Imposter or Not? (My Experience With Demonic Forces)

Did I?
Perhaps I can bring this topic back by a story that gives a twist on this whole phenomenon.
So I managed to pick up a parasite once upon a time, and it would bite and claw at my chakras and it really hurt. Once he told me: “you can’t get rid of me, you need me”

It started to die down after many months and a lot of new demonic evocations later and then one day I evoke this one demon that was pretty high ranking only to discover… It was you all this time.

Every time I see one of you say that your spirits would let you know if there was an imposter or parasite, I think the following things, then can’t figure out how to get anyone to listen- that they wont. But I finally found someone who says it better than I can…

Relaxing into Your Being: The Taoist Meditation Tradition of Lao Tse, Volume 1 (Water Method of Taoist Meditation): Frantzis, Bruce, Josephs, Stephen: 9781556434075: Books

Spirits close to me have let me fck up more times than I count. For a while I thought wow, why didn’t they tell me


Don’t like this post too huh?
That other one that was deleted was pretty crappy.
I think this one does add value.

We shouldn’t dismiss others by saying it’s just a parasite. I have experiences that are informative. I have found they sometimes imposter amongst each other sometimes but don’t let some low level minion or astral parasite imposter, as well as informing people that there is a wide range of tricks that could be going on in these instances.

I will give this post a like as it provides insight for my situation and the sort of goals I have and do think there is some good advice here.

I guess I have been a bit of a stickler for this issue because I see a lot of non newbies dismissing people because they are offering experiences on demons that don’t fit their frame of reference.

We should also be aware that sometimes the student often does become the teacher and for good reason.

@Lady_Eva does this post really need to be taken down? I do express my experiences, more than just the story at the end, I feel it does offer value and sort of feel @norse900 removing it is sort of making many points here confirmed. I have had other topics like get way more off topics by moderators none the less like my life after death topic became a thread about inferno mermaid ubis for example.

I think even though I tried to express a point I do express my experiences that differ from how the forum normally views things. My point is I care about the spiritual growth of the community and @Keteriya does in fact make some good points but it misses the point when I see people dismissing things for being outside peoples frame of reference, I think people are often dealing with the real spirits and we are dismissing them and hurting them and ourselves by dismissing their experiences. How do we warn students of the bigger things when we stop them at 'oh silly you, it’s an imposter?"

I am feeling very dismissed to get into a debate with @norse900 and end it with him taking it down.

That actually reminds me of this video, as Tiamat did something similiar to what you are describing


You warn them and move on with your day imop. Sometimes it’s rather clear that it’s an imposter or parasite and not a test. Tests have a distinct feeling and pattern, and after a few you can easily discern which is which for you personally.

I understand what you are saying about sometimes dismissing things before we should, but you are forgetting that we very recently had a forum member that was intentionally spreading parasites. It took nearly 3 months to track down who it was, and then it was only because most of what he was doing was being done as offerings of free familiars, free rituals, free readings and scans. At first we just noticed the increase in those things, and had no idea it was happening on purpose. Helping those people who didn’t know how to handle it and tracing back who was experiencing an infection and noticing they all had free work done by this magician, was actually how it was discovered.

Most of the discussion for this was not public however. It was mostly in pms, though occasionally a lounge post as many of the regulars were involved in trying to get people the rather basic help they needed.

The individual was trying to drum up business for his occult practice. He would help them for something free, send them imposters and parasites, then when they had issues that took 1-4 weeks to show up, he’d pm them and offer to help them for a price.

We aren’t intentionally being phobic, it’s just that people like that are all over, including here. The best thing we can do is advocate safety, talk about normal trial and test situations and help people be aware of the negatives. Some of us do speak up about the bad experiences, but usually those posts don’t get many views or likes. Trust me I’ve tried. Offer something free though? I’m guaranteed to get plenty of likes and views. :woman_shrugging:

Stirring the drama pot however, doesn’t actually help your agenda. The more you argue against legit need for awareness and basics, or seem to- the more you discredit yourself as the impression you give is the opposite of experienced, and it comes across as a rampage and attempt to validate your practice.

If you’re practice is sound, there is no need to validate it to anyone, be it here or anywhere else. The type of posts you make trying to do so though, actually lead to the responses you get, that you dislike so hard :slight_smile:

I’ll add it’s possible we are missing some encounters with legitimate entities, however that’s where I try to remind people that they are the operator, and if an entity is doing something flaky, you need to remember that and not become their food. Real entities can, do and will use people. That is why it is important to maintain operatorship. They are the spirit, you are the operator. It needs to be clear. I’ve said it many times, but you never seem to be around for those.


Lilith is a queen she is not free of responsibility, really shows what you know about these entities but not surprised, and using bi-location doesn’t change that, we have the ability to bi-locate as well doesn’t mean it doesn’t put strain on the energy body and yes they have energy bodies and yes they deal with it as well. Of course it sounds like an imposter to you, but in the end I don’t deal with thoughtforms and I know how to tell the difference unlike a handful of people that get mad when a simple suggestion is given.

If you can’t tell the difference between an imposter’s energy and the being you’re seeking energy you have no room to argue or complain about people further experienced simply making sure newbies protect themselves.


No-one has requested for it to be, and as far as I can see no rules are being broken. norse900 said he was adjusting his own settings to mute your posts, that won’t affect what anyone else can see. :slight_smile:


The main reason why parasites and imposters are brought up is because many dive into evocation for the first time without developing senses, methods of protection, or even banishment. By bringing it up and teaching methods to prevent them through our tutorials, that possiblity can be eliminated and we can get into the meat of the subject. The downside to that is problem you have mentioned, where any negative experience has the parasite label slapped on without eliminating all possiblities.

Any spirit (god, demon, angel, whatever) can attack and be nasty, for whatever reason. It is foolish to believe all will be nice to oneself (for example, Alastor is not exactly known for being kind whether you are looking at his Christian or Greek lore). Whatever a spirit can be called upon for can easily be done to the magician. Hence why it is important to protect the self.

At the same time, parasites and imposters (as it is easy to shift the outer parts of your energtic body and make a claim to be someone else) do exist as well, so labeling all negative spiritual experiences stemming from the popular spirits is also unwise. Ultimately, both scenarios can be dealt with through the same methods. The main way to tell the difference would be to 1) use the techniques meant to prevent parasites and imposters and 2) repeat the evocation to see if you get a similiar result. If the result from the repeating evocation is pretty much the same, you know that is not a spirit to be worked with.


If that’s how you interpret the demonic and it works for you then that’s great. You’re not the first person nor the last person to humanize these things because magicians have asked them to take human form and speak intelligibly since people started evoking them.

I personally don’t see them existing in such a limited fashion because I understand that they’re all aspects of the one/all power/infinite/etc. and it’s their job to help us realize and understand what our true self is. Once this is realized initiation is over.

Anyways I’m not the first person to think this and some traditions teach this as well. Like I said it’s really what works for you.

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Traditions don’t equate to accuracy, but I don’t really care to argue it nor do I really deal with evocation of demons in a pseudo religious fashion so to each their own.

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Hmm well that’s fine. I was confused by the thing that said it will be taken down.
If norse is muting me, I guess I can’t ask him about this, but I was considering his view and started wondering about a journal, if I was to make my own journal as he suggested would I be able to update my post to the new subject my newest entry I was making or would that be against the rules. It would probably make a big difference for me but wonder if this would be breaking the rules or could I do this?

I was saying earlier that the distinct feel or pattern can be mimicked, for example once I changed my auric energy that I was given off to one of Azazel’s exact energy patterns or are you talking about something different? It would be like someone using an avatar with Donald Trumps face and thinking you were talking to a Verified trump account.

Okay cool I like what you are saying here.

Reading the rest, I sort of get it, somethings are still a just a bit out of my frame of reference.
As in what I was saying earlier about “that we fight for our frame of reference” So I just want to get clear on processing this because you told me something like this before
I read parasites and I wonder does she mean the entity was taking a very small amount of energy barely noticeable, or like when my demons themselves were pretending to be Jesus, which was more of a medium, or like when I had hard core parasites biting, clawing or sucking up big portions of my chakras.

You might not see a point to that, but how would you rate the experience they were having? From not noticeable, to barely to hard core ubis? I find people have a tendency to view thought forms as really bad and suspicious but all my parasites have always been the demons, so my bias is sort of opposite, also was his thought forums really powerful like demons? Can one do that within one life time? If so is it possible he did it by accident, told his thought forms to drum up business but wasn’t being careful enough for what he wished for? I don’t wish to defend him exactly he sounds pretty crappy if it is as you say it is. I think it is a bit off for me but I think I’m starting to get it. I may sound like a fool here but I keep telling people they can bi locate, copy exact energy patterns and people sort of block that out cause they don’t have a frame of reference for it.

Hey with this guy would it be bad to say have you been talking to this particular individual? Or would that be bad? That might be an easy place to start.
Sorry if the above paragraphs make you feel a bit Dizzy Devil, I maybe loving this new frame of reference concept and analyzing too much but then again maybe a better and less pot stirring way to bridge our understandings.

A part of me loves arguing though I’m growing tired of it and would rather do something like the above. I’m a bit nervous to offer free thought forms, they’re sort of like my babies and I’m nervous about people messing with them, any advice on that?


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I know I am sounding like from one extreme to the other but it seems every possible sense can be tricked if the spirits really wanted to and banishments actually tend to do very little, so how should we go about things?

I think you are especially not listening to what I am saying.

more a joke than anything.

Just asked her, she agreed with you, she has the responsibility to rule over surfs, so I guess I sort of can agree with you on something, now sort of agree with me on something, make an effort.

It’s a bit easier for them.
But as for the rest would you say demons are never parasitical?
From my experiences demons once evoked stick by your side and would rather not go back to Hell.
Maybe you think I am Micky Mouse and every time I evoke a high ranking demon, they are just some wussy parasite but I’m just to dense to do an LBRP?

How many more times do I have to say I have mimicked their energy patterns myself?
You are fooling yourself if you think just because you recognize an energy pattern it can’t be duplicated exact just to fool you. Really this paragraph… …

…Should just as easily apply to you too.
Energy patterns mean that little!

From the Belial post hey? What’s up?
It made me super mad that everyone was calling your Belial experience a fake.
I love Belial and know him pretty well, I have been through a fair bit of his good side and bad side, I talk to him everyday, I believe this was really Belial.

I’ve been thinking a bit about your situation and what more I could say for advice. Maybe PM me about that. But yeah seeing so many people like the post that said he was an obvious parasite when it really sounded like him to me made me mad and was what made me upset enough to write this post. I hated the way you were being treated.

I agreed that these beings can be parasitical I’ve mentioned that many times before through your raging posts that you’ve chosen to overlook. Also it’s a bit easier for anyone who took the time to work on it them being them don’t make it any easier or harder. I do not do LBRP I never needed it. I’ve stated countless times that Paimon, Belial, Lilith, etc can be complete assholes and parasites if they wanted to and to deal with them accordingly if you have the skill to do so. Do not group me with those that ride the coat tail of the goetia.

Given my entire practice has been scanning and soul work you’re fooling yourself in thinking you’re mimicking their core energy when you’re just mimicking the outer layer, you’re only fooled if you have the incapability to go further than a surface scan.

It applied to me once before but I protect myself and I can tell the difference between someone playing make believe by taking on the outer layer of another’s energy than someone’s core energy and can tell the difference if you cannot tell the difference between copying the outer layer from the core energy then you need not bring me back up in this part of the conversation because I do not feel up for going in circles on that aspect.

I believe you said that before, I believe I remember now. So if they use a filter to mimic, can you tell the difference. There are certain universal filters, have you ever experienced those, If I didn’t do Azazel’s core energy I might not want to the program I’m already with has enough sneakers to it to mimic energy. I’m doing sugar mimics, the sugar program is bad enough, I think I want to stay away from the dark program.

Some of what we go through is tough to try to explain both ways. I’d love to hear more but it sounds like these are things we’d have to experience for ourselves, we’d really have to do an akashic record swap of these things to know, but that might be going overboard for our argument. I am curious though.