Things Not (likely) Put in a Grimoire

I have some friends going through some stuff right now. During an invocation of Isis for the Helios path, she suggested I ask her to help them all. Naturally, I did.

The right incense is from the Helios rituals. The candle and blooded left one is for her and their help. She picked out the candle color.


The house hunting is on! We hit the ground on Tuesday and were seeing places a few hours later.

Lot of places were nice, but either the schools were bad or the neighborhood was.

We finally found a place we liked and decided to make an offer. Nice, quaint little place. We were told the owners would make a decision by early evening today.

We decided to go to the zoo to try to take our minds off of it and on the drive over there, I got the impression it was time for ritual.

I focussed on what I wanted. Not necessarily that house, but a similar one. Sent it directly to the Universe. I got the urge that I should “weld” it into the fabric of the Universe. Since this was a personal request, I felt most of that energy should come from me and not be channeled from another source. I also set the time frame for

So, I kept sending energy that way, watching as it slowly became part of the Universe, melding with the background. It took quite a while and I was exhausted.

The offer was accepted, despite someone else bidding slightly higher. I’ll make the offerings tonight for jobs well done.


Edit - I forgot to clarify that I knew there wasn’t much resistance to finding a place with our requirements. We just needed to find the one we could afford.


Congratulations, my friend!


Thanks! We were running out of places.


I know it wasn’t just me working on this. I could feel He ate directly and Helios had interest. I know there may have been others.

So here was my offering to all the spirits that helped, including mine.

Poured the rest out over some grass.


Congratulations!! Are you all planning on staying there for a long time or do you get the itch to move every few years?
For me it seems like every 5 or so years I’m in a new place.


We’ll be here for a few, for sure. Seller accepted tonight, some I’m having a beer or six. Apparently, we work for the same employer, so they accepted our offer over another’s.

We’ll be here for a bit. I have to get trained in this position still. So, outside of the inspection, we don’t really have much to do with the rest of this trips time. We don’t fly back to Hawaii until Wednesday.


We are starting to look for our next home. My wife is wanting to move to New Mexico.

There seems to be quiet a few interesting things going on there.


I’ve only passed through one time. Not worried about the heat waves? My and has a place in Arizona that’s basically uninhabitable without good air conditioning. Have a cousin in a different part that said the same.

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But, since I was moaning and groaning a few days ago.

The Goddesses (the was also a God, Kamohoali’i, The Shark King, brother of Pele) came through to get us to that point. They helped align the paperwork when all of our efforts had stalled or met idiotic resistance (which is a given in Hawaiian bureaucracy and people’s cousins needing worthless jobs).

I said it to a couple of friends. I don’t have a good place to give “proper” thanks. But they came through. Not all want their names known, but these are those that don’t mind.

Pele, Hi’iaka, Kamohoali’i, Hecate, Hel, Ma’at. A “daughter” of Lucifer (I’m not Luciferian) (an angel he introduced me to), a djinn sorceress, and a daughter of Lilith helped with this. None will accept payment (because I sing to them). So, I will give some semi-public praise instead.

I have a mountain of paperwork to do here, but my family, my pets, and our stuff has or is being processed when I was hitting roadblock after roadblock. I didn’t pay it advance for a situation like this, but it sure as hell came in handy.


As a sort of follow-up to this entry…

When I asked the Universe for the proper place, I didn’t know if it was this house or not. Hoped and this one delivered. But that wasn’t the end of it.

I don’t know if I mentioned it anywhere, but there was at least $7k in repairs that needed to happen that JUST for the ventilation and fireplace. The largest repair bill, for sure. And I didn’t want to pay $7K that I don’t have lying around. I mean, I have to work, too, right? Hell, I have one car that’s a 2005 and the other is a 2012. I’m a regular guy.

The owners (one owner, the wife) threw a fit when we said we wanted it taken care of. We were willing to take care of the rest. She was livid that we even asked, since they hadn’t used the fireplace in the 9 years they lived here. All right. It’s a seller’s market here and we were quarantined in the hotel room with covid.

So, I went to Ma’at and asked her for at least some sort of balance. And Justice if it was called for. She accepted. The owners agreed to pay about half. One of them was willing to pay the whole thing, the other wasn’t willing at all. We knew that they were making $100k in this sale, based on public information. I left it in Ma’at’s hands.

Come the day of the signing, we arrived.late in the afternoon to find that a significant amount of their stuff was still in the house and they were still moving it out. It was an hour before the official signing time.

The wife had been losing it for days, plans had fallen through, and they were packing their things in a Uhaul to put them in storage. All of their property plans had fallen through over the past month. They were calling friends to help them load stuff.

As soon as we left to sign, their friends came through and all of their stuff was out of the house, thanks to another full Uhaul. We took possession right after the signing.

And they left me a working 12 bandsaw.

I don’t know how much was her, but Hail Ma’at.


I just had a conversation with Baal, an after ritial, conversation where he said a few things that are definitely worth bringing up. They pertained to me, but could to others, especially “driven” people.

