant experience, no discernment, and no one to tell them something isn’t quite right. I mean, the “tests” would prove true for anyone in a significantly altered meditative state and could have nothing to do with the “gods”. I felt that I could achieve some of them watching reruns of Sesame Street for an hour and I get that glazed over, altered state going because my Inner Child is busy doing real work.

All right, challenge accepted. Except, I wouldn’t be doing it at 2am, so I hoped I would get Mulligan, if needed.

Well the procedure IS just a glorified petition to a bunch of entities I strongly suspect are parasitic. Maybe they’ll forgive me.

Or maybe, I’ll force them to come and deal with them like I do…Just maybe…

I mean, who hasn’t turned over a new leaf here and there? Maybe by leaving them alone, I’m helping produce the next God(s) and Goddess(es) of a New Age?

Maybe they’ll call me Saint Norse900 The Jackass (That Was)? Kinda like the Ghost of Christmas Never… It does have a sort of ring, for sure…

But not tonight. This (some) person made an “app”, published it, and is advertising it. That’s at least double jeopardy and a clear menace.

So, what can we do? (brain storming and taking inspired ideas here.

Why… we kill the entities behind the app. Then we call up those responsible for the advertising and (knowing) management.

Then, Saint Norse900 The Jackass calls some friends for some life lessons for those responsible.

Perfect, I just happen to have the supplied at hand…


First, we have to set the mood. I knew Legion would absorb the energy of the entities, so I set the triangle up first.

I called on Legion and got him/them ready.

I decided call Nergal to act as Warlord for the forces invved. My idol for him is the tent stake. I also called on the necromantic djinn, specifically the one loosely bound to the piece of onyx. I blooded that and got her acceptance. She brought some friends…

I called upon Anuas from The Necromancer and called forth those he felt would help, anointing the magpie skull with blood.

As they watched, I called for the spirits behind the name, draining it into the crystal until nothing more was coming in and the name was vacant.

I repeated the process with the clusterfuck of symbols given. Must not have been gods. Legion was pleased with the offering.

I them called upon this present to deal with the knowing people behind it. Shadows, the dead, etc… All of them had free will against the masterminds. Knowing persons only. The rest only needed a scare.

I paid for my requests.

This may need to be dealt with again, but there are no parasites behind them at this point. Good enough for tonight.

But, damn, I was almost Saint Norse900 the Jackass (that Was)…


There is still plenty of time to earn that title, my friend…


I know, right? For now, I’ll try for Saint Norse900 the Jackass (That Is). Always time to make it past tense.


Strive to be the saintliest Jackass that ever is or was :joy:


Damn, now it’s all…competitive…

You know, I need to work on my Sainthood energy levels, because my old people vitamins I don’t take are wearing off and it’s time for bed.


I know, right? The old people vitamins I don’t take have the same effect on me.


It DOES make me feel better that there is consistency there. My feelers are in a good place now. Thank you.


In a lot of the old grimoirs you need to read between the lines.

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