Things Not (likely) Put in a Grimoire

I’ve been getting warning signs all day that I’m about to get sick. Not illness symptoms, but ravenous hunger, a desire for sweets, and wanting sunlight (darkness is my friend).

So, I wasted little time when I got home. There’s work to do.

A friend of mine came to me about helping some shooting victims, specifically some with survivor’s guilt. I lost friends in high school, Iraq, and Afghanistan (I wasn’t there) that cause me to also identify with this. It’s reduced by now, but not gone.

I called to Hecate and Hi’iaka for this and also asked Hecate to protect those trying to get the truth revealed while some go into damage control. I was specifically asked about handling that. I also formally asked that those spirits get guided on that need it and watched over until then. Thus, Hecate has 2 candles on the left side, Hi’iaka one. Also on the left is a joss stick from the Buddhist temple on Oahu. Hecate asked me to please light it for them. It’s rare for her to do this and I had been reaching for the store bought package of the same type. I will do that at her request.

The other request was to help a mother on a ventillator that has been fighting cancer for the past few years. Hi’iaka volunteered and I was planning on calling Helios. As I got ready to charge the candles, Raphael and Marbas came and wanted to help. Of course!

I charged and blooded the candles. I also lightly blooded the incense they asked for as an additional thank you.

I was already feeling myself starting to display actual symptoms of becoming ill at this point, but there was still things to be done. I learned recently that a high profile target had a cancer treatment a bit ago. It was time to start the softening process again.

The other day, I reached out to see what their current defenses looked like and found some entities I had battled before. As per our agreement in this matter, we sparred and the way was now open. I couldn’t get to it that night and the following, Kamohoali’i came and offered to feed on him. Sold.

Target’s name is not on the paper to comply with forum rules. Obviously, I’m not an artist.

Use tweezers when it gets low.

Place the remaining bit of candle into a holder and use it to light the waxed paper. The baking pan is elevated on top of a stainless steel mixing bowl. This burns hot and fast annd will scorch the underlying item otherwise.

Once all of these candles are out and I’ve eaten, I’ll go to bed. When I called on the healing for that lady, they also offered to help me, which I accepted.


Hope you heal promptly and don’t actually get sick (or if you do it’s mild and goes away in a matter of hours instead of days like many sicknesses).


Thanks, it’s starting already. Hopefully some sleep will clear it up. I do have the sick time for work, so there’s less pressure there. Don’t have to play Hero.


Several nights ago, Cthulhu came to me in my ritual space and said I shpuld cast for a friend of mine. Wouldn’t say what for, though. Seemed odd, but this wasn’t just a message from him. He partially came here (as opposed to a full evocation). I took it seriously, but don’t have permission or even anything to cast against with that generic message.

Thankfully, my friend is in a different time zone and was still awake, but they had no clue, either. Really odd.

Well, someone tried to scam them out of $1000+ with a fake product a day or two later. They let me know and before I the work parking lot, I started to call Duchess Bune. She came enough to remind me to call Cthulhu.

So, still in the work parking lot, I reach out to call him. I felt his awareness come and his acceptance, with the promise that I will pay him later (he didn’t ask, as he knew I would). My friend also called on some others to help.

Well, mother-fucking-shazam! Money refunded. I offered Cthulhu some beer and he grabbed an entity of his I met the other day, then asked that Yog-Sothoth be allowed in, too, for helping.

3 swigs, held for 3 seconds, with air to allow for the aroma.


Damn man! Nice work!


Thanks, but I’d be lying if I said I was 100% confident, because of the moving parts outside of my control. So, there may have been a clause in there to mess the scammer up regardless…

I really dislike it when good people get messed with like that. They get help, I get real practice. Fair trade


Speaking of scammers…

got lucky with roof repair I did the smart thing and paid with a bank draft not wire transfer and sent it registered mail the day after getting billed.

Wouldn’t you know the company (obviously not the most honest) called asking to be paid after I had already paid them saying could you wire it again we didn’t get paid…

Then after I informed that I paid with a bank draft and sent it registered mail they miraculously “found” the payment and sent receipt of payment (within approximately an hour of the conversation where I told them I sent it as a bank draft by registered mail .