…" You need to keep your eyes more on the ‘now’. You’ve (almost) mastered predicting and acting towardsong term trends, but this will serve you less as your (destiny/fate/circumstances) change. You’ve set them in motion, you’ve given them energy (a lot of energy), but you’re stuck on watching that happen.

Let it happen, as you know it will. Watch your desires unfold aa you intuitively strive towards what you should be doing. Let those paths you know you should take happen…

…and quite watching for it every second of every day… Yes, that’s not quite accurate. You don’t doubt the final outcome(s). You don’t doubt that you helped manifest it. Yet, you watch, as ifnthat will make it happen faster.

It will happen when it will and when it should."

Lot to unpack, most of which I can refute. But, once again, I was being applauded for my effort, while being to, really, stay out if the way of my workings…

All right, but without a timeline, that becomes a whole lot harder and requires “faith” I struggle to give. I used to ask for general timelines, but once all of those were flat several times, I stopped asking the Goetics for them to plan my future more towards my liking.

So there are two issues here. The first is whether I trust their timelines or lack thereof. The second is whether I trust I have put in the work I can At This Moment to manifest my goals and let them manifest or so the Analyst thing and try to hedge my bets.

If you couldn’t tell, there have been mixed reactions with this in the past.


Sometimes it surprises me how calling on some old friends affects me. Belial and Abaddon in this case, to help someone who’s mind is being subverted by another magician.

The first round of rituals was with Beelzebub, who was replaced mid-ritual by Bael, the Shadow People and I used a gate Hel showed me to call on the willing dead. Some of their ancestors came, as did mine, and some strangers.

Didn’t hear anything for a few days and waited to see how the battlefield started progressing. Heard back today and was asked to continue. I knew I should, so I did.

I was already expecting it. The Shadow people came to me to ask me to remove some defenses that had been sprung up since I removed them last. Once they’re attached, things become harder and I’ve been practicing this very thing lately. I did what was needed. My binding on them was largely successful, but not completely. That’s fine and to be expected. Not my first time.

I got done with my daily rituals and before I was done with them, I knew who wanted in. It had been a while.

I called on Belial and Abaddon, despite not intending to as my second wave. They aren’t a Regular here, as that would’ve come up and I sure as hell wouldn’t be breaking forum rules!

Moving on.

I got their help, paid them, and offered some additional energy in the paper for their use towards this task.

An interesting part was that they wanted me to remind the individual I’m helpung that they needed to be involved, but wouldn’t say how. No details, regardless of the question. I was just supposed to remind them to be involved.

Some of it was to get their investment in the process, which we had talked about. The ither part was that they were supposed to gain some sort of experience from what was done during this time, meaning from something on their end.

I thought it was interesting enough to dump here.


Looking at these drops of blood, one thing I can tell you is that you are in very good health.

These drops even look like a CSI scene. :sweat_smile:

Btw, I noticed the demon’s face right in the middle of the sigil. Powerful.

Congratulations Sir.


Thank you. The ironic thing is that I can’t seem to pick up from pictures. So, I honestly have no clue what’s going on in my photos I post. :joy:


Me too!




I didn’t feel.This met the threshold for what should be kept Lounged, so I moved it back out.


Grim, but good work tonight.

I was notified that someone was going to be under magical attack and they were not able to protect themselves from it in any meaningful way. They wouldn’t have the capacity to understand, let alone do anything about it.

I couldn’t stand by amd let an innocent, a real innocent in this case, die due to petty bullshit from a wannabe magician.

Very well, let’s play the game.

My first call was to Ma’at. While I knew the relationship, I didn’t know anything else. While I could get it on my own, my relationship with her is such that I can ask.

I then took that signature and called on the local landspirits, pouring some beer for them, as I do whenever I drink something new. To my surprise, the Hawaiian landlords came, too. They were on board for a protection mission. Hell yeah.

I went back into my ritual space and felt Hel come up behind me with some of the dead. They were coming to help, too. Some were related to the person I chose tp protect. I don’t know about the rest, but they came on their own. I was grateful.

I lit joss sticks and several other kinds of incense, as requested, from my meager stash.

I then literally paced around my space for a bit to come up with the next part. I got the nudge.

I called Tiamat forth and let her come inside to taste some beer. She accepted and then suggested I call on Pazuzu, too, which I did. He also got to taste some beer.

At.this point, there were several layers of protection of different types, which was the best I was going to get.

I made it clear that how they all accomplished this, was up to them. They shpuld appraised if something else needs to be done.

I’m off to go burn the rest of my payment


I wanted to use the desktop site but YouTube’s sold out ass decided to put ads in it when I switched to “desktop” from my Kindle. My plate is full at the moment and I would have to remove…too many…layers…at present. There are Toll Vultures to educate first…

So, the short is that I’m Iraq, outside the wire, with no supply, our medic would entertain us with ICP quotes. 90% of their stuff…doesn’t resonate… But some stuff does.

Most of my “challenges” of the day aren’t in any way these days. I also feel no reason to use magic or similar.

But this song still strikes a cord. Even if I overcame it 20+ years ago, practically.