Things Not (likely) Put in a Grimoire

Gnite brother :fire:


Nice Father’s Day for me. Wife and Son went to a movie while I sledge hammered and chopped wood for a few hours. As an old desk jockey, I need the exercise.

I loved fires as a Scout. Making, managing fires. Still like it now. On our way to our Father’s Day dinner, I smelled some smoke, a real fire. It’s so hot out, I wasn’t going to do one - especially after sledging.

But that itch came. Couldn’t help myself.

I grabbed some incense and called to the spirits to give them an offering, just because.

Myhhr and Frankincense.

It was going to be small. I just wanted the smell and ambiance. Wife came out for a bit. I kept it small.

Then my son came out. He wanted to sledge some wood. I was too tired. Tomorrow. But I had some pieces to throw onto the fire.

I favored my mom and so does he. That’s fine. He’s growing more like me over time, as I did, so, I’ve played the long game.

This turned into a a way to teach about fire management, how to balance a cooking area while maintaining a longevity area and swapping the two, and what to do to heat a specific area to build it up. Mostly done with a few pieces of Oak and bark.

Very rewarding.

I did have

He was a bit concerned. At some point I knicked a scab, I guess.

I did have him toss in some incense that he used to smell in Hawaii, but it burnt too quickly. While I offered it to those I work with, I had to make clear that this was me via him. Some of those spirits opted to take it as a tally for him, in case he decides to go down a similar path in the future.


What, no weenies to roast over the fire? :hotdog: :hotdog:


Happy Fathers Day Brother


We ate at a place called Bella Napoli. It’s in a strip mall near where we used to live. Outstanding seafood dishes, though. $27…for the Fetuccini Mediteranae. We can’t go there often, but… Even the ‘B’ cooks make it great…

So, no, no weinies or brats (brats in the fridge).

If I’m having heat issues (not much shade), it’s not happening.

Still burning down. No mosquitos, thankfully.


Thanks, man.

I’ve come to grips knowing he won’t understand a big part of me (The Occult), unless he has his own experiences. He’s had some, but I’ve kept things buttoned tight, with contingencies.

I guess we’ll see, because the angel I mentioned that looked out for my son during the Shadownomicon days said it’s time for him to begin to learn and experience things.

Hmm…was that the fuss about him placing the incense instead of me?


Hope you had a great Father’s Day.


Balls. I put out the fire on instinct. I don’t have work tomorrow.

Got a message saying my neice is being taken to the ER. Seizures aren’t containable. 5 minutes ago.

The angel from earlier, Raphael, and Marbas.

It was time to renew my Marbas pendant I keep in my wallet, so why not?


@anon39079500 Hope she’ll be ok.


Nice pendant


Thank you. I feel like she will be. She’s graduating High School this year, so, it would be good to get this under control. She’s been pretty consistent over the past 6 months, but there are still moments like this. No underlying cause established, from my understanding.


Thanks. Bought from Amazon. Cleansed. Then I opened it as a gateway to his energy and to him. We had worked together for a while in Hawaii before I bought it and had his agreement before doing so.


Hopefully they will be able to het thoes seizures under control


Thanks. I’ve sent spirits and done some of my own energy work, until I felt it was “enough” for the present situation. At this point, I have to maintain my understanding and wait, to let the workings and spirits do their thing. Hoping for a better diagnosis, but feel that no permanent damage will happen (won’t last). Really a diagnosis to move the care along. Let’s hope.

I can see that my concern has caused some of those I work with (that I haven’t tasked) to come around. I appreciate this.


That’s awesome, i’ll send you good vibes my brother


Thanks, man. She’s being discharged now. No additional info.


i had a friend many years ago who often have grand maul sizures, very scary stuff, i hope that your neice is well


Experiment time. Last month or so, I was given a bare bones ritual from Hecate and Hel concerning trapping entities into things. I’ve trapped entities before, but this was normally in the course of a ritual to free someone of a troublesome spirit. Here, the spirit is supplied and is well aware that it complies or dies (not necessarily by me).

Tonight was a practice run. I didn’t sleep well last night and was gping to put it off, but the call to ritual was too strong.

Here, I let them select some incense for themselves. I emded up adjusting tje positions a little to take advantage of the circle pattern on the cloth as my eneegetic circle.

I asked for a minor to moderate entity that wouldn’t do any grave harm or damage. I want to get my technique and processes down and could use a volunteer during the second part. Well, several over time, actually. Cost of shipping would be a factor.

Anyway, entity is bound amd anchored to the cork. I still have to give it instructions, the sigil, etc.

Finally, I need a way to catalogue these. Simplistic numbering system.


I spent a fair amount of this weekend reading Don Webb’s

Waste of time for anyone that actually practices anything that isn’t heavy-persona based. If you want to pretend to be a low-key, non-book/movie vampire, are exceptionally attractive (mentioned 60%+ in), and are willing to only follow what he feels is legit, this book is for you.

Energy practice is largely non-existent and based on emotions and pretend mental interactions.

If you’re familiar with the exceptionally old mentality of the Church of Satan, where one person gets to decide what’s valued and what counts as acceptable behavior, say, like the same nonsense in the Bible of Cthulhu, then this is a perfect match. Largely older people (I’m mid-40’s, speaking of their world view) creating a mythical order that they can “rule” while giving (mentally) vain and egotistical people a place to feel superior.

Waste of time. Thankfully, it was only $17. He can piss off.


I tried to message a friend on here a bit ago, but the messages were being filtered or similar. No big deal, but I had the impression I should reach out to help. Went through the other day and I got some clarification.

I normally like to mull things over and see if a new idea comes to mind and it did. In the form of King Paimon coming to me.

“You are owed”, he said, repeating what he had said before. We came to an agreement right before dinner.

He wanted to give my friend some free help. Instead, I said I wanted a similar change to happen for this friend. A change that would elevate things from then on, similar to how a promotion would result in more income for me from then on. With no harm or misfortune to them, of course.

If he would do this, I would consider the debt paid in full.

After dinner, I went outside to formalized the deal.

We had a binding resolution over the deal with a handshake, but he suggested also stating it aloud over the incense. So, we did.

There will be a part 2, but I’m waiting for it to come to me.