So for anyone reading this:

if you have to get repairs done and don’t know the company from experience pay with a bank draft (also sometimes known as a money order) and if you have to send it send it registered mail. Then there is traceable trackable proof you paid.

Don’t fool around with money transfers because they will show the other person personal information like your bank account number (if they are crooked they could layer forge counterfeit checks or transfers if they have your number) and don’t forget to send it registered mail because then there’s proof the payment was received.

Anyways like I said, after learning I sent payment by bank draft by registered mail they miraculously found the payment and sent receipt of payment.

Always be smart.

If you don’t know them don’t risk sending it by a wire transfer that might have some of your personal info on it like your bank account number on it.

Pay by bank draft (not check or wire transfer (if they say they didn’t get it you can get the bank to provide you proof the bank draft was cashed in and possibly proof of who cashed it) and by sending it registered mail there is also proof of delivery, receipt of delivery and of who accepted delivery.

Therefore if they tried a further stunt like trying place a lien on your property you would have proof of payment to show a judge to get the lien thrown out and taken off your property.

Smart is as smart does and because I was smart I avoided having them be able to claim non payment. Because I used traceable payment methods they miraculously found my payment and provided receipt of payment with no money owing on the account printed on it.

Anyhow the mention of scammers made me think about this (which happened within the last month) and made me think I better post mention so if anyone reading this needs to hire an unknown repair company They’ll pay the smart way having read about my experience where the company tries to say I hadn’t paid and asked me to send the payment again and then when I told them I sent it as a bank draft by registered mail miraculously going I had paid. So they’ll Know the best way to send payment after reading What I wrote.

Add: sorry it’s abut long norse, but it felt important to post this given that the roofers tried to scam me until they realized I had traceable proof I paid.


Add to above: I only had 2 companies to choose from no others wanted the job because it was a fairly small repair. I didn’t know either company. I chose the cheaper if the 2 (they wanted $100 less then the other one) and while it COULD have been a mistake I think it was a scam attempt I circumvented buy using traceable methods :slight_smile: in case you wondered why I picked them. A storm had blown off and or lifted a couple dozen shingles (at least a couple down to the bare wood) that’s why so few were willing to do the job and had to decide between the only 2 companies willing to take the job.


Yog-Sothoth: “That is not the answer you should ask.”

I’m in a bad mood of sorts. Promotion season comes around once a year and is based on department budget. If I had gotten promoted, my income would increase a very low 5 figures. Instead I got a bonus that is absolutely nowhere near that.

Last year, Belial and Paimon offered to make it happen. It failed. This year, they said they would see it through and failed. I’ve done the work and was accepted as promotable by two levels of the organization both years. And they failed again. A less than 10% bonus for both years of failures means I don’t call on them again and won’t pay for things with them before delivery.

So, I’ve used outdoor exercises of different types on this really hot day to help curb my…dissatisfaction with not being promoted after several years of recommendation on several levels. These same people are likely to be in their positions next year when we go through this again.

Actually, it’s two people. And the quote above was me saying that the decisions probably weighed equally hard on those making them. As in, “did those decisions not equally weigh on heir shoulders when making them?”

Yog-Sothoth: “That is not the answer you should ask.”

He has a point. I’m giving the expected answer in my question. I’m sure it’s something I’ll do again, as I normally provide solutions to those I answer to when decisions are needed.

Cthulhu was also listening in at this point. Their eventual suggestion/approach was to slam the decision makers into making them think they made a mistake and asking for an out-of-band promotion, which is unlikely. They replied that I could also cast persuasion and similar spells to assist, if it doesn’t work and I’m rolling around next season after they did their work.

No payment until delivery.


I had an interesting experience a few nights ago. This was partially brought on by a question about the end result for LHP practitioners. It tangentially came up in a conversation tonight.

But seriously, I see my path as a climb. One of my favorite parts of the GoT. Some shard off worlds and rule as gods of their realms. Some recycle here and continue.

But this scene, coupled with some meetings further up the branch, mean I have to keep climbing, in the end.

I realize (at 400+ posts in this thread) I’ve likely posted this before, but, that doesn’t make it any less thought provoking.

Here’s to climbing.


Any chance the promoted are also magickians and maybe used more firepower to get the promotion? By firepower meaning more demons/angels/gods then you called on? Just asking because the other alternatives suck worse. At least if the cause was another magickian you could call in more and bigger guns next time.


While I’ve been with the company for 6 years, I haven’t been with this org for that long. I’ve lost others due to going to Hawaii and returning from. I prefer the “noble” route, but that hasn’t worked and it’s cost me tens of thousands (no joke). I guess the lessons are pretty clear.


Not to suggest your guns weren’t big just if they used more then you the next time you could up the ante and use double the demons/angels/gods next time.

In no way I was suggesting the ones who were going to help weren’t up to the task only wondering if it was like something like 2 vs 4 or something like that (uneven odds if they asked more to help then you did orb more then volunteered to help you get it).

Said because I don’t want any of your spirit assists to misunderstand if their reading over your shoulder cuz it wasn’t meant as a dis just a thought lije maybe if you had 2 and they had 3 then the pulls weren’t even 1 had more prods in the fire then the other is why it didn’t go through.

Also so you don’t misunderstand and think I thought i I thought you hadn’t pulled out all the stops.

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Guns were big. So was my trust. Entities get praise when they come through. Here, they didn’t. Twice. I accept that I trusted - twice. They admit that they owe me. Doesn’t put the $20-40K in my account or open up some of the offers in Europe.

No worries. They failed twice. They came to me and I did the work. Rituals should be secondary to the actual work, especially in technical fields.

No, I didn’t. They failed the first time, after they came to me on their own, and then offered again when the season came around.

They will not be trusted as primary drivers for this again. Two different organizations, two different budgets, two different review boards. This last time, the “board” was a single person and the influence campaign started in January, with decisions rendered last month, results posted this month (today).

Despite my history with them, I don’t feel a need to be burnt a third time.


I had a similar experience with the same combo. All three of us had a written agreement, and they did not keep their end of the alliance. It was informative about their rank and title.


I acknowledged the bonus, but that wasn’t the agreement. What will be interesting is whether the entities behind the Lovecraftian current can pull it off. Not the egregores, per se, but those behind them. An out-of-band promotion is akin to sacrilege.

That said, I will be mostly doing personal workings without direct entity requests next year. I mean, most of my workings involve them helping direct my workings when there is significant uncertainty.


Norse sometimes this simply happens. I’m sorry to say it seems like it happens when we need it to work the most for us too.

Magick failed me in my mid 20s the girl I wanted chose another man instead of me and I was inconsolable. I threw away statues , books, wands, robes and said fuck it. Slept walked through life nearly 6:7 years before regaining the path.

It happens bro. It does. I’m sorry and it sucks

What matters most is what you do next bro. Don’t let it bring you down. Accept the loss and reassess your options.


Yes, it does fail at times. I’m not immune to it. No one is, from my paradigm.

Been there, but with intuitive magic in my pre-teens. Didn’t work out in my teens later :joy:

Too many magicians don’t want to admit that failure happens. It tarnishes their brand, usually a public persona. I like to think I’m better than that. More honest. Even my Cthulhu thread above doesn’t state I was the only magician involved. I wasn’t. I left their specific combo of spirits out to protect their privacy.

Failure happens. It’s in the beginning of my Pele grimoire with my conversation with Abaddon. Failure transparency on both sides is needed, as is praise for work completed.

I will still call on Belial and Paimon (where appropriate). Just not for this.


Yeah that’s really what it comes down to. You live and learn. I no longer work with Egyptian deities regularly because of this incident.

I agree failure is something most occultists try to hide. That’s a shame to because of we’re honest with ourselves we can learn and grow from failure.

My success rate with magick is 75-80% I presume yours to be Abit higher.

If our art works 80% of the time it’s still a worthy endeavor.


This would depend on what it is. Harder problems don’t have the same “attack surface” as ‘regular’ problems. It’s why we cut our teeth on simpler ones. Gotta get the confidence built up over time so you expect success, but understand failure.

It’s 2330 and I’m falling asleep. Plenty of workings tomorrow.