Things Not (likely) Put in a Grimoire

So it’s a porno with a story line lmao…

Is Amaymon for lust or something lmao? I legit don’t recall off hand his duties

I’m thinking we’d get along though, so maybe I should call him up lmao…

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While reindeer may eat carrots, you thought to put a dick in it’s mouth…

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Will this sigil deliver me to the kink house? What is this sigil alleged to do, have you tried opening it and what affects have you gotten? :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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I didn’t open the sigil and am not responsible for what happens if someone else does…

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:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:OH come on. We could use some more crazy stories…especially if they follow the lines of the sigil lmao.

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I was notified that a friend was having some issues at home regarding a parent today (not JUST today). While my first desire was to rain fire and destruction from above, I felt like that wasn’t the answer. Frankly, I didn’t know what the best answer was.

I kept hearing what I thought was Buel off and on, but was busy with other things. When I had time to listen, it was Buer. I didn’t know anything about Buer. One of the entries I read for Buer talked about coming to them for moral problems. It was clear they wanted to talk, so, I started to evoke.

I had done other workings tonight and was in the zone, but didn’t have time to really start calling out before Buer came. I stated the scenario and Buer accepted the job and my payment, but also wanted me to type this up as part of that. Fair enough.

I went to squeeze a little blood out to get it going and it shot out all over the place. Never had that happen before. I turned my light on so it showed.

That came from one of the microsampler needles, not my larger ones. Guess it was going to be a hard job.


Fucking finally… Now I can rest my blisters in peace. Until Saturday.


I completed the Taji for a friend of mine that couldn’t. Haven’t forgotten you, my friend